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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE 23(Meet The Father)



The Blue Love-Episode 23(Meet The Father)

JAJA’s Point Of View

“Maybe I’ll come back at night. I’ll try my
best to come here at lunch but don’t wait
for me. I am still not sure.”

“Okay, Master. Take care!”

He kissed me on my lips. “Don’t escape. I
love you.”

I giggled at him and smiled. “I won’t. I love
you too, Master ”

“I’ll be going. See you.”

Master hurriedly walk but he’s still looking
back. I closed the door when I can’t see his
figure anymore. After closing the door, I
began fixing and cleaning the whole condo,
especially our room for what happened
every night. Valerie should be thanked. She
gave me an idea. It’s been three days since
we left the resort and our old routine

Every morning, Master and I would join to
the bathroom and we will make love there.

Then at lunch, Master will go home to eat
lunch and me. And at night, we’re going to
make love with foreplay. That’s our routine
for this past fee days. Master really enjoyed
our foreplay.

After cleaning the whole condo, I began to
cook. While waiting for the food to finish, I
took my sketchpad.

I closed my eyes and think of Master’s face
when he’s smiling. I love to see him smiling
but lately I can sense in him that he is sad
and angry. I know it is because of the
company but I have no know-how on
companies so even I want to help him, I
don’t know how.

The door bell ring. If it is Master, he would
just enter. Maybe it is someone but Master
haven’t said to me that someone is coming

My eyes widen when I remember Ginny or
their mother. They don’t know the
password of Master’s condo. Is it them? I
stood up and walk towards the door. I
peep on the peeping hole of the door, I
saw a man. He have a resemblance to
Master in terms of eyes and shape of face.

I opened the door. “Hello, how can I help

The man, I think he’s on his late 40’s but he
still look physically fit.

“Hi! I’m Benjamin Alvarez. I’m looking for
my son. You must be Jaja.”

“Oh!” I widen the door. “Hello, Sir Alvarez,
Master has gone to his work a few hours
ago. Yes, I am Jaja. How’d you know?”

“Ben keeps on talking about you. Why does
the password of Ben’s condo is new? Did
he changed it?”

“Y-yes, Sir Alvarez.”

The man look at me. “You’re his girlfriend.

Am I right?”

I gulped. The way we treat each other and
saying I love you’s, I can say that we are a
couple. “Y-yes, Sir Alvarez.”

The man come in. “My son have a good

I closed the door and face the man. “Would
you like to drink or eat something, Sir?”

“No, I will be the one to get a drink.” Mister
Alvarez went to the living room so I
followed him. “Just call me Dad, Jaja. You’re
my son’s girlfriend and you the first lady
that he had taken home so I can say that
he is really serious on you.”

First lady to be brought in Master’s house?

“Sir, how about Olga?”

“Dad. Call me Dad, don’t be shy. I like you
for my son.”

“Thank you, D-dad.”

“And Olga? She’s a b---h. I really don’t like
her for Ben. I’ve seen her real color, she’s
just like Ginny and my ex-wife. I heard
what Ginny had done to you, and I am
sorry for that. She’s sick.”

“It’s okay, Dad. I already forgave her.”

Dad looked at the table, right where I left
my sketchpad. “You did this?”

I nod.

“You have a good talent. Benjamin will
surely like this. Give this to him later.” He
opened the other page of the pad. “Can
you draw and design a jewelry?”

“Yes, Dad. In fact, I had made lots of design
on the other sketchpad.”

“Can I see those?”

“Wait, Dad. I’ll go get it.”

DAD OPENED the door for me. I took the
sketchpad of mine where I’ve drawn my
ideas and designs on a jewelry.

“Thank you, Dad.” I followed him when he
walk towards the building.

When I showed my designs to him, he said
that my designs are beautiful. He
suggested that I’ll go with him here in
JewelCore Company and show it to Master.

Lately, Master look like problematic and I
learned from Dad that the company’s one
of the jewelry designer had resigned and
she took the whole designs with her, that
designs was made for the company’s great
client. The company’s other designer
couldn’t reach the expectations of the
client and if they failed to replace the
designs, the client will permanently leave
the company.

I hope Master and the client will like my

“Good morning, Sir Alvarez,” greeted by the
guards of the company building.
Dad was greeted by the employees we
passes by and Dad just smiled for them.

Even he’s retired, he was still respected by
the employees of JewelCore.

“Where is your boss?” Dad asked the
secretary of Master.

“He’s currently on the meeting, Sir. Can you
wait until they’re done? He’s hotheaded
right now.”

“Who are on the meeting?”

“The designers, Sir, and some of the
employees connected to the client 560.”

“That’s good. Where is the meeting room?”

“But, Sir–”

“I found a designer that passed my
standard. I’ll offer her designs to your

The secretary couldn’t reject the former
boss. She led us to the room that have a
semitransparent glass wall.

“I’ve hired you to make designs! Why can’t
you do offer me a good ones?! D*mn it!”

shouted by Master.

“Dad, are you sure we are going in? He’s
angry and they are on the middle of their
meeting,” I said.

“Do not worry, I know my son. Besides, it is
good for the employees to take a breather
from your lover’s aggro. And you are going
to give them that. You are Benjamin’s

The secretary knocked the glass door and
opened it. “Sir, your father is here loo–”
“Say I am on a meeting! I told you not to
disturb me!” Master shouted again.

Dad come in. I am still hesitating if should I
follow him inside. I look at the secretary,
she’s smiling at me like she haven’t
shouted awhile ago.

“Dad, let’s talk later. I am busy,” Master
said. He’s controlling his anger.
“Come in, Miss Jaja. Master need an aggro
reliever,” she said.

I nod and followed her. Master quickly
stood up and his angry face suddenly
changed. “Jaja, what are you doing here?”

Master asked in a calm way.

People on meeting look at me, confused
and surprised. Master immediately walk
towards me and hold my hand.
“You have a problem?” Master asked.
“N-nothing, Master. Dad pulled me to go

“Dad?” Master asked, amusingly. He’s
smiling now. “You call him Dad.”

I nod and smiled at him.

“Son, you’re hiding a talented designer in

your home.”

To be continued


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