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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE 15(Get To Know)



The Blue Love-Episode 15(Get To Know)

JAJA’s Point Of View

I just came out from hospital and Master
fetched me here. I have just stayed in the
hospital for four days then they let me
discharged. My recovery is quick. The
doctor had prescribed me an ointment to
rub on my skin in able to remove the scar
on my back and medicine to take once a
day for me to ease the possible pain I am
going to feel.

Master is wearing 3/4 pants and V-neck
white shirt. We are currently on a trip back
home. I noticed that there are two
traveling bags on the back seat of Master’s

“Where do you want to go?” Master asked.

I look at him. “Pardon, Master?”

“Where do you want to go? We’re not
going home for 12 days. Let’s have a

Have a break? He means vacation? I
became excited with the idea that I am
going on a vacation with Master. But the
problem is I don’t know which place I want
to go.

“On a beach, Master.”

“Beach? Do you know how to swim?”

“I don’t, Master.”

“Then why do you want to go to the
beach? What will you do there?”

“I miss beach, Master. My family used to go
there when we have time. But I do not
swim, I go to the water but I use lifebuoy."


“Every time I try to swim, I always feel like
I am drowning.”

“Have you been drowned before?”

“Yes, Master. Almost drowned. That’s why I
never tried to swim again.”

“That’s why. If we got there, I’m going to
teach you how to swim.” Master took a
glance at me and smiled.

If that would happen, Master would be the
hottest swim instructor.
“Our trip is long so entertain me.”

I gulped. Here comes the ‘entertain me’

“Ask me anything. Let’s get to know each

I controlled my smile. Get to know each
other. Oh my! My heart beats fast when he
look at me, smiling genuinely. I cleared my
throat to bring back my senses.
“Rule number eight, Jaja,” Master

My eyes and my mouth literally opened
wide. Rule number eight, do not clear a
throat in front of Master because I am
inviting him to put his blank into my
mouth. Master didn’t make out with me,
indeed, but he is still naughty and using
vulgar words.

“Sorry, Master,” I apologized as I think of
questions I will ask. “Master, what do you
do for a living? I had noticed that you’re
wearing business attire every time you go
to work.”

“I have business. I am the CEO of JewelCore

My eyes widened again. JewelCore
Company? That company is famous
because of their own branded jewelries.

“How old are you, Master?”


“Only 25, Master?”

“Yes. You look surprised. What do you think
does my age?”

I looked away. “Nothing, Master. It’s just
that you’re too young to be the CEO of a
great company like JewelCore. That’s

He smiled. “Now you’re impressed. Tell me
your hobbies.”

“Cooking, designing dresses, singing, and
dancing, Master.”

“What a talented lady.” He winked that
made me blushed.

“Thank you, Master. How about you? What
are your hobbies?”


“Only reading, Master?”


“Your life is boring.” I covered my mouth
when I accidentally said it. “I’m sorry,

“Nah. It’s okay. Get used to it. Actually, I
like prank people.” He chuckled. “What is
your first impression towards me?”

First impression? I look at Master. “Stiff,
respectable, serious, man of few words,
handsome, intelligent but wild and brutal.”

He smiled. “Yeah, you’re right.”

“How about me, Master? What is your first
impression towards me?”

“Hmm, fragile and hot.”

That’s it? I’ve said lots about him but he
just said fragile and hot about me.
“What are the sports you are playing,

“Wakeboard and chess.”

“That’s why you are physically fit, Master.

Me, I play badminton.”

Master was about to talk when his phone
rang. He took it from his pocket then took
a glance on it. He sighed and turned off the

“Why’d you end the call, Master?”

“It’s just a brat who wants attention."
I was silenced. I have an idea about who he
is talking.

We’ve been talking the whole duration of
the trip until we go on the drive thru the
restaurant we have seen. Master ordered
lots of food. We’re going to eat while on
the trip.

“Feed me, I’m driving.”

Here he goes again. The ‘feed me’ thingy.

He ordered the pork that we had eaten
before. And as usual, as I put the pork into
his mouth, he is including my finger and
sipping it.

“Master, what is your favorite food?” I
asked while eating my pork.

“Pizza and this one. But I more likely to eat
is you.”

I just shook my head and controlled my
smile. This naughty Master is making me

“You sing, right? I heard you sang before.”

That’s the time when I am taking a bath
and Master has joined me. That was too
“Yes, Master. What do you want me to
sing?” It is better that what I am thinking

He presses the button in front of us and
turned on the stereo.

“Search a song you like to sing. Not a
lullaby, it’s making me sleepy.”

