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The Blue Love-Episode 16(Wish)

BENJAMIN’s Point Of View

Because of what happened to Ginny, our
vacation has been delayed. I should be
having fun of getting to know Jaja but my
family interfered.

“I’m sorry for what Mum had said to you.

She’s like that, a brat and a judgmental,” I
said when I noticed that Jaja has been quiet
since we left the mansion.

I have reserved a room for us two to the
resort that we will visit. We’ve been in a
trip for an hour. Our trip will take 3 hours
before we reach our destination.
“It’s okay, Master. I don’t take it personally,
I’m not offended.” Jaja smiled at me.

“Then why are you quiet? What’s bugging

“I’m thinking about Ginny, Master.”

I sighed. Even Jaja has been affected to
Ginny. “Don’t think about her. She’ll be
alright at the hospital that we’ve sent her
into. Eliminate Ginny, she’ll just ruin our
moment. Just think of something that will
entertain me the whole trip. I am
becoming sleepy.”

Jaja fixed herself and faced me. “Master,
what do you like about beach?”

Beach? Hmm. “The water itself. I do
wakeboard so I’m usually at the water.

How about you?”

“The breeze, Master, and the sunset.”

“Sunset? Why?”

“It is ineffable, Master. Seeing the sun
setting by the seaside makes me feel sad
and amazed. It’s gold orange color is so

“Really? I haven’t tried watching the sunset
so I don’t know what does it affect to
human. Though I heard that sunset is
beautiful to look at.”

“Later, Master, when we got there, let’s
watch the sunset.”

“I like that idea.” I smiled. “By the way,
have you graduated college?”

She shook her head. “No, Master. I had
graduated high school when my parents
died so I haven’t got the chance to pursue

“Would you like to continue studying?”

“Of course, Master, if I have been given a

“What is your perception about

“It’s the key to success, Master. How about

“Except for love, attention, and care,
education is also the easiest thing that a
parents can give.”

Jaja became silent so I quickly glance at
her. She stared blankly on the road, seems
like she fell into deep thought.
“What happened to you?”

Jaja blink. “I just remembered my parents,
Master. I miss them. You know what,
Master, I once questioned God for what
happened to my family. But I know God
has a reason. I just wait for his plan.”

“You think maturely. That’s what I like.”

I saw her blushed.

“Why do girls blush?”

Jaja quickly covered her cheeks and look
away. I laughed because of her action.
“You are really something, Jaja. You make
me laugh that easily,” I said.

Jaja smiled and opened the window. I
quickly turned the aircon off and opened
my window too.

“Fresh air is better, right, Master?”


Another silence. She’s busy looking outside
the window, amusingly.

“I look at her and have to smile
As we go driving for a while
Her hair blowing in the open window of
my car
And as we go I see the lights
I watch them glimmer in her eyes
In the darkness of the evening
And I’ve got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can’t keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she’s inches from me,” I sing
that made her look at me.

“Master, you sing?!” she’s surprised.


“Sing again, Master. Your voice is nice!”


“But you sing a while ago, Master.”


“Sing again, please, Master.”


“Master, sing again.”


“You have a good voice, Master, are you
aware of that?”


“Sing agai–”

“Shut up,” I said. I don’t know that she’s
this kind of persistent.

Jaja zipped her mouth and look straight the
road. I sighed. Silence is more deafening
than Jaja keep on resisting.
“Alright. I’ll sing. But, sing with me.”

Like a child who was allowed to eat ice
cream, that’s Jaja’s reaction.
“You know that song If you’re not the one,

I shook my head. “No.”

“It’s written and sang by Daniel
Bedingfield, Master.”

“Give me an example of that song, maybe I
can recognize.”

“I don’t wanna run away but I can’t take it,
I don’t understand. If I’m not made for you
then why does my heart tell me that I am.

Is there anyway that I can stay in your
arms,” she sing.

“Ah, yeah I know that song.”

“Let’s duet, Master.”

“Then let’s do it.”

JAJA’s Point Of View

The whole trip became wonderful, happy,
and amazing. Master have a talent in terms
of singing! It’s not obvious, yes.

We have reached our destination in
afternoon. The beach resort is wonderful
and naturally beautiful. Master pulled me
to the main building and took the keys of
our room.

“Master, why’d you take two rooms?”

“Our room should be separated."


