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Story: RESTLESS-EPISODE 15 (I’m Carl Winston)



Restless-Episode 15 (I’m Carl Winston)

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

2 Hours later

Sheila got up from the seat and ran after the Doctor as soon as she spotted him coming out of the hallway with two nurses and heading in direction of his office. One of the ladies sitting beside Sheila also got up and followed, but not closely.

“Doctor,” she called as she ran after him.

The doctor glanced back at her but continued walking, only reducing his speed enough for her to catch up.

“Doctor, is he okay? Is he going to survive?” Sheila asked in a shaky voice.
The men at the warehouse had left them after Henry lost consciousness. They helped each other up and moved out quickly while Sheila knelt beside Henry’s body, shouting for help with no one listening. Seven minutes later, all the men were out of sight and the main entrance through which Henry and Sheila came opened by itself. Sheila ran out hoping she would find any of the policemen around but she found none, she called passersby for help and also made calls with her phone. With the help of two men, Henry was carried to her car and the driver rushed down to the hospital.

She looked disoriented and frustrated, totally opposite to the way she looked earlier that day in her office. Her hair was totally disorganized now as the material used to pack it behind had fallen off. Her face looked dull and soiled with tears.

“I can’t answer your questions for now miss,” the doctor replied. “He was lucky to have been brought in here alive but I can’t tell how much that luck would take him.” The doctor stopped when he got to the door to the room he was headed for. He placed his hand on the knob. “Miss Sheila, he has very slim chances of surviving this and if he does he would have to live mentally unfit.”

Sheila’s face turned darker and tears began to roll down her eyes. “Can’t you do something to help him doctor? He must live!” She said as she clung to the doctor’s coat.

“Miss, we’re doing all we can already but I’m not sure we can do so much to help him. He’s gotten some internal injuries and has faced internal bleeding that reopened his previous wounds,” the doctor replied as he struggled to take off her hands from his coat.

“It’s okay Sheila,” the lady behind help take Sheila from the doctor. She turned Sheila to herself and pulled her into a warm embrace.

The doctor proceeded into the room with the nurses following behind.

“Angela, he has to live!” Sheila cried on her friend’s bosom.

“Let’s leave the doctors to do their jobs while we believe for the best, I have a very strong feeling that your friend would not die.” Angela replied, trying to calm Sheila.
The doctors stepped out of the room again and walked past Sheila and her friend.

“Let’s go take a seat dear” Angela said as she pulled Sheila with her.

“Sheila, the police investigators are here.” Ruth, another Sheila’s friend who had come to join Sheila at the hospital called unto them.

Angela led Sheila back to the waiting room where they were previously sitting and they met the investigators waiting there for them.

“We need to ask a few questions from Miss Sheila Jack,” one of the two investigators said after Angela made Sheila sit.

“Do we need to excuse you?”Angela asked, sitting near Sheila and still holding her close.

“No, you should stay,” the investigator replied. “Except of course, she wants you to excuse us.” the investigator quickly added, giving Sheila the choice to make.

She wasn’t looking up her, but still sobbing and sniffing in tears.

“Can you talk to us Miss?” The investigator asked Sheila directly.

Sheila gave no reply.

“I would suggest you wait until she’s able to talk,” Angela put in, concerned for her friend.

“Ma’am, it’s imperative we ask her questions and get answers so as to launch our investigation right away. If we delay any longer, we might be risking making the case turn out to be inconclusive.”

“What’s the use of talking to you freaking criminals,” Sheila replied angrily as she looked up. “You betrayed us, you worked with them.”

“Miss Sheila, I do understand what you feel and how angry you are right now but you have to cooperate with us for us to make progress.” The investigator replied calmly.

“I don’t have to cooperate with police men. You sold us out, you deceived us.”

“Please make me understand better Miss Sheila,” the officer said in a calm tone. He squatted in front of her and looked straight into her eyes. His partner pulled a plastic chair for him to sit. “Please tell me how it all happened.”

