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Episode 17

While all attention was paid to Melinda, Verah was slowly bleeding to death. It took pastor Idika to call to her condition. He was the only one bold enough to get close to Verah’s body. When he did, he saw a gash at the back of her head spurting blood. He shouted “The demon possessed lady, she is losing blood!” At first the doctors and nurse were too afraid to get close, Austin had to go and open her eye lids carefully, when he saw her eyes had turned back to normal, he put a piece of cloth on her wound to stop the bleeding and told the doctors and nurses in the room, “Her name is Verah, she is a friend of us. You won’t be able to understand what happened to her. Just help her please!” Even though Verah had lost the power which took hold of her, doctors and nurses were still afraid of her. When she was wheeled off the room for treatment, Austin had to follow the doctors and nurses to the theater; he feared they might out of fear leave her to die.
No one saw it, when Verah lay on the floor; something had creapt out of her body and went through the wall. It was like a giant black scorpion in smoke form.
By late evening, Verah had recovered fully from the blow she took to her head and the consequent unconsciousness. Melinda who was still in several bandages, and Austin could not wait to hear her narrate how she came to be possessed with the sort of power they saw earlier in the day. “I was in my little apartment at Bay Ground trying to fix myself some junk food, when I heard a noise in my room. I peeked into the room only to see Simon seating in my chair and smiling at me warmly………” “You saw Simon? How did he get in?” Asked Austin. “I don’t know. I still can’t explain it. I did the only thing that came to my mind; I shouted the Holy Ghost fire for sometime, I don’t know for how long. When I felt he must have left, I opened the kitchen door to check if he was still there. Thankfully he had gone, or so I thought. So I ran into the room to get my things and run away from the apartment. Actually I had taken some of the things I needed and was on my way out when I decided to check the smoke coming out from my kitchen. When I opened my kitchen door, guess who I saw?” Austin and Melinda sat staring at Verah speechlessly. Melinda managed to ask, “Who was in your kitchen?” “My dead grandmother! I saw her in my kitchen preparing the Quaker Oat I had abandoned in fear. The last thing I remember clearly was my grandmother turning into thick dark smoke and moving into my body. Every other thing that happened afterwards are like bits of hazy dreams to me. I remember having a minor misunderstanding with a taxi driver and telling him to die. I saw him pounding his head on his steering. I don’t know if he died. I also remember hearing Simon’s voice when I was at the reception waiting to be shown your hospital room. After I got possesed I had only one desire, to kill the both of you”. “You said you heard Simon’s voice, what did he tell you?” Asked Melinda. “He told me to fight the urge to kill the two of you”. “From now on we all are going to stick together until we find a way to fight this renewed attack against us”, said Austin. Melinda and Verah nodded in agreement. “Melinda I am sorry I did all this to you; look at your body. I can’t believe I wanted to kill you. I am sorry please forgive me”, said Verah amid sobs. “Babe I understand, you don’t need to cry about it: obviously we are at war”, responded Melinda.

“Austin, Verah saw Simon at her apartment; does that mean he has assumed Michael’s position?”

To be continued

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