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Godmother-Episode 4

‘I’m pleased to meet you, and I hope this will be the beginning of a relationship that will be long-lasting,’ he concluded.

Rita smiled and briefly told him about herself. ‘I’m a
nurse and I believe in serving humanity,’ she concluded.

‘You’re even more beautiful than your picture on Facebook,’ he commented.

‘Thank you.’

‘So, you’re a nurse. That’s interesting.’

They talked about other interests. He loved to read and write, while she loved to listen to music.

‘Now, let’s eat something,’ he said. She conceded and he
went to buy eat-in fried rice and chicken. She ate her food slowly and regally. There
was something special about her.

‘I can’t picture it yet, but I think there’s something special about you,’ he said.

She raised her beautiful brow without saying anything.

They chatted more after the food, then she expressed her desire to leave.

‘Can I know where you live? Can I visit you?’

She smiled and nodded. ‘Why not?’

‘So, tell me the place,’ he said eagerly.

She gave him the address of where she stayed at
Anifowoshe area of Ikeja. ‘For now, I stay with my auntie,’ she added.

‘I will come. I will definitely give you a visit.’

‘Call me when you want to come,’ she said. ‘You know, I
work on shifts.’

He nodded. ‘That will be no problem.’ He gave her the address of where he lived at Ogba.

Three days later, Tope gave Rita a call.

‘Can I come and see you towards this evening?’ he asked


He was there. The two kids of her auntie were cute. They
kept hovering round Rita. Tope and Rita chatted, but not intimately.

She promised to reciprocate the visit on Saturday. Tope welcomed her

gesture. That Saturday, he was so excited about her coming. It was as if he had never
been in love before.

Rita entered his mini-flat apartment few minutes to eleven. He had been waiting for her and had got many things ready. Many things including

the apple juice packs. He served her in a tray, filled two glasses and handed her one.

‘Cheers. This is to a great and wonderful relationship,’ he
smiled widely as he took the drinks.


As he sipped his drinks, he continually looked into her eyes. ‘I have a confession to make,’ he told her.

‘What confession?’

He paused to make his attempt emphatic. ‘I’m in love
with you,’ he blurted out.

She smiled. ‘It’s good to hear that but there are certain things you should know.’

He became very curious. ‘Things such as what?’

‘The first is our relationship can never lead to marriage.’

He looked surprised. ‘Why? Are you betrothed to somebody?’

She smiled and shook her head. ‘No.’

‘So, why can’t it lead to marriage?’ he demanded.

‘Don’t worry, you’ll soon understand.’

For now, he could not understand. Was it that she
considered that he would not be able to take good care of her, or what?

‘The purpose of this relationship is not about falling in love or getting married,’ she said. ‘It’s about being of
help to you.’

He looked at her curiously. ‘What d’you mean? What help?’

She allowed a meaningful silence. ‘I can help you to become great in life. There’s a synergy between us, and I
can be of help to you.’

He looked at her curiously. ‘What d’you mean? What help?’

She allowed a meaningful silence. ‘I can help you to
become great in life. There’s a synergy between us, and I
can be of help to you.’

His curiosity was total. ‘How can you be of help? What

She smiled. ‘I can help you to become great in life. I can
help you to achieve, fame, wealth and power.’

He stared at her. ‘How?’

‘By making power, wealth and fame come to you.’

He was still staring at her. ‘How?’ he asked again.

She kept quiet and stared at the television. He sat by her
and held her hand. ‘All that you’re saying is esoteric.

Can you please explain yourself?’
‘I have the power to give you power and wealth,’ she said.

‘But that will be if you can pass three tests.’

He suddenly laughed. ‘I think you should stop the joke,

Rita. You’re beautiful and I like your attitude. I want to
marry you. Period.’

‘So, you don’t believe all I said,’ she said quietly.

‘What I believe is I’ll love to marry you,’ he replied.

‘You don’t believe I have any power?’ she asked.

‘I’m sorry, if you do, then you will have to prove it.’

She chuckled. ‘You want a proof?’

‘Yes, I want a proof.’

She closed her eyes for some moments as if in meditation.

‘Right now, the total money you have in this house is two
thousand, seven hundred
and fifty naira.’

He was a bit surprised that she had guessed right. ‘Yes,

that’s about the cash at hand I have, now.’

‘Do you want more money right away?’

‘You mean you’ll give me some money? Well ..’ he

‘I’ll give you, but I won’t hand it you.’

He raised his brow. ‘So, how are you going to give me?’

She closed her eyes again. His mind was busy. Surely, this lady was acting strangely.

She opened her eyes. ‘You have the money now.’

He laughed and opened his palms. ‘Where’s the money?’

‘There’s fifty thousand naira for you,’ she said. ‘Go and
check the pocket of the black coat you hanged in your

He laughed shortly again. ‘Oh, come on, Rita. Let’s forget
this joke and talk about something else.’

She looked solemnly at him. ‘It’s no joke. Go and confirm
the money.’

The way she looked seriously prevented him from laughing

‘Are you serious, Rita?’

‘Why don’t you confirm it?’
He grinned. ‘Alright. I will do as you command.’ He stood
up and went to the bed-room.

Who do you think she is?
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To be continued

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