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The Blue Love-Episode 6(Rules)





My body is tired, my private part is swollen.

I looked at Benjamin, he’s on his sweet
sleeping. His hand is in my stomach.

Slowly, I removed his hand and glided
quietly, trying not to wake him up.

What happened earlier is unexpected and
vigorous. He had already taken my
virginity, he even let his c-m inside me.

What if he impregnate me?

I rose up and forced myself to walk. My
body is still in pain and my swollen part is
still aching. It is still 10 in the morning.

We’ve been making out for 4 hours.

Benjamin and I took 3 rounds on f*cking.
He just let me rest for a minute then he
began to t----t again though he had come
inside me twice.

He looks prim in everything but he’s super
wild and brutal in terms of making out.

There is a time that he slaps my face,
strangling me while plunging, bite my
n-----s, and cursing me like he’s out of

I entered my room and took a bath. My
body is sticky because of his saliva,
chocolate milk, and sweat. I was refreshed
when I finished taking a bath but my lower
part is still swelling. Because of tiredness, I
decided to take a nap.

I WOKE up when someone nudging me on
my shoulder. I moaned for I am still sleepy
and exhausted.

“Wake up, slave,” he whispered in my ear.

My eyes widen quickly and rose up. “Ma-
master, please let me rest just this hour. My
lower body is still in pain and swelling. I
can’t take another round. I’m sorry,” I said

He stood there, staring at me. I stared at
him too. He wears sando and pajama
pants. He looks so fresh from taking a

He looks amused. I lowered my face. I
know my face get blushed.

“I know. I am waking you up because it’s
time to eat lunch. Just downstairs if you
had covered your whole body. Do not
seduce me if you want to rest.”

He left me stunned. I looked at my body,
I’m just wearing a robe! I immediately got
up and changed my clothes. I chose the
dress that isn’t daring. Though I’m still
aching, I tried my best to get down quickly
as I can.

“Eat.” He signed me to sit in front of a plate
that is full of chicken meat. I followed him
but remained staring at the plate.

I gulped. “Master, I…”

He stopped and looked at me. “What’s the
matter?” His forehead creased.

“I’m allergic to chicken, Master,” I faintly

He put his spoon down. I saw his hand
plunged into his pocket and bring his
phone. “What do you want to eat? I’ll order
you your food.”

“Bread is enough, Master,” I answered. I
felt ashamed because his slave is picky.
“No,” he curtly said. “I don’t want to starve
you. Eat everything you want and gain
strength. Now, tell me what you want.”

“Anything, Master. It is only chicken that I
don’t want,” I answered.

He didn’t speak that’s why I looked at him.

He’s staring at me. I quickly covered my
body using my arms, frightened. His lips
moved, like he’s going to say something or
preventing his smile.

After he ordered the meal, he stood up. I
remained sitting straight with my arms still
covering my body. I drank the water in the
table for I felt my throat dries.

After a few minutes, he came back holding
two piece of paper. He gave the other one
to me and sit in his chair.

“I won’t take you for now. Stop covering
your body, it’s useless.” Amusement can
still seen in his face.

Did I amused this stiff man?

I followed him. I looked at the paper. It
contains rules, his rules.

“Can you read?” he asked.

I nod. “Yes, Master.”

“Read the first rule,” he said and leaned his
back to his chair.

I cleared my throat. “Rule number one,
always remember that I am a slave and you
are my Master.”

He nod. “Don’t go over the limit. Don’t
reject. Pleasure and love shouldn’t be
combined. You are on the pleasure side.


“Rule number two, do not oppose or
contradict your Master.”

“Obey everything I said. Don’t fight me to
everything I do to you. Next rule.”

I nod. “Rule number three, do not ever
think or plan on escaping.”

“It has a great punishment that surely you
didn’t want to experience,” he warned.


“Rule number four, do everything as a
slave must do.”

“Clean my condo and cook a meal is the
only thing you should do. The laundry and
groceries will be done by me.”

I nod again. “Rule number five, do not lock
the door and always wear the negligee
every night.”

“As the rule had stated, it is a clear rule.”

“Rule number six, do not talk unless
permitted by your Master.”

“Be quiet. Just talk if I asked you. And
remain silent in case you have encountered
people. But do not dare to do it, you will
break the rule number three and six.”

I nod again and gulped. He’s very strict.

“Rule number six, every room is free to
enter except room with a blue door.” Blue
door? I’ve seen it but I don’t know it is
forbidden to enter. Grateful, curious didn’t
told me to enter it before.

“That’s my office and library.”

I nod again. There’s only six rules. It is
better for me to memorize it and ne
familiar with it.

“Rule number seven, don’t clear a throat in
front of me,” he added.

I looked at him questionably. He didn’t ask
me to speak.

“You’re inviting me to push my d*ck in
your mouth.”

My eyes and mouth were wide open. That’s
too vulgar. But his frankness brought heat
to my swollen part.

The door bell rung. Benjamin quickly rose
up and opened the door. After a few
minutes, he returned with a paper bag.
“Here’s your meal. Eat it here.”

I opened the paper bag and a craving smell
rushed to my nose. I quickly ate those
food. This is my favorite food, fried pork
dipped with a gravy.

“Is it delicious?” Benjamin suddenly asked.

It made me stop for awhile. I forgot that
he’s in front of me.

“Y-yes, Master.”

“Can I taste it?”

I gave the plate to him.

“Feed me,” he said. His eyes were shining
like he was amused.

I licked my lips for I felt it dries up. I dipped
the pork on the gravy and led it to
Benjamin’s mouth.

He opened his mouth and eats the pork
from my hand. He included my fingers. I
gasped when he s----d my fingers while
staring at me.

He smiled when he let go of my fingers.

“It’s really delicious.”

To be continued


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