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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE 8( More Delicious)



The Blue Love-Episode 8( More Delicious)

JAJA’s Point Of View
Master Benjamin handled me a small bottle
full of tablets.

“What is this, Master?” I asked.
“It’s a pills. From now on, you’ll take one
tablet every night.”

I took it and read the label. It’s a
contraceptive pills. It is clear as purified
water that he don’t want to impregnate
me. Well, it’s okay for me.
Master Benjamin left me again in the
kitchen after he placed the ingredients I
need. Then I heard the music roved his
whole condo. I think he’s so stiff and quiet
but I was wrong, he even loves music, old
music to be exact.

I am busy mixing the ingredients for
custard for the layer cake I am cooking
when I heard the music that my parents
used to sing along with each other.
smiled. I missed that song and them.

Unconsciously, my body swayed as the
music beat its notes. I readied myself to
sing along with the song, remembering my

I sing as I put the mixed custard on the
layered. I put the layered cake into the
fridge to chill it. While singing along and
waiting for the cake to chill, I prepared the
plates and forks, and juice.
I didn’t notice the song has finished. While
waiting for the dessert, I sit in the chair. I
remembered my life when I was on my
Uncle’s. I couldn’t have a rest there because
everyday there are lots of things to do.

Unlike here, I can rest and the life here is
not hard. But I can’t get out, I am
imprisoned here.

I sighed. I read the rules on the paper that
we have tackled earlier. I’m thankful that I
can read and write. I finished high school
and planning to go to college when my
parents died along with my brother.

We are on a trip, my father, mother, and
little brother are with me. We’re going out
that time for we will celebrate the
graduation. Also, for my birthday
celebration. My gift to my parents is my
medals that I achieved from being the
most outstanding student.

That day is the greatest and happiest event
in my life but I didn’t expected that that
day had been the last day I am going to see
their smiles and hear their laughters. We’ve
met an accident while on the trip. A ten-
wheeler truck plowed into our vehicle. Only
I who survived. I got big scar on my back,
on the left side. It’s because I was stabbed
by the glass from the broken window.

I sighed. I don’t want to take a rest for I
will only remembered the accident.

I got up and took the layered cake.
flavor is pandan or screw pine. I sliced it
into rectangles and put a piece of it on
each plate.

I walk towards the living room. He said
that I’ll just call him there if I finished

“Master, the dessert is ready,” I informed.
He didn’t moved so I walk in front of him.

His head is in the armrest of the couch. His
one arm is under his head. He’s sleeping.

I stared at him.

Should I wake him up?

Seems like he’s on his sweet dream. It’s
rude to interrupt his sleeping just to let
him eat the dessert I made.

I stared at him for a few minutes. I even
kneeled near his head to see his face.

“Master, you look like an angel when you’re
asleep. But when you woke up, oh God I
could only say you’re weird,” I said. There’s
a wildness hiding inside him.
I was about to leave him asleep when he
talk. “I’m waiting for you to kiss me.”

I thought he’s sleep talking but he opened
his one eye. Looking at me.

So he’s awake all the time? He’d heard I
said? Oh no! I look down because of the
shyness I felt.

“Help me rise up,” he said. He extends his
arm, waiting for me to pull him up.

I hold his arm. Instead of me pulling him,
he pull me. It was unexpected so I haven’t
balanced myself. I fall above him. He hug
me tight and his face is in between my
shoulder and neck, sniffing it.

“I love your natural smell,” he said while
kissing my neck.

“Master, the cake is ready. Would you like
to taste it?” I quickly changed the topic.

He let go of me so I immediately rose up.

It’s been difficult for me to rise up without
touching him.

“Mmm.” He rose up too. “Bring the cake

I get the cake and return to the living

“Sit here beside me.”

I obeyed him. I placed the one plate on the
table while the other one is in my hand. I
extended it to him.

“Feed me.” Is he paralyzed?

I have no rights to complain that’s why I
quietly serve on him. I sliced the cake and
t----t the fork on it. I aimed it to Master’s
mouth but he just laugh.

“Witty slave,” he said. “You don’t want me
to lick your finger again?”

I blushed.

Indeed. I don’t like him to do it again
because it’s only awakening my blood. I
don’t know that I have this kind of heat
inside me.

“I-it’s not that, Master. My hand is not
clean,” I alibied.

He didn’t speak. He just open is mouth,
waiting for me to feed him. He’s chewing
the cake slowly.

“Where did you learned how to make this
kind of cake?” he asked and opened his
mouth again.

“From the cook book, Master.”

“You usually cook?”

I nod. “I am the one preparing the food of
my Uncle and Auntie. I’m also the cook of
their canteen. My mother taught me
everything she knows in terms of food.

She’s a chef before,” I said while putting
the food into his mouth.

“You live with your Uncle and your Auntie?”

“Yes. They adopted me when my parents
died. Even though I don’t want to be with
them, I have no choice but to accept it.

They’re the only relatives I know.”

“From whose side?”

“Father side, Master.”

“Your Uncle… Is he the one with Mister

I nod. “Yes, Master.”

“How did your parents died?”

His question brought pain in my heart and
sadness. “Vehicular accident, Master.”

Maybe he had felt the sadness in my voice
so he apologized.

“It’s okay, Master.”

Silence filled the air. There’s an
awkwardness between us. I think he’s
insensitive but I was wrong. Kind but wild.

There are still lot of things about him that I
wanted to know but I’m afraid to ask.

“Master, can I ask you?”

“You already are,” he said between
chewing the cake.

“From when I am going to be your slave?”

He stopped for awhile then chewed again.

“It depends.”

“Depends on what, Master?"

“Depends on the situation.”

I’m thinking regarding to the situation he’s
saying. “Like if you get married, Master?”

He smiled. “No. I can still make you as my
mistress. I mean, it depends if my lust for
you has been faded, casted away, gone.”

I scratched the back of my ear. “I’m going
to ask again, Master.”

“Go on.”

I stopped for a while. I’m still thinking on
how to ask it in a better way.

“Uhm… Master, I had noticed earlier that
you’re changing whe-when we are
uhmm..making out. I mean, like you are

He chuckled. “That’s me. Learn how to get
used to it as soon as you can. That’s the
way I f--k. Wild and aggressive.
 But I only
acted like that when I saw you and got
you. It’s only you can make my desire to
wake up and pleasure me so much.”

I gulped again. I shouldn’t asked it. He’s
too direct when talking.

“How’s the cake, Master?” I switched the

“Your cake is delicious,” he complimented.

“Thank you, Master.”

He hold my chin and pushed it up in able
for me to look at him. He stared at me and

smiled. “But you are more delicious, slave.”

To be continued


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