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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE 14(Ginny And Hella)



The Blue Love-Episode 14(Ginny And Hella)

BENJAMIN’s Point Of View

“Sir, did I heard you right?” my secretary
asked me.

“Yes. It’s just two weeks.”

“But, Sir, if you take vacation, how about
me? I need this work, Sir.”

“Don’t worry. There’s no deduction to your
monthly salary. Take a two weeks leave,
company would still pay you.”

“Oh thank you, Sir!”

“Now, all you need to do is cancel all my
meetings for the next two weeks. Then
complete the tasks I’ve given to you. You
can now leave.”

My secretary thanked me again then
leaved. I am going to take a leave to keep
my attention to Jaja. I want to be the one
who will take care of her in the hospital
though I had hired her a private nurse.

Timmy was right. I am not the usual me,
now. I have changed.

I have no plan to work for this day so I just
wore sweatshirt and jeans. I just visited the
company to finish the things I should finish
then I am off to go to the hospital where
Jaja has been admitted.

As I got out from the elevator that landed
on the first floor, I heard a commotion on
the lobby. I walk towards there and I saw
Ginny talking to the receptionist of the
company building. There are also guards
who’s pulling her.

“Let her go,” I command. The guards
quickly responded but didn’t leave and
stayed alert.

They know what Ginny had done to my
office. She brought havoc on it. I told the
guards that they must not let Ginny go in
the building.

“Brother, I had visited you on your condo
but you’re not there so I decided to visit
you here. Have banned me to the company
of our family? That’s not fair!”

“Have you forgotten what you did here the
last time you came here? You brought
havoc to the whole building!”

She looked away and rolled her eyes.

“Because you had slapped me!”
I sighed.

“Where are you going? You’re not wearing
your business attire,” she noticed.

“I’m going to the hospital. I will take care
of Jaja.”

Ginny’s angelic face became blank. She
didn’t show any expressions. And that is
not good.

“I’m leaving. Don’t rant here, police will
take you.”

I don’t need to go the parking lot because
my car is already on the outside of the
building. I parked it there for I am not
staying here longer. I put my key in the
ignition and switched my car on. While on
the trip, I had planned to buy breakfast for
me and Jaja. She’s been in the hospital for
two days and the doctor said that maybe a
day or two she can be discharged.
“Good morning, Jaja. How are you?” I asked
as I took out the foods I had bought.

“I’m feeling okay, Master. Good morning

I sit in the chair and put the sandwich into
her mouth.

JAJA’s Point Of View

I look at Master. He looks hot in his white
sweatshirt and pants.

He has been acting so strange when I woke
up in the hospital. He’s so kind and caring. I
also learned from the nurse that Master
stated on the form that we live in. I haven’t
asked him yet about him calling me on my
name, I have no courage. That’s weird and
sweet. I am enjoying when I hear him
saying my name.

“Eat,” he said when I haven’t eat the
sandwich he’s offering.

“Master, let me do it. I can move my arms,”

I said. I’m not used to him being so caring.

“No. Rule number two, do not oppose or
contradict your Master. Now, eat.”

Without speaking, I eat the sandwich. He
reminded me the rules, and I also
remember the rule number one. Always
remember that I am a slave and he is the
Master. Pleasure and love shouldn’t be
combined. I shouldn’t be assuming things
and overlapping the limits.

Silence filled the whole room until I finish
the food. I stared at Master as he eat his

“You’re not going to work, Master?”

He shook his head. “I need to make sure
that you are receiving good treatment and

“But I am, Master. If you’re not here, the
nurse and the doctor is always checking me
from time to time.” And it is strange.

Doctors and nurses are not this kind of
caring and concerned. The way they visit
me always makes me feel I am important.

“Even though,” he said in an authorized
I shut myself up. He’s using that kind of
tone if he don’t want to be contradicted. I
look at him again. I remembered my dream
about Ginny, that scene has been popping
up in my dream this past two nights.

“What’s the matter?” Master asked. Maybe
he had noticed me staring at him.

“Master, can I ask you something

He look at me, solemnly. I lowered my
head because of the shame. I shouldn’t be
asking it. I am just a slave for pity’s sake!

“What is it?”

My head raised up and surprisingly look at
Master. Did he just allowed me to ask him
about his life?
“Uhm.. Master, it is about Ginny.”

“I will be the one to ask an apology for my
sister have done to you,” Master quickly
said in a apologetic tone. His face is also

“I-it’s alright, Master. Ginny, is she your
sister? I mean, yes you look like her but are
you really siblings?” I gulped after I said
those words. It’s been running in my mind
for two days.

He didn’t replied. He just look at me in a
questionable look.

“Sorry for asking, Master,” I apologized.

“Yes, she’s my sister. Why’d you asked?”

I took a deep breath. “Master, I’ve been
dreaming this many times and I am feeling
uneasy with it. In my dream, while Ginny is
stabbing me, she’s shouting that she hate
liars and you are her property.”

Master’s face was shocked. “Did you heard
that when she had attacked you before?”

“I don’t know, Master. I’m sorry. I know it
sounded weird. Maybe it was just a dream.”

Master didn’t speak. When I look at him,
he’s staring on the floor. Silence filled the
air again for a few minutes.

“Maybe you had heard that during the

Flabbergasted. I had heard it right.
“What do you mean, Master? Ginny is
obsessed to her brother?”

He smiled. “Mum and Dad always say that
she’s just violent and brat. But no. I had
proven that Ginny have Dissociative
Identity Disorder. She have split
personality. Our parents are aware of it so
they sent her away from me. She’d
undergone into a therapy and they said
that Ginny is alright. She had been cured
from her mental illness but no, she’s a
good actress. I keep on saying that she’s
not cured but our parents didn’t listen.

Ginny have two personality. Ginny, the
violent and brat sister of mine. The other
one is Hella, Ginny’s alter who’s obsessed
to me and have a great affection towards
me. Hella is the one in control when she
had attacked you.”


Coping up…


Ginny has an alter?! I became speechless
because of what I heard. I don’t know
what should I say. I am still shocked. What
I am dreaming is true, and it was Ginny’s

alter who is obsessed to Master.

To be continued


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