Sheila wiped a tear off her face. She sniffed in deeply as she raised her head.
“We got a call this morning that Miss Tayo, Henry’s private teacher was kidnapped and we were asked to bring some money to that warehouse. We were warned not to inform the police but we eventually did. The officers met us on our way to the warehouse as agreed and they gave us directives on how to go about it, promising that they would be close by paying a close look at us. We were given a device to alert them with. But we found out it was all a trap, the officers we invited knew of the men’s plot and lured us into their trap.”

“But how is that possible? Police officers would not do that,” the investigator cut in.
Sheila stopped talking and stared into his eyes angrily.

He noticed her anger and quickly apologized.

“Please speak on Miss.”

“Your colleagues led us into the trap,” she repeated.

“Which officers did you speak to?” the investigator asked. “Can you recognise them?”

“Yes, I can recognize them but I only know the name of the one who gave us instructions to go in and gave us the device.”

“What’s his name?”

“Officer Andrew Gary,” she answered.

“Officer Andrew Gary,” the investigator echoed in low tones and took a quick glance at his partner, giving him a signal to take note of the name. “Tell me more, about the men you met in the warehouse.”

“I knew none of them, and I don’t think I ever met any of them before.” she replied.

“And who do you suspect could be the sponsor of this attack?”

“Tom, Tom Wills.”

Four Hours Later.

Sheila and Angela walked into the waiting room to find Emery Jack sitting there.
“I’ve been waiting for you baby,” Emery Jack lifted his eyes as they walked in. He frowned on seeing how distraught Sheila was looking. He got up and held her to sit by his side on the long sofa.

Angela and Jenny had prevailed over Sheila and took her home after the investigators had left. She had taken a shower and changed her clothes but it still did not change the gloomy look on her face.

“How did it happen? You should have called me immediately,” Emery Jack said after getting Sheila to sit beside him.

“There was no need to call you Dad, we thought we had it in control, we called the police office already and they were there to put in their support. We never knew the police had a hand in the plan.”

“I spoke with the El Deols police overseer before coming here and he said there is no proof yet that the matter was reported to the police command.”

“That’s a lie Dad,” Sheila exclaimed with her eyes widened.

“I believe you Sheila,” Emery said and held her palms. He looked into her eyes and repeated his words, “I believe you and I promise I’m going to get to the root of the matter.” he assured.

She sniffed in as she tried to force back tears. She laid her head on her father’s shoulder.

The man held her closely for a moment and then nudged her gently.

“By the way the doctor was here thirty minutes ago and he said that we could go into the ward to see Henry now,” Emery said.

“Is Henry awake?” Sheila pulled away quickly and asked, staring into her father’s eyes.

“No, not yet.” the man frowned. “He’s still unconscious, the doctor isn’t sure if he would survive yet.”

Sheila’s shoulder’s dropped again and she hugged her father once more.

The Next Day.

Sheila laid in the bathtub for over thirty minutes that morning and full of sorrows in her heart. Angela had left her thirty minutes ago, to pick something from her apartment.

Sheila felt no zeal for work neither did she feel there was any reason to go to the hospital. The Doctor had reaffirmed the last night before they left the hospital that Henry’s chances of surviving were very low and that he would probably not live beyond the next day. She and her father also visited the ward and saw him already laying like a dead body in the bed. That totally dampened her spirit and it kept her scared till that morning, scared of going to the hospital to get the news of his death.

Her phone had been ringing in her room for over twenty minutes but she was lost in her own world and the ringtone of the phone did not sound like something that needed to be attended to.

Her thoughts drifted from Henry’s possible death for a moment to Tom Wills. She clenched her teeth and fist right there, she felt like getting the power to go to his home and strangle him to death at that moment. She was sure he must have organized the incident. He had two days to his court hearing and he hadn’t learnt enough lesson to stop his evil ways. She thought of how she could make him pay dearly, not just paying for the crime that he had already being charged with but also for the one he had committed the past day – murdering Henry. A thought came to her mind and she quickly stepped out of the bathtub.

