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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 6


Nothing like love-Episode 6

Honey please can we talk,mr jo tapped his wife.Angella ignored him
Honey, I know you so well, I know you aren’t sleeping come on lets talk he pleaded.When he knew she wouldn’t reply him he decided to use her weak point against her.He tickled her as much as he could till she started laughing
Honey…please stop she said admist laughter.

I knew you couldn’t resist that he said and joined in the laughter.
The jo’s sat upright on their bed.
Mr jo held his wife’s hand tenderly and looked into her beautiful eyes.
Honey you know I love you know I love you right?

Angela nodded in affirmative.
And I won’t hurt you,please believe me,I only brought her to help her, I have no other intention I swear.He knew his words were taking effect on her so he continued
You are my only sunshine and the one I want to grow old with, so please sweetheart lets help her in any way we can,perhaps we may get our breakthrough through this.Mr jo’ stopped when he saw the unshed tears in his wife eyes.He reached out for her and they locked in embrace.

jo had been Angella’s knight and shinning armour,she could never forget that day they meant.Her car had broken down in the middle of nowhere, her mechanic number wasnt reachable she did all she could to no avail. Her battery died down worsene the situation, she had no choice than to pray for God’s help.It took over an hour before a car stopped to her rescue
Hello angel, where are heading?
That’s was how the beginning of their love story, they fell deeply for each other.They had been married for 5years but the issue of childishness had been a problem, her mother inlaw had almost throw her out of the house,but jo wouldn’t hear of it.Because of her he had cut off communications with his mother since she was becoming a pain on his wife’s neck.And now she had the guts to accuse him, she felt guilty immediately and apologised.
honey am sorry I should have trusted you.

Baby it okay, am not mad at you at all, I only wanted you to understand me here okay.He released her from the hug and planted a kiss on her forehead. She la!d her head on his chest before the call of nature.


Tare opened her eyes to see the two couples sitting by her bedside.

Honey you are awake?Angela said and moved closer to feel her temperature.she had been a doctor before her husband stopped her from working,currently she had chains of boutique that she only visited once in a while.

Oh my God, her body is hot, honey please get me paracetamol from our drawer.Jo stood up and left the room for the paracetamol.

Sweetheart please say something, she said to Tare sweatly
Am hungry.

That was all she could say, Angela left the room and came back few minutes later with a cup of tea and bread,Tare devoured the meal hungrily.

The couple stared at her in amazement,poor child she looks thin and sad.They were looking for child helplessly and the parent of this pretty girl couldn’t take care of her.

Thank you, Tare muttered it seemed she had regained her strength. Angella took the tea cup from her and left for the kitchen.
what’s your name?mr jo asked
Am Tare.

nice name,am sure you aren’t from jos because the name doesn’t sound like ours.
yes sir, am from bayelsa.

really? then what are you doing here?

I school here sir, and my family resides in lafia.
very well then, am jonas but you can call me uncle jo.

okay sir, thank you
what happened, why were you under the rain last night he asked with concern.

Tare explained her accommodation problem to mr jo who promised to help her.
Don’t worry dear, I’ll do all I can to rent an apartment for you, but for now you will live with my wife and I,so we can watch you for the maintime,you look sick.

Thank you sir, am very greatful.
mr jo handed her his handkerchief when she had started crying.

I promise you dear,all will be fine.
Angella came in few minutes later, she explained to Tare her husband had gone to church. Without wasting much time she asked Tare to take her bath so she could get her some new outfits.

Tare went downstairs when she had showered, she took note of her environment,everything seemed perfect. She had never been to such a richly furnished house in an entire life. The jo’s seems to be fans of lemon green and orange since everything had a touch of the colours.Her eyes roamed to the couples wedding portrait on the wall, they must really loved each other she thought before Angella came down.

dear,did I keep you waiting?

no maam.

if it okay with you can you call me aunt, you see maam sounds too official.

it okay ma’am.sorry aunt.
Angela smiled at her lovingly as she led her out of the house.
Abdul Angella shouted
A short witty man with potbellied stomach came out of the gateman’s room.

Good morning madam
morning,I’ll be out for sometime,take care of the house okay?

yes ma’am.

She entered her car and drove off to ANGELS BOUTIQUE with Tare.

Though they didn’t open on sundays,she had her keys which she used to get acess inside.Tare was dumpfounded, everything about the place smelt wealth.Angella asked her to pick any dress of her choice which she obliged.

Come on dear, I own this place,just take anything you now need.

Tare picked few things shyly,Angella filled the bag she had come with, with clothes,shoes and jewelries.

To be continued

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