I smiled. I like my Master’s attitude now. He
is not strict and stiff anymore. I typed the
title of the song. It’s my favorite song. I
cleared a throat to ready my vocal for

“Rule number eight,” Master said.
My face heated up. “Sorry, Master.” I played
the song that I’ve searched.
I readied myself to sing when Master’s
phone vibrated. Someone’s calling him
again. This time I saw the caller ID on it. It
was his mother.

“Master, your phone is vibrating. Your
mother is calling,” I informed when I
noticed that he’s not giving attention to
the phone.

He took it and connected it on the
bluetooth headset he’s wearing.

“What is it?… I’m on a trip, I’m going to
have a vacation… Leave her, she can’t do
that. Do not spoil her, Mum… What the
f--k?! Let me talk to her!… Ginny… Okay,
just don’t do it! D*mn it! I’ll be there… 30
minutes, I am too far from home… Alright,

15 minutes!”

Master became uneasy and he looks scared.
“What happened, Master?”

“Tighten your seatbelt, Jaja. Ginny is in
danger. I need to go there as soon as
possible. She’s trying to kill herself.”

“Oh God!” I can’t get over of what I had
learned about Ginny’s condition, until now.

It’s a very rare condition so I thought it’s
not real and do not exists.
“Beach can wait, Master. Ginny can’t,” I said
when I saw confusion in him.
He nod and maneuvered the car. Thankful
that the cars in the road is few so our car
easily changed a lane. Master drive the car
like a car racer. In less than 15 minutes, he
parked the car in front of a mansion. He’s
in a hurry yet he still managed to open the
door for me. He pulled me inside the
mansion. As we entered the house, we
heard commotions and chaos on the fifth
floor so we run up the stairs. It’s too tiring
and exhausting yet we still run to the long
corridor until we reached the balcony of
the fifth floor. I’ve seen an old lady that is
look like Master and Ginny, maybe it is their
Mother. There are also uniformed nurses, I
think from Mental Hospital, who’s trying to
convince Ginny to come down the rail.

“Stay here, Jaja. Don’t let Ginny see you,”

Master said so I hide in the back of one
maid but I still watched them.

“Mum, please get me down here. I’m
scared.. Where’s Benjamin?! Show me my
Benjamin or else Ginny and I will going to
die!” Ginny’s changing voice and attitude
from the real Ginny to Hella.

“I’m here! Ginny, get down. I’m here, come
near me,” Master said.

Silence. Everyone became silent when
Master showed up. Even Ginny became
silent. Or should I say it was Hella.
“Benjamin, I’m calling you awhile ago but
you did not answer my call. Why? Are you
busy with your slave?!”
I gulped. Master is wild but Ginny is wilder.
“No!” Master said. “Will you please stay
away from and then we’ll talk.”

“You want to talk to me?” Ginny asked in
an excited tone.

“Yes. Let’s talk somewhere far from here.
Come with me,” Master ride on.

“See, Ginny? Benjamin is concern to you.

Now please listen to your brother,” their
mother said.
“He’s not my brother!” Ginny yelled at her
Mum the look sweetly at Master. “No lying?

I hate liars, Benjamin.”

“I’m not lying. I’m saying the truth. I
promise you that.”

“Cross your heart?”

“Cross my heart. Please get down.”

“Even your slave die?”

I gasped. She hated me that much?

“Ginny, get down, please.”

“I am not Ginny! I am Hella!” Ginny
shouted. “Answer me! Even your slave

“Yes, Hella. Even she die,” Master said.

“Plead me, Benjamin. Say my name.”

I heard Master sighed. He’s running out of

“Hella, don’t do this. If you killed yourself,
you won’t see me again.”

“That’s good. Okay, carry me. I promise I
won’t jump from here.”

Master slowly came near Ginny and aimed
his hand. Ginny took the hand quickly and
get down. She even wrapped her arms and
legs on Master’s body. The nurses acted
immediately. They injected her something
on her nape, maybe a narcotic.
“You lied to me!” Ginny yelled and bite
Master’s shoulder.

Master groaned in pain. His sister slowly
loosen him from the tight hug. The nurses
pulled her and placed her in a stretcher.
Ginny is now asleep.

“Are you okay, son?”

“I told you she’s an actress. She will never
be cured. I told you, Mum, but you still
insisted that she’s alright. Now, you’ve
seen that Hella again. Hella won’t leave
Ginny no matter what happened. What are
you going to do?” Master berated his Mum.

“Stop scolding me! I am still your mother!”

Master sighed and walk near me. “Let’s go.”

“Is that your s--t?! You witch, freed my son
from your spell!”

I gulped. Master’s family is super weird and

To be continued


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