She picked her towel where it was hung. She proceeded into her bedroom and wiped her body clean before reaching for her phone which she kept on the table. The icons at the top bar of the screen showed that she had new messages from different messaging apps and missed calls. She ignored the messages and opened her calls history, she saw eight missed calls from the doctor and it kind of increased the burden in her heart. He was probably calling her to announce Henry’s death or the worsening of his situation.

She scrolled down the call history to check for a number but before she could find it, the doctor’s call came in again. She ignored the call and watched it ring without answering it. She closed her eyes heaved a sigh after the call ended.
She walked to the bed and sat at the edge. She decided to check her messages and see if there was any from the doctor. She opened the messaging app and opened the first message which was from the doctor and was sent ten minutes earlier.

Henry is awake now, he rose back to consciousness ninety minutes ago.

She widened her eyes in unbelief and her mouth was left agape in shock.

She navigated back quickly to the call history and dialed the Doctor’s number.

“Hello Doc…” she said with a weak voice into the phone.

“Congratulations Miss Sheila, Henry is awake.” The doctor said before she could ask any questions.

“Wow! Doctor, are you serious?” She asked, elated by the news.

“Yes Miss, no jokes.”

“I’m coming to the hospital right away,” she replied.

“Good, see me once you get to the hospital. He has been transferred into another ward.” the doctor replied.

Sheila got to the Lutheran Hospital as fast as she could and proceeded straight to the doctor’s office. She did not meet the doctor in the office but she waited and he joined her fifteen minutes later.

“Good morning Miss,” the doctor greeted as he walked in.

“Doctor, can I see him now?” She jumped to her feet immediately.

“Please sit Miss Sheila, I have to say something to you first.” the doctor replied as he walked to his seat.

Sheila sat back reluctantly and her eyes followed the doctor until he sat down.
The Doctor heaved a sigh as he looked at her face.

Sheila’s excitement totally disappeared. The look on the Doctor’s face did not make it seem as if Henry had truly woken.

“What’s the matter Doctor? Is he dead?” Sheila asked impatiently.

“No Miss, he isn’t dead.” The doctor said, looking into her eyes. “Like I said to you, he gained consciousness this morning, that means he’s out of danger. But…” The doctor looked down for a moment.”You remember he got injuries in his brain the first time.”

Sheila squinted at the doctor. She then remembered the doctor had said Henry would have to live mentally unfit if he did not die.

“He’s been quiet since morning and sometimes making a lot of noise and yelling on his own, calling imaginary names and threatening to fight. We are afraid that his brain could have been further affected this time.”

“Doctor, are you trying to say he’s gone insane?” Sheila asked, her body and lips were trembling.

The doctor shook his head. “No, I haven’t said so. We still have to examine him for a while before making conclusions.”

“No Doctor, he can’t be insane, we must do everything to ensure he’s well.” Sheila said in frustrated voice.

“Yes Miss, we are doing everything to make sure he’s well.” The doctor replied, gesturing with his hand for her to calm down.

“Can I see him Doctor?” Sheila asked.

“Yes, you can Miss but you have to calm yourself first.” The doctor replied. “We’ve given him some drugs to calm him.”

“Okay Doc, I’m calm.” Sheila said, taking in long deep breaths.


The Fox Corporation Headquarters, Epa Hill, Bexford, Bethanna.

The board were seated again in the conference room for an emergency meeting. The third bomb blast after the blast of the central bank had occurred and it was obvious to everyone in the country that the invisible terrorists had returned and for the moment targeted bringing down the economy of the nation.

On the screen was the live capture of the last explosion. The FOX executives had taken their time to watch the pattern of explosion several times in order to pull out conclusions. They made their conclusions about the explosion but also needed to make conclusions on how to combat the terrorist.