“Because I might not control myself and
just bang you here the whole vacation.”

“It ain’t the reason why we came here,

Master look at me, amused. I had just
realized what I have said. My God! What am
I thinking?!

“You’re expecting us to make out here?

Well, I would love to do it.”

“No, Master. I’m just kidding.”

“I like the way you joke.”

He laugh loudly and entered his room. I
was left dumbfounded. Am I feeling a

I look at Master’s door when it opened. “Be
quick fixing yourself, I want to watch the
sunset with you.”

“Okay, Master.” I quickly got into my room
and leaned on the door. My heart beats fast
because of what he had said. He want to
watch the sunset with me.

I quickly fixed myself and before Master
knock on my door, I already opened it.

“Alert and quick. Let’s go.”

He hold my hand and grabbed me into the

The main building of the beach resort have
seven floor. The first floor is the lobby,
management office, and reception desk.

The second floor is the floor of the resort’s
restaurant and gymnasium. The third to
sixth floor is the floor of rooms for the
visitors. The seventh floor is the whole
place of the owner. The building have a
rooftop that can be used by everyone.

We sit on the sand near the beach and
watched the sunset. I’ve seen lots of
couples who’s also waiting for the sunset. I
look at my hand that was held by Master,
we are like couples too.

“I thought you like to watch the sunset,
why are you staring at our intertwined
hand?” Master lifted up our clasped hand.

I look away and did the thing that I must
do, watch the sunset. Before, I feel lonely
when I am seeing this spectacle but now, I
feel romantic because Master is with me.

Am I too assuming?

“It’s beautiful to look at, right, Master?” I
said as I watch the last glimpse of the sun
before it finally sets.
“Yeah. Beautiful, indeed.”

I look at Master, he’s staring at me,
intently. “Master, did you watch the sunset
or you have just stared at me the whole

“The latter. It’s more enjoyable for me to
watch you that watch that sunset.”

Thankful that it’s getting dark, my red
cheeks aren’t visible anymore.

“Let’s go inside. I’m hungry.”

He pulled me up and drag me to the second
floor. We have ordered dinner to the waiter
and while waiting, he’s asking me.
“What do you fear?

I think. What do I fear? “Ginny’s alter,

Master laughed when he heard my answer.

It is indeed funny, I know.

“How about you, Master? What do you

“Worms and cockroach.”

This time, I am the one laughed. Master is
scared of worms and cockroach?! What is
he? A lady?

“Hey, don’t make fun of me,” Master
berated so I tried my best to control my

“Speaking of cockroach, Master. Did you
know that cockroach are allergic to
humans? That why they fly when they’re
near people.”

Master’s eyes widen. “Seriously?!”

“No, Master, I am just kidding. I thought
you like my jokes.”

“Oh! Is that a joke? Should I laugh? How
many laugh you want to hear?” Master
“Stop being sarcastic, Master. I know my
joke is lame.”

Master stopped laughing. “Did you know
that cockroach can still live for nine days
without head?

“Are you joking, Master?”

“No. It’s a trivia.”

The foods we ordered had arrived so our
conversation was stopped. We took an
hour before we had finished the food.

“How did you find the food?” Master asked.

“Delicious, Master.”

“Yeah, indeed. But did you know that
there’s more delicious than those foods?

Want to know what is it?”

There’s more? “Yes, Master. What is it?”



He said me. Why does Master haven’t
changed when it comes to naughtiness?!

“Let’s go to the rooftop.”

I have no choice because he pulled me into
the elevator again. He really like to pull me,
did you noticed?

We reached the rooftop. There are also
people here, but not many. We sit on the
lounge that is big for me so Master had
joined me. We stared at the black sky that
is lightened up by the full moon and
twinkling stars.

He hold my hand and kissed my head, it’s
too gentleman. It’s so romantic. Looking at
the sky with your special someone. Indeed,
Master became special to me now. The
question is, Am I also special to him?

“Master, there’s a shooting star. Make a
wish,” I excitedly said when I saw the
shooting star.

“I don’t believe to that.”

“Just make a wish, Master. There’s nothing
will be gone to you if you do. Come on.”


He closed his eyes for a few seconds and

“Are you done, Master?”


“What is your wish, Master?”

“I wish this lady have her happiness.”

I am speechless. Master, you are my


To be continued


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