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Story: THE TRINITY-Episode 8


The Trinity-Episode 8

Michael upon seeing them stood up immediately and acted like nothing had happened.
“Sir, I wasn’t expecting you, you are welcome. Please have a seat,” Sophie said offering them and a seat.
Amah looked very furious. Michael tried hiding his face. One could not tell what he was hiding from. Was it from shame, or was he hiding from Amah or from Joe and the fear of losing his job?
Michael noticed the furious look on Amah’s face. It was obvious that he had a lot of explaining to do.
“Well, I thought you will be mourning and that’s the reason we are here. To offer our condolence, but it seems we were mistaken” Joe said. His statement was pregnant, indicating that he would need more explanations about what he had just witnessed. Michael was already feeling apprehensive about the whole matter.
Sophie, however, was ready to stand up for herself and her actions. Ethically, she wasn’t supposed to be cozy with her boyfriend at the workplace but she had every right to do whatever she wanted within the confines of her own house.
“Sir, yeah, it’s true I am bereaved. My sister just passed on and I was enjoying the company of my boyfriend who has done so much to ease my pain.” Sophie said. Her statement worsened things. It had breached the conditions which Michael had agreed to with Joe as regards keeping his job.
Michael was definitely not happy about it. He didn’t know how to speak for himself, especially with Amah around.
“Anyway, we are here to offer our condolence. May she rest in peace” Joe said.
“Thank you very much. I appreciate it “Sophie said.
“Since Michael our accountant is here, there is something I would like to put across. It’s such a coincidence to have met him here, because sooner or later I was going to contact him” Joe said.
Amah, who was sitting beside him, wondered what he was going to say. All she knew was that they were coming to offer their condolences to Sophie. Any other reason for the visit was completely unknown to her.
“What is it Sir?” Michael asked.
“Let me be quick, the company wants to review its labor force and as such we will be sure to lay off workers” Said Joe.
That was a blatant lie. He was sending a signal to Michael for not keeping up his own end of their deal. That statement was a clear indication that he was thinking of firing Michael after seeing him kiss Sophie.
“Please see me at the office tomorrow morning “Joe continued. “ We will be on our way now.”
Amah didn’t say a word yet her facial expression was enough indication as to what was going on in her mind. Michael needed to figure and sort things out before he resumed work the following morning.
Meanwhile, nothing had really changed in Jason’s marital home. Helena kept up the nagging and accusations. This time, the barrage was worse than before. Eventually, Jason had to leave home and take up shelter in a hotel. He couldn’t for the life of him understand where all the accusations were coming from. It wasn’t as if she had ever caught him with a woman before. He really was at a loss as to what to do.
Jason tried getting in touch with Sophie. Her number was unreachable. He didn’t know that Nicky had passed away and that Sophie was mourning. The more he thought of her, the more he wanted to see her. He was also bothered by the fact that Sophie seemed to be in a relationship with his brother Michael.
Jason didn’t have Sophie’s details. The only other person he knew with contact to her was Michael. But he knew it was futile going through Michael. He remembered that she had mentioned something about working at a bank not far from the accident spot.
Jason drove to the accident spot and located the bank just down the road. He didn’t know that Michael and Sophie worked together. He walked into the bank and met the receptionist. He introduced himself, lying that he was a relative who had just come into town. After convincing the staff by showing him Sophie’s number, the staff informed him that Sophia had been away from the office for some days and gave him directions to her house.
Michael had already left for work leaving Sophie alone at home. Jason knocked on her door and to his delight, Sophie came to open the Door.
On his way to work, Michael made a swift detour to a restaurant for a prearranged rendezvous with a lady. The restaurant apparently was a usual meeting point for him and his lady friend.
He had arrived earlier than planned so he sat down to wait for her. While waiting, he ordered a cup of coffee.

Just as the coffee was served, the lady he had been waiting for showed up. It was Helena, his brother’s wife.

To be continued

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