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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE 9(Moan My Name)



The Blue Love-Episode 9(Moan My Name)

BENJAMIN’s Point Of View

The whole afternoon passed in a hard way
for me. We’ve finished eating dinner
without something happening. I really
wanted to feel her again but she’s not
ready yet. I am controlling myself every
time that my lust for her heats up. She’s
too innocent, sweet, volatile, and fragile.

Yet that’s what I desire the most. I am
aware of the pain I am causing her when I
took her but that’s me.

I sighed. I tried to ease up the heat in me
by taking a shower. The cold water is
useless. I really wanted her. I covered
myself with my robe and got out of my
room. I go to my office and took the
brandy in my liquor cabinet. I get few ice
cubes and placed it on my glass. I’m
currently pouring the brandy on the glass
when I heard a caressing hum and a soft
beat of music from Jaja’s room.
The sweet humming tone pulls me and led
me to her room. I opened the door and the
hum became clear for me. She played the
radio in her room. She hums on the
bathroom as I hear the sound of water
coming out from the shower.

“How can you see into my eyes like open
doors. Leading you down into my core
where I’ve become so numb.” Now she
sings along the music on the radio.
I walk towards the bathroom and quietly
opened it. Her back is facing me so she
haven’t notice me standing there. I slowly
drink the brandy as I watch her taking a
bath, nakedly swaying with the beat.

“Without a soul, ohh. My spirit’s sleeping
somewhere cold. Until you find it there and
lead it back home.”

It’s so sweet and gentle. So she has a talent
and a lovely voice. I put my glass on the
lavatory and removed my robe. Can’t hold
my lust anymore. I walk towards her and
hug her from behind.

She stunned. Her singing also stopped. I
pushed my body towards her back. She
gasp as I kiss her shoulder up to her nape.

My hand roved her whole body, slowly
caressing and feeling her softness.
“Master,” she softly said. Her body slowly

“Dance on me,” I whisper as I hold her
waist from the both side and sway it. “Feel
me, slave.”

JAJA’s Point Of View

I gulped.
He’s behind me, feeling me, and making
me feel his hardened manhood between
my *ss. And he want me to dance on him.

It’s like grinding my *ss on his s---t. God! I
should be ashamed but I’m feeling excited.

His breathe that touched my ear brought
shivers to me. My not so swollen part

He puts shampoo on my head and
massaged my scalp. It takes a few minutes
after he soaped my body. His hand
prolonged in my br*ast and it’s giving me
sensual feeling. Then his hand rushed
down to my private part.
“Sway with the beat of the song.” He
caressed my br*ast while his other hand is
in leg and trying to raise up my one leg for
him to hold my p*ssy.

I felt his finger slithered inside me. I gasp
with the hot sensation he’s giving. He
t----t his finger inside me in a fast and
aggressive way. His lips and tongue is
playing with my ear and neck. My body
shivered as I went into ecstasy.

“Master, I-I’m coming!” I screamed in
pleasure. I tightly hold his hand.

Now I lose my sanity. All I want now is
return the pleasure to him. I need him

He turned me around to face him. My arms
automatically wrapped around his nape
and pushed my body against him. I felt his
manhood on my abdomen.

“You’re wild now,” he lasciviously said and
kissed me.

I fight his kiss back. The shyness I have was
casted away. Lust loosed my wildness.

He lifted me up. My legs wrapped his waist.

We’re kissing in a torrid way as I ground
my p*ssy to his manhood.

He slapped my *ss. “Bed,” he said. He
quickly get the towel and get out the

I gasped when we fall on the bed and he’s
on top of me. He rose up and dries my wet
body using the towel. After that he throw
it on the side and kissed me again.
tongue roved my whole body and he
stopped on between my legs.

“Your juice is delicious,” he said when he
raised his head up to look at me. He
showed me his lascivious smile.

He spread my legs and stared on it for
awhile. “You’re beautiful between your
spread legs.”

He positioned his s---t between my legs
and entered me slowly. When half of his
manhood is inside me, he suddenly t----t
it inside. My mouth opened wide as I gasp
some air. I feel like I’m losing out of air
because of his aggressiveness.

“I want to take you now.” He slithered his
manhood in my p*ssy fast as he can. He’s
pumping me while licking my b*obs.

“M-master,,.ughm..it’s feels so

The whole room is cold but we are
sweating on bed. He’s too big for me. I can
feel his hugeness touching my fleshy wall.

“You’re so tight, slave, ughm!”
I squealed as he pumped me hard and fast.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and
accepted him willingly.

“Moan my name, slave. Moan my name.” He
took both of my hand and place it above
my head as he pump me. His face is full of
lust and pleasure. He bite my br*ast and
my lower lip. I ouched. Seems like my
lower lip is bleeding.

“M-master Benjamin, you’re too big. Ugh!
Take me to heaven, Benjamin!”

“Surely will do, slave. Reach heaven
through me.”

JAJA’s Point Of View

I stared blankly on the ceiling of my room.

I haven’t expected that I’m enjoying what
Master is going to me. I became insane
while he’s taking me to heaven.

I don’t know if this feeling I am
experiencing is still right. Seems like I
wanted to do it with him many times until
we’re tired and consumed our strength.

I shook my head because of what I am
thinking. Things running in my mind is so
different. It’s pure lewdness.

I decided to rise up to prepare breakfast
for Master. It’s already 4 AM, time to do my
tasks as a slave. I took a bath first for I am
feeling sticky. After taking a bath, I go
down the stairs and walk into the kitchen
to cook.

I opened the refrigerator. I took few eggs,
potatoes, and carrots. I’m going to cook
fried rice, sunny side up egg, and hotdog.

I brewed some coffee just in case Master
needs it. I just finished preparing the plate
and foods in the table when Master came in
the kitchen. He looks fresh and he wears
business attire. He’s going to his work.

“Go-good morning, Master. I cooked your
breakfast. Would you like to eat first
before going to your work?”

“That’s good. And good morning too,
beautiful.” He smiled and sit on the chair.

I smiled unconsciously. Isn’t it sweet?

“Seeing your smile brighten up my day.
You look more beautiful when you smile.

Show me your smile to me again later
when I return from work.”

I shyly nod. I served him the fried rice,
placed the egg and hotdog beside his plate.

“Egg and hotdog,” he said.

I looked at him. “Y-you don’t like them,

“Nah. It’s just that something came in to
my mind,” he said as he look at me

My cheeks blushed. I know what is he
talking about.

“Wo-would you like me to feed you,

He shook his head. “If you do it, I can’t go
to my work and you can’t have a rest.”

I gulped. I must get used to it.

To be continued


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