“Agents Carl and Rex were no doubts our best agents but the FOX Agency must continue without them and must do better without them,” Agent Sylvanus put in when it was time to discuss the way forward.

Agent Mark cleared his throat. “For me, I’ll say the presence of Agents Carl and Rex through the years must have silenced other competent agents. I believe there should be an agent amongst the others who might be better than Rex and Carl put together.”

The eldest man, Elkim leaned forward on the table. Everyone’s eyes turned to him, they knew he was about to say something.
“You’re right Mark, but this is not just about competence, we also have to consider experience. Competence alone will not get it done. An agent that has to face the invisible terrorists must have faced similar or tougher cases to excel in this,” Elkim said.

“I get it now,” Paul Edwards, the chairman of the agency put in. “From every contribution we all seem to be talking about two things; experience and competence. I agree with all the submissions, and I’ll propose that we create a team that has both qualities. Our technical board should select five agents who has had 99% success in not less than twenty missions and five other agents with 75% success in not less than sixty missions. This will help us get the best blend in the team and they would be able to combat the invisible terrorists.”

The men around the table nodded gently in agreement with Paul Edwards.

“I agree that will be the best way to get the excellent team.” Elkim put in.

“Anybody else with a different opinion or contribution?” Paul Edwards asked.

He waited a minute to get their responses and no one spoke.

“We have twenty four hours to select the members and launch the team,” he declared.


Lutheran Hospital, El Deols, Anthanna.

Sheila walked slowly into the ward with the doctor following behind. Her heart was beating fast. She wondered if Henry would still recognize her, now that the incident had further affected his brain.

She moved closer slowly. He was in the bed, lying peacefully, but his eyes were opened. He seemed to be reflecting on something. His eyes met with Sheila’s and his face changed, giving a sign that he recognized who he saw.

He tried to sit up as Sheila got nearer.
“Relax man,” the doctor said and quickly walked towards him. “You need to keep your back flat for now.”

“No, I want to sit up ” Henry replied, his voice sounded rough and tough.

“You shouldn’t sit up, you have a lot of injuries and could injure yourself further if you force yourself up.” The doctor replied.

“Please, help me up carefully.” Henry insisted.

“Okay,” the doctor gave in. “You have to get up slowly,” the doctor told him as he held a palm and put his one at at the back.

The doctor was able to get him up and resting his back against the headboard in two minutes.

“Are you okay now?”

“Yes, thanks.” Henry replied.

The doctor smiled at him but still kept a careful look at him.

Henry stared at Sheila’s face for a moment and saw the aggrieved look on her. He looked again at the doctor and his gaze lingered for about their seconds before he spoke. “Please excuse us Doctor.”

The doctor stared at him in shock, surprised at his request. “Huh?” He pretended not to hear what Henry said.

“Excuse us please,” Henry repeated.

The doctor stared at Sheila’s face quickly and the look on Sheila’s face suggested she wanted him to leave too.

“I’ll be just outside this room,” the doctor said and faked a smile before turning to leave.

Sheila stared at Henry with so much pity in her eyes. He was still in the patient’s blue uniform but she could see the wounds and marks on his body through the halfway buttoned top.

“I’m sorry Henry,” Sheila said in tears as she sat beside him in the bed and held a palm of his in both hands. “I’m sorry for what those men did to you, I’m sorry.”

Henry just kept staring at her with no expression on his face.

“I promise I won’t let such happen to you anymore…”

“Shhhh…” Henry hushed her.

She stared into his eyes, there was something in it that told her he wasn’t feeling hurt or pained emotionally and that he wasn’t insane. He looked so confident and calm.

“I’m Carl,” he said.

“Huh?” She raised her brows, wondering what he was talking about.

“I’m Carl Winston, Rank 9 Agent of the FOX Corporation, code 4679.”

To be continued


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