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Cassandra-Episode 14

Minutes after the phone call, Chinedu showed up at my apartment to check up on me. He really was worried by the cold manner I answered his call the previous day and quite knew that something wasn’t alright.

‘’I knew it. I knew something was wrong yesterday. Your voice was so strange and different. i sensed it’’ he said seriously after I told him all that happened the previous day plus Cassandra’s phone call minutes ago.

‘’so what do you think bro?’’ I asked while he shrugged.

‘’it’s very obvious Cassandra spend Valentine’s day with her school boyfriend or someone she met before you. It’s very common among students but by her calling you early today, it shows she still wants to keep you by her side. Everything is in your hands. It’s left for you to continue or not but as for me you know I do prefer Nora over the pretty girl’’ he said seriously. I rubbed my face with my palms with worry, very uncertain of which part to follow. The love i had for Cassandra was so real and pure. it wasn’t something that could be waved away so effortlessly.

Marrying the pretty girl was an accomplishment I so badly wanted to achieve but with the situation of things, I just wasn’t sure of myself anymore. Moreover cutting my relationship with her at that early stage also meant abandoning the money I already had invested on her.

My phone rang that moment and it was Cassandra calling again. I stared at my phone for some seconds before answering.
‘’hi dear, are we still going to see my family today?’’ she asked,
‘’yes we are’’ I answered, leaving her silent for some seconds as she probably pondered over my answer and how to reply me.

‘’it’s just as if you are rushing things for no reason, but it’s alright I’m already on my way to your house’’ she muttered and hung up.

Chinedu took his leave soon after, but he equally dropped another advice, begging me to be careful and think things through.


By 10am that fateful morning, 
Cassandra arrived at my apartment looking very sharp and beautiful in a green gown. Seeing her looking so hot and mature removed all the doubts and bad feelings i was having before she arrived. I swallowed hard as i admired her beauty while she graciously threw herself on me, apologizing once again for disappointing me the previous day. I smiled with great joy.
Minutes later, we left my apartment and headed to Porthacourt, stopping on the way to buy some things for her family.

It really was an uneventful drive from Owerri to Portharcourt. We said nothing much to each other, instead concentrated on our thoughts. In no time we arrived at her family house, which surprisingly was located in a plush neighbourhood.

No one was at the house when we arrived but after waiting for some minutes Cassandra’s mother showed up, looking very surprised.

‘’my dear you never told us you were coming home, nor coming with a friend.’’ Her mother queried, hugging her daughter and expertly seizing me up.
‘’yes mum, it was a sudden decision. Actually I planned coming yesterday’’ she replied softly before introducing me to her mother.


I spend close to three hours in Cassandra’s house. Her mother was very friendly and kind. She welcomed me as if I was part of the family and equally served me a wonderful meal of pounded yam and vegetable soup. Cassandra’s father who showed up later in the day was more reserved and a bit cold. He asked very prying and unnecessary questions which I answered easily. However I made no mention that I was interested in marrying their daughter because it was my first visit and traditionally not acceptable to do so in the first visit.

By 4:30pm, I got up to leave, very satisfied and happy. Cassandra told that she was staying to spend some days with her family , something I never expected but quickly accepted.

‘’so you see, I have nothing to hide. My ways are plan and simple. You have seen my family, haven’t you?’’’ she asked with her usual killing smile as she escorted me to my car. I smiled back with great happiness.

”i’m a very plain girl. you should learn to trust me” she added very innocently, leaving me with no cause to worry about anything. I stared deep into her eyes and held her hands.

‘’I will take you to my family during the coming Easter celebration. I can’t wait to introduce you to my whole family’’ I muttered, stunning her with my words. She froze and stared at me with disbelief while I nodded like a happy lizard.

‘’you are going to be mine sooner than you expect dear’’ I said in my mind, very sure of myself.

Marrying the beautiful damsel was the only thing in my mind that moment. I hoped for the best. I prayed for a wonderful life with her..

Oh Cassandra.

To be continued

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