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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE 12(I Can't Lose Her)



The Blue Love-Episode 12(I Can't Lose Her)

JAJA’s Point Of View

What happened yesterday is really weird.

We haven’t seen Ginny in the condo when
we got home and Benjamin didn’t talk the
whole duration of the trip. There’s no
lewdly words and does nothing at me the
whole night. Seems like he is carrying a
huge problem in him that he didn’t
remembered his lust for me which is very
good to me. He imprisoned himself on his
room. I thought he’s going to punish me
but I was wrong. He just said “Goodnight,
take your pills, and sleep.”

This morning, he joined me in eating

“Do not do what happened yesterday
again, slave. I’m giving you another chance
and if you still break my rules, you’ll suffer
from my punishment,” he said while eating

“Okay, Master.”

He didn’t speak. I stopped myself from
looking up to him, I know he’s staring at

“Just in case Ginny returned here, hide on
your room, take this phone and call me.”

He placed a piece of paper, there’s number
written on it. “That’s my number.”

I took the paper and placed it in the pocket
of my dress. He stood up and bid goodbye.

After he left, I cleaned and fixed all mess I
can see.

“Jaja? Are you here?”

Stunned. Surprised. Frightened.
It was Ginny’s voice! I’m thankful that I am
at the stairs so I easily ran upstairs and
hide in my room. I was about to call Master
when I realized that I forgot the phone in
the living room.

I step backward few times when I heard a
several knock on my room’s door.

“Jaja, I know you’re there. I just came here
to apologize. I’m sorry for leaving you in
the mall yesterday. I didn’t mean to leave
you. I really forgot that you’re with me.

Please, face me. I bought you cake as my
apology offering. Please don’t be rude.”

Her tone is sweet and sad.
I didn’t speak. I just stayed on place where
I stood.

“Just go downstairs, okay? I’ll prepare the
plates and slice this cake. See ya!”

I heard her footsteps on the stairs.
gulped. What should I do? My body is
stunned. I can’t think what I must do. I
made my senses to be more alert. I slowly
walk towards the door and placed my ear
on it.

It’s quiet. She must have gone to the
kitchen. Master’s room surely have phone. I
must call him.
I slowly opened the door and made sure
that she’s not outside the room. I snuck
quietly and slowly opened the room of
Master. I turned my back on the door as I
open it for me to see if Ginny came up. I
shouldn’t be scared but the way Master has
warned me before, I felt frightened.

“Hello, Jaja.” She’s on Master’s room!
I quickly turned my body to face her but a
hard object hit my head. I became dizzy
and lose my balance. I screamed when I
felt something sneaked on my back.

“You want to call, Brother? Why? Are you
going to report me?”

She’s smart and witty. She had thought
that I am going here in the room so she
lurk in this room.

“You said you’re a cook, but Brother said
you were his slave. You had lied to me, Jaja.

I hate liars! You know how I punish liars?

Like this!”

I felt another hard object hit my head again
that made me out of conscious.

BENJAMIN’s Point Of View

“Why’d you allowed Ginny to go out,
Mum?” I asked on the phone. I called my
mother after the meeting I had attended.

“She’s okay, son. She can now control

“Mum, she’s good in acting and smart.”

I heard mother sighed. “Son, I know my
daughter very well. She’s alright. Now, do
not offend her if you don’t want to make
her lose her sanity again.”

I sighed when mother end the call. Mother
and Ginny are both brat and hard headed.

Now I understand why Dad decided to
divorce Mum.

Our parents parted when I was fifteen
years old while Ginny is ten years old. Ginny
grew up with Mother while I grew up with
Father. My sister have this weirdest
attitude that even me can’t handle. She’s
becoming violent and dangerous when
she’s pissed and offended. There’s a time
that she had burnt the whole farm of her
enemy’s father, threatened people around
her, and tried to poison Dad. She’s a
psycho. Just give everything she want.

We have hired her a psychiatrist but Ginny
threatened her psychiatrist. We have
confined her to the mental hospital but
there’s no mental disorder in her. They said
she just need love attention and care. She
just need to be disciplined.

“Hey, Benjamin! You look problematic.”

Another pain in the head just came in to
my office. Frederick never failed to ruin my
mood. I just feel better when I am seeing

I haven’t make out to her yesterday night
and this morning. I know her body is
exhausted so I gave her time to rest.

“Get out of my office, Frederick. I’m busy.”

“Come on. Let’s about your slave. Is she
wild? You haven’t answered me the last
time I call you.”

I just give him a quick glance then focused
on what I am doing.

“Is she worth the $150,000?”

I took a deep breathe and was about to
shout at him when another pain in the
head come in. F--k this day! Why does
people whom I hate to see today just keep
on bugging me?!

“Hello, Brother. Hi, Ricky! You want to

“F--k! Wicked Ginny is here?!” Rick
surprisingly asked me.

I just nod. Frederick called Ginny wicked
because he has been a victim of my sister’s


“Just when did you arrive here?!”

“Yesterday. You know what, I miss my two
brother. Play with me.”

“No! I got to go!”

Frederick run away and left me with Ginny.
“I’m busy, Ginny.”

She sit on the visitor’s chair and took her
phone out from her bag. “Hmm.. Were you
still busy if you had learn that your cook–
oh I mean your slave is in danger?”

I stopped and look at her. “What do you
mean? What have you done to her?”

“I knew it! She’s not just a slave. She’s a liar
and I hate liars.”

I furrowed my brow. “Do not make me
angry, Gennica.”

She smiled at me and look at her phone.

“This is what I did to her.” She showed me
the pictures on her phone.

I gritted my teeth. That’s enough.
“Hey, before putting me in jail, make sure
Jaja is still alive. As fas as I can remember,
she have a great wound on her back and I
had hit her head twice. You think she’s still

I slapped my sister’s face. Fear can be seen
on her face.

“I told you to not make me angry. Be
thankful I am still treating you as my sister.

Do not push my patience’s limit.”

I leaved her in my office, terrified. I go to
my condo as fast as I can. I know I had
made lots of violations because of my
driving but I don’t care. Jaja’s life is more
important. I couldn’t forgive myself
something terrible happened to her. I can’t
lose her. I can’t!
“Holy sh*t, Jaja!” I screamed with fear
when I saw her lying on the bloody floor,


To be continued


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