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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE 17(Swim Instructor)



The Blue Love-Episode 17(Swim Instructor)

JAJA’s Point Of View

That stargazing is memorable. After we got
tired from watching the black sky earlier,
we decided to go to our room. I should be
asleep now because it is already 12 AM but
I can’t. My mind is active and it is only
Master that I am thinking.
“Master, what are you doing here?” I asked
when I opened the door of my room and
Master is outside.

“I can’t sleep. Can I come in?”

I widened the opened door so Master can
come in. He throw hisself on my bed. He
lay on his back with his hands clasps
behind his head. I gulped. Is there
something going to happen tonight?

“Why you can’t sleep, Master?” I asked. I
stood still and leaned on the closed door. I
don’t like to go near him for the thing
running in my mind might happen.

“I’m thinking of you,” he said while he is
staring at the ceiling.
Thankful that Master isn’t looking at me,
my cheeks blushed.

“Why you’re not asleep yet? Are you also
thinking of me?” Master said.
Yes, Master. But of course I didn’t uttered
it. “Not that, Master. I’m thinking about the
plans I am making to make this vacation

“Really?” He rose up into sitting position
and bent his knees sideward. “And what
are those plans? Does making out with is

My eyes widened. I should get used to his
words and jokes but still I am still caught
off guard!

“Don’t mind it. Come here.”

I didn’t move. I just stared at Master. He
want me to sit beside him.

“I won’t take you here tonight. Sit beside
me,” he command. I followed him but I
leaved some distance between us.

Yet, he still grabbed me and let me lay
beside him. His one hand wrapped around
my waist and placed his face between my
shoulder and neck.

“Master,” I called.

“Stay still. Don’t move,” he said and tighten
his hug.

I didn’t speak and move. It is totally
awkward yet romantic. I don’t know if how
long we stayed on this position. I heard
Master soft snore between my neck and
shoulder. He fell asleep without doing

I haven’t felt this way before. It’s all
strange for me but I admit that I am
enjoying this. How I wish that we could
stay like this always.

I moved to face him and to see his face.
“You look handsome when you’re asleep,
Master,” I softly said. I slowly reach his lips
and gave him smack kiss.

“Am I not handsome when awake?”

I quickly stay away from him. He’s awake!

But he’s snoring!

“Am I not handsome when awake?” Master

“No, Master. I mean, you’re more
handsome if you’re awake. Of course.”

He smiled. “Kiss me again.”

I gulped.

“It’s just a kiss. It’s up to you if you want
to deepen it.”

“Of course not, Master. After this are you
going to your room?”

“Why? You can’t asleep if I’m beside you?

You’re not comfortable?”

“It’s not that, Master. I’m just asking.”

“Hmm. I’ll stay here. Now, kiss me then I’ll

“Master, why are you acting so strange?” I
asked unconsciously.

Master smiled and just kissed me then he
sleep. He didn’t answered my question.

MASTER SAID that he will teach me how to
swim today. So, here I am, hesitating if
should I go out wearing only two-piece.

I’ve seen lots of two-piece swimsuits,
pajama pairs, dresses, and regular clothes
on my luggage. Master really want to be

I heard knock on the door then I heard
Master came in. After we finished eating
breakfast, he go to his room. He haven’t
used his room on our first night. He just
wasted money for getting that room.

“Let’s go.”

Having no choice to reject, I just wrapped
my body with a robe, a translucent robe.

We go to the swimming pool first. Master
said it was better for first beginners to
practice because the water is steady.

Master caught the attention of other ladies
that’s swimming on the huge pool. Master
wore fitted swimsuit that was used by the
wake-boarders and swim instructor so his
hunk body haven’t shown but still caught
the eyes of ladies. He has a strong sex

“Come on.”

Even though I’m still hesitating, I removed
my robe and placed it on the lounge near
me. I saw Master is staring at me like he
have seen something surprising. I quickly
get down the pool to stop him staring at
my body.

The water on the pool reached Master’s
chest but when I descend on the pool, I
almost get drown. God! Why am not
blessed with height?!

Master laughed. “Too little and sweet.” He
wrapped his hand around my waist and
lifted me up.

“Master, can we go the side where my feet
can reach the floor?”

“Swim,” Master said.

“But, Master, I can’t swim.”

“I’ll teach you. Now, hold my shoulder.”

I followed him. He hold my waist.
“Try to float yourself.”

“I’m already floating, Master. You know I
can’t reach the floor.”

“Yeah.” Master chuckled. He guided me to
float vertically.

I hold his shoulders tight.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here to guide you. I
won’t let go of you.”

Does Master mean something or am I just

Master slowly removed my hand that is
tightly grasping his shoulder.

“Don’t panic. I’ll guide you on your side.”

He changed his position while still holding
my hand. I felt his hand on my stomach,
he’s lifting my body a bit. “Straight your

Master patiently teaches me and guiding
me for the whole one hour. Then he let me
swim on my own.

“You’re a fast learner.”

“My Master is a good teacher,” I said.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. Now, are
you ready to swim on the beach?”

“Later, Master. I’m going to practice here
for the last time.”

Master nod so I swim until I reach the end
of the pool then swim again back to
Master’s place.

I was about to call him but I saw that the
ladies who’s watching Master the whole
duration of teaching is now talking to him.
“Can you also teach us to swim?” asked by
one lady who’s super close to Master’s

“I am not a swim instructor,” Master said.

“But we saw you teach that lady,” the
other lady pointed me.

Master turned to face me. “I am her
personal teacher.” He swim towards me
and leaved the ladies crestfallen.

I tried to hide my smile but Master still
noticed it. “Why are you smiling? Are you
feeling schadenfreude?”

“Of course not, Master. Let’s go.” I swim
towards the end of the pool where I can
use stairs to come up.
“Wear this robe. You are being drooled

over by men around us.”

To be continued

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