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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 9


Nothing like love-Episode 9

Tare woke up with body pains due to the fact she slept on the floor,her body had probably gotten used to her comfort zone at school.She stretched her body lazily and walked out when she noticed she was the only one in the room.

good morning mum,she greated her mother who was sitting beside her small kiosk.

morning dear,how was your night?

it wasn’t bad at all she lied.
is this how you sleep in school,it 9 already.

No mum,where is everyone?
your younger ones have gone to hawk,and your dad has gone to work.

But today is tuesday,arent they suppose to be at school?
Edna looked at her feet in pain unable to answer her daughter’s question.

Mum,please say something
you see..your younger ones dropped out of school, we can’t feed well not to talk of pay their fees.

Tare stood motionless with unshed tears in her eyes,she just couldn’t believe it. Her dad monthly salary was just 25thousand but he had always put on his best for them but it seemed things were getting worst,what was she going to do,asking the jo’s for help was not an option they had done too much for her.
Mum,what if I sell some of my clothes?

No dear,how will the good samaritan that helped you feel? it’s like abusing what you have.

But that’s the only option,she said trying to make her mother see reasons.

Tare,don’t think of it again,we will survive. your younger ones would go to school because I know God will provide.

okay ma.


Richard laughed loudly at the joke his friend had said,he seemed to be having a good time with his old time friend who had just arrived from u.k to spend the vacation in Nigeria.

Sir you have a visitor .

Who? Richard asked alarmed.
She says it a surprise for you,that I shouldn’t reveal her identity.
A she?okay let her in.

Few minutes later,Mitchell walked in to Richard’s suprise.

Chel,what are you doing here?do you know I live here?

I guess you are suprised,why haven’t you been picking my calls?

Are you stalking me?

That doesn’t answer my question Richard.

Is that how you act,you barge into my house to question me without even greating my friend.

Richard you are hurting me,why are you treating me like this?

Am done here,suit yourself. He held his friend hand and they left her standing all by herself.

Who’s she? pete asked when they were upstairs.

She’s my girlfriend.
wow,I see one of your numerous flings right?

I don’t know if I should say that,we haven’t had s-x,anything we are almost getting down something stops us,like a distraction.we’v never gone down.
Hmm,I don’t believe you. A whole Richard Ayi-ba emi.

Am for real here.Am so tired of her,she’s like a glue to my life.

ha ha..then break up with her
Have tried bro,chell won’t hear of it.

This serous.Pete eyes fell on the unfinished painting on RIch’s table.

who’s she?

I don’t know her, but I see her in my dreams.

To be continued

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