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The Trinity-Episode 1

Giving up on Michael was never an option for Sophie. Even though he didn’t have a job, Sophie never stopped supporting him. They loved each other so much but somehow, Michael was always caught cheating. He was in fact, a serial cheat. He cheated all the time and sadly, Sophie always found him out.

Still, Michael loved Sophie more than any of the girls he was seen flirting around with. Sophie, on the other hand, believed that if love made all things perfect, then there was hope for Michael and herself.

They had been dating for three years now without having sex. They both agreed to maintain a sex-free relationship until they were married. On the positive side, it kept their relationship healthy and strong. Michael’s cheating habit was what caused friction in the relationship.

Sophie felt he cheated on her because of sex but what confused her the most was the fact that Michael respected her and her decision not to have sex yet.

He never forced her, not even on a single occasion. During moments of intimacy, they both knew when to stop in order to keep their ‘chastity’ promise.

There was this time that Sophie couldn’t control herself and it was Michael playing the perfect gentleman who found a way of calming her.

All this made Sophie love him the more but the question was: If Michael could control himself with her whom he claimed he loved most, why couldn’t he stop cheating?

Michael had graduated from the university with a second-class upper degree in accounting and went ahead to an eventful national service year. After the mandatory service period, he found it difficult getting a job despite all his applications.
One day while on a bus, he found that his pocket had been picked and his wallet taken just about the time the conductor came asking for the fare.

Sophie was the one who came to his rescue, paying his fare for him. They right away exchanged numbers and their love story began from there.

Sophie had gotten a starting position as an administrator in a micro finance bank. She was hardworking and a cheerful person to be around. In addition to that, she was beautiful. Men always turned round to take a second look at her.

She was honest and very humble and had the respect of all her colleagues, most especially the superior officers.

Sophie recommended Michael to her human resource manager and tried to get the firm to employ him. However, the man insisted on having an affair with her in other to give Michael the job, so she backed down.

Since he didn’t have a job, Sophie virtually had to split her salary between both of them to make ends meet.

Michael’s conscience didn’t feel right about this. He felt he owed Sophie for all the sacrifice. The least he could do was make Sophie happy. However, the more he tried to stay faithful, the more he kept cheating.

One day, Sophie got a surprise for him. Her persistence had paid off and the office had offered Michael a position as an accountant. She was highly elated.

She could barely hold her delight but decided not to spoil it until she had gotten the appointment letter lest the company changed its mind. Now she had finally gotten the letter. In her joy, she quickly set off from work to Michael’s place to deliver the message.

Michael getting a job as an accountant meant that he was going to be her senior at work. His salary package was thrice hers. It really was a breakthrough for them. She passed through a supermarket on her way to the house so that she could get a bottle of fine wine for them to celebrate.
The front door was locked when she got there. “Maybe he is sleeping,” she said to herself. She didn’t press the bell; rather, she used her key and opened the door gingerly and as quietly as she could so she could surprise him.
The TV in the small sitting room was rather loud and blocked off any other sound. She was happy as that would mask any noise she would make. She took off her shoes, all the while smiling to herself. She imagined in her mind how he would react to the news and this made her laugh with joy to herself.

She noticed that the door to his room was ajar and she went quickly so as to catch him before he could notice she was there.

Sophie’s blood froze and the smile disappeared when she caught sight of Michael on the bed. He was at it furiously with a woman who seemed to be lost in whatever he was doing to her. Suddenly her breath stopped as the face of the woman turned and caught her eyes. She found herself staring right into the eyes of her younger sister, Nicky.

To be continued

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