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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 8


Nothing like love-Episode 8

Excitement was written all over Tare’s face as she boarded the vehicle to lafia,the seamester had finally ended.Travelling home this time around was fun for her unlike when she was going to jos.she had boarded the cheapest vehicle which was probably the worst of it kind,it stopped at every interval.she wasn’t a bit comfortable and prayed endlessly the journey came to an end. Alas!it did. But things had changed,she was seated in a luxurious bus.All thanks to the jo’s who did everything for her without complaining.She brought her phone from her purple gucci handbag and dailed Aunt Angela number.

Angela stood in the guest room which used to be Tare’s room before she moved out to her own apartment,she couldn’t help but miss Tare.Now she was no longer leaving with them her loneliness had started again,her husband was always travelling out for one deal or the other.She had the whole house to herself,she wished for the umpteenth time she had children,the house would have been noisy. just then she heard her phone ring from the dining where she had forgotten it after breakfast. It was already a misscall at the time she got there
just the person she had been thinking of. “Tare”

Hello dear she said all smiles
Good morning aunt,am on my way home now.

oh dear am sorry have forgotten you would be leaving today,please don’t fail to send my greetings to everyone at home.

I will aunt,thanks for the gifts you got for everyone.

Don’t mention dear,safe journey
Thanks aunt.

The line went dead as she smiled,she was definitely going to miss them but she been away from her family for too long. Not too long she slept off.


Later at night she had dinner with her family,it wasn’t bad as it used to since she Had given her mother some money to make a good soup not the watery soup they always had.They were all excited as she gave them the presents Angela had gotten for each of them.Her parent hadn’t failed to ask how she came about the money, she told them everything that happened without leaving a bit of what happened. Tare sq££zed herself in the corner of their one room apartment as she slept off. “there’s nothing like family,poor or rich”.


Honey, how long have you been here?

Just came in some hours ago mum, how was the trip?

it was fine my boy,she hugged him from behind
have missed you son.Welcome home.

Richard beamed with smiles,even though he had been visiting his mum once in every month while he had been in school she still missed him.

How’s dad?

His fine, his been in u.s for 2months now.

That’s what business is all about, his never free.
Dear dont say that, how has school being. I hope your exams didn’t give you tough time?

Not too sure mum,you know businesses admin had never been something I wanted to study.

Do you want me to employ a tutor for you? Hell no mum.

Richard had never wanted to read buss.admin.but his dad had forced him into it to continue his business as the only child and heir.Richard had only been interested in painting which he had passion for but unable to defile his father he had taken up business admin for his old man’s sake.

let’s have dinner together,it been a while.

Sure thing he said and followed his mum downstairs.

To be continued

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