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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE1(She’s For Sale)



The Blue Love-Episode1(She’s For Sale)

JAJA’s Point Of View
Uncle Troy and Auntie Polly’s actions today
is strange. I feel like I am very important
person, like a princess to be exact, from the
way they serve on me. They didn’t hurt me
and haven’t let me do the household
chores, just like I have used to do. I am
staying with them for more than a year
and it is my first time to experience this
kind of treatment. They look at me like a
diamond, and I am enjoying it. How I wish
they will do it always.

“Auntie, why are you making me
beautiful?” I asked. She’s on my back,
fixing my hair. She rolled my hair up and
tied it, she left some curly strands in front
of my face. Now, she’s putting make up on
my face.

“Because your Uncle Troy will take you out
and meet his friends.” She looked at the
mirror at stared at me, smiling.

“Really? I am excited to meet them,” I
happily replied.

“Stand up and try to execute the walk I
have taught you earlier.”

I stood up and walk femininely in front of
her. “Is it okay, Auntie?”

“Yes. Don’t forget to smile, okay?”

I nod. Auntie just got finished spraying
perfumes on my neck and my body when
Uncle Troy came in to my room.

“You look beautiful, Jaja,” Uncle Troy

“Thank you, Uncle.”

“I am sure that my friends will like you.
Here, drink your milk first.” He give me the
glass full of milk. I took it and drink it.

It taste so good. I really love milk. “Uncle,
have you eaten yet? I’ll prepare your

“No, no. I already ate my lunch. Now, just
relax there. I’ll fetch you later if we’re


Auntie hugged me tight and kissed my
cheek. They left my room and closed the
door. I sit on my bed. I became dizzy and
sleepy. Seems like I am going to sleep. I
tried to wake myself up, Uncle and I will go

I can’t take the drowsiness I am feeling
anymore. The last thing I saw when I close
my eyes is the glass of milk I have drank.

WHEN I woke up, color red dim light
troubled my eyes. It hurts. How come that
the light of my room became red? I can
also hear slurred and indistinct voices not
far away from me. Am I still on my room?

I pushed myself to sit. It is not my room. I
am now sitting on a couch of an unknown
room covered by dark red curtains. I am
still wearing the silver backless dress
partnered by silver stilettos that I received
from Auntie.

“Uncle Troy?” I call. I am still drowsy and
feeling dizzy.

My gaze switched to the curtain shifted and
two man including my Uncle came in. They
are looking at me.

“She just turned 18 yesterday. She’s still
virgin and fresh. I assure you that you’ll get
big money if you put her on the auction,”
my Uncle said to the man.

Petrified. I can’t move my body and I can’t
open my mouth. What is he talking about?


Big money?


The man nodded while staring at me. “She
is indeed pretty, look fresh, and innocent.
Lot of men will surely like to get her. I will
take her.”

“As we have been agreed upon meeting,
the sixty percent will come to you and the
rest is mine,” said by my Uncle. He’s
grinning at me.


It takes time before my brain worked up.
My Uncle is selling me! I look around to see
where I can run.

“Stand up, Jaja. Come here. Meet my friend,
Chen. He liked you, I told you,” my Uncle
said as if he’s talking to a naive girl. I know
where am I and what he is up to.

I used the opportunity to stand up and
walked towards them, near the curtain
where they came in. I weighed myself and
practiced my stilettos. Too good that I can
still handle my heels, I can run with it.

I pushed my Uncle and attack him between
his legs using my knee. I used the
opportunity to run. I am thankful that the
man named Chen is super fat, he can’t
swiftly move.

I saw lot of men facing the stage and busy
listening to the emcee. I took a glance on
the stage, there is a petite girl like me
standing in the middle of it. I know that it
would happen to me if I didn’t run away
from here and scape.

I suddenly stopped when I saw two way.
Which way? Which hall? God, I don’t know
where should I go! Help me!

Not thinking, I chose the left hall and
bumped to someone. I gasped when I felt
his arm wrapped around my waist and
pulled me to his body.

“She’s here!”

Oh, no! They found me! I tried to flee from
the man’s arm but he’s too strong.

“Let me go, please.”

He loosed his arm. I immediately readied
myself to run. I am almost free from the
man’s arm when someone shouted.

“Don’t! Don’t let her scape! She’s an
entertainer!” I recognized Chen’s voice.

The man grabbed my wrist and gripped it.
He faced me and I know he’s scanning my
body. I faced down, trying to not let him
see my face.

“How old is she? She look so young,” the
man said.

“She’s eighteen, Mister Benjamin. She look
young because she has a baby face and
she’s petite,” answered by my Uncle.

“I like this girl. Let me take her service.” His
full husky voice gave me shivers. It is so

I restrained myself from looking up to him.
Shame on me!

“I am sorry, Mister Benjamin, we can’t. If
you want her badly, you can join the
auction. She’s for sale.”

To be continued


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