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Story: THE TRINITY-Episode 7


The Trinity-Episode 7

The Doctor told them how several complications had arisen during the operation. He said that despite all they did to save her, it was a little too late. The harm had already been done before she came to the hospital.

Sophie was distraught she almost fainted. She couldn’t believe that her sister whom she had seen so vibrant and full of life earlier in the day could be dead. He took Michael aside and spoke some more words to him.

Life they say is unpredictable, who is actually to be blamed for Nicky’s death? Her relationship with Michael actually began when she was most vulnerable and heartbroken.

She was lonely and hurt at the time. Her boyfriend whom she had loved very much, her first love to be precise had broken up with her on her birthday. The worst part of it was, it was that very same day she broke her virginity with the guy. It was only after the act that Nicky’s guy knew he wasn’t much in love with her.
That was just pathetic. Nicky was so much into the guy. He had made her believe that he loved her very much and would do anything to make her happy… Only to break up with her, right on her birthday and after having sex with her.

A few days after this incident, on one of his visits to Sophie’s home, Michael ran into her looking very dejected in one corner of the sitting room. Sophie hadn’t come home from work and he and Nicky were all alone.

She wept her heart out and cried bitterly. Michael sat with her as she spoke out her pain. He listened to her and tried consoling her. Eventually, he was able to calm her down and promised her that he would always be there if she needed someone to speak to.
Emotional healing really takes time and in that state, you need friends and loved ones to be there for you. It’s nearly impossible to heal on your own.

Nicky for some reasons had kept Sophie out of her relationship with the guy and didn’t want her involved especially at this point.
She had made a pact with Sophie not to have sex before marriage and she didn’t want Sophie to be disappointed in her. She knew Sophie would never have approved of their relationship.

During this period, she and Michael developed a special bond. She began visiting him at home and calling him up whenever she wanted someone she could talk to.
On one occasion, while Michael was reasoning with her over the relationship, one thing led to another and they ended up first kissing passionately and then had sex.

To Nicky, it felt good at the time. She could not hold back, she just gave in and enjoyed the moment despite the fact that Michael was in a relationship with her sister Sophie.

Back at the hospital, Sophie cried bitterly for her lost sister. She couldn’t understand why Nicky would suddenly start bleeding just like that, resulting to her death. Could it be possible that perhaps, Nicky was pregnant?

She turned and faced Michael with tears streaming down her face.

“Michael, was Nicky pregnant” Sophie asked.

“Come on Sophie! And you suppose that if she was then I am the one responsible for the pregnancy, right? Michael asked.
“Just answer my question Michael, was she pregnant? Sophie asked him again.

“No, she wasn’t.” Michael lied.
Sophie felt that there was something fishy going on. She couldn’t explain all the unknowns. Why Nicky would come over to the office without telling her. Why it had to be Michael that brought her to the hospital. She however chose to believe him.

Michael consoled her and took her from the hospital to her home. It was a long weekend as there was two days of public holiday. Michael stayed with her all through, cooking and caring for her.

Sophie called the office and asked for some more time off as she needed to mourn her sister.

Michael was the perfect gentleman during that period. He made sure he served her breakfast before going to work and always ensured he closed early.

Sophie appreciated his kind gesture. Michael truly seemed to be a changed man. She found herself relying more and more on him and depending on him for emotional support.

One evening, Michael returned home to meet Sophie in the living room going through Nicky’s pictures and crying . Michael upon seeing her went closer to her and sat beside her.

“You miss her right? He asked.
Tears couldn’t stop running down from Sophie’s eyes.

“Michael, she was the only family member I had. How could she leave like that?” Sophie said, crying bitterly.

Michael placed his arm around her neck, allowing her lean on him.

“Sophie, I can feel your pain, I know what you are going through but I am here for you. You can rely on me, my love” Michael said.

His words were comforting, the mood was right. For several weeks they had not felt this way or come even this close. Not since Sophie had walked in on him and her sister having sex together. There was an instant click. They began kissing. Their breath got heavier as it got intense. From just a lip-to-lip kiss, it ended up in intense deep French kissing.

Suddenly, the front door opened impatiently. Michael apparently hadn’t locked it. It seemed the person behind the door was anxious to come in. They either didn’t knock or maybe the impassioned pair hadn’t heard the knock.

Startled, Michael and Sophie turned to see Joe the human resources manager and Amah from the office looking at them. It was obvious that they had both caught them kissing.

To be continued

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