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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 5


Nothing like love-Episode 5

Vanessa sneezed immediately Mitchell dropped the call
chell:come of it girlfriend i know you’v been eavesdropping.
van:chell dont you think you are moving too fast, you made the wrong decision by kissing him,and now you’re asking him on a date.
Mitchell:I know what am doing okay, am just protecting my man.
Van;fine,I just don’t want you to
get hurt you know.

Mitchell; am really famished here, can you cook us some noodles.

Vanessa stood up and headed for the kitchen, chel is someone who doesn’t joke with her breakfast though she never prepares any.

vanessa is entitled to doing all the chores including washing mitchell’s clothes.How can someone who doesn’t wash plate clean wash clothes?it hadnt been easy at first but Vanessa eventually got use to it,besides she didn’t want to loose ticket of staying in a well furnished apartment and the goodies she got from chel.


Richard stood in front of his mirror stand,dressed in a simple outfit of purple polo and blue jean, he looked like the ever cute Richard, he finger combed his darked curly hair which is the centre of attraction for the ladies.Most people would have referred to him as an outcast,but for his black glowing skin they had maintained he is a Nigerian.
Satisfied with his look, he picked up his car keys as he drove to the eatery they had agread to meet.

Richard searched through the eatery till he found her, she was seated with her back facing him and her eyes glued to her phone,with his hands in pockets he walked up to her.

Hello beautiful
Mitchell’s face brightened the moment she heard his voice and her heartbeat increased.
Hi handsome she said to him as he took his seat.

Have you been waiting for long?
No boo, I just arrived some minutes ago.

Okay.You look gorgeous i must say.
thank you, you don’t look bad either she complemented. Richard waved his hand for the waiter to take their orders.

So tell me do you have a girlfriend?

uhm, no am single.

And am also single, so we are a thing then.

uhm, okay.Richard said not wanting to hurt her feelings.The waiter Brought their orders and placed it on the table,Mitchell picked up the wine and poured it in their glasses
let’s toast to our love,she said giving Richard his own glass
To our love they both chorused.


Tare sat on her bed devastated as tears streamed down her face,where would she get the money from? she couldn’t call her aunt, the woman had done more than enough for her, besides she knows her aunt would never lie to her.whatever the old man is upto is his own business because she would never give her priceless gift to an old man.She had thought of calling her parents but she pushed it away,the last time she spoke to her mother she had complained mama halimatu was still on her kneck for the money she borrowed for her fees.

As more tears came down, then she remembered the verse, her father had always encouraged them with back at home when things were going too rough
mathew 6:26 “Behold the fowls of the head they sow not, neither do they reap,nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly father feedeth them, are you not better than them”. She comforted herself with those words and went on her knees to pray like she had never done.

The next morning as promised papa zainab banging on her door wook her up.
Have you decided?

Am sorry sir, I can’t and I won’t do what you are asking of me.
Very well then,am sure you don’t have the money to pay either so get yourself ready.He walked away and few minutes later he came with some guys to throw her out. Tare sat at the front of the compound with her palms on her face, where would I go from here she said to herself as she cried her eyes out.

Tare sat down watching people as they went and returned from work, she was d--n hungry but there was nothing she could do, the weather changed and it started raining. she opened her bag as she brought out her blanket for cover.

A jeep suddenly parked in front of her and the occupant asked her to come in.It was a man, without obliging she went in.She was too weak to think properly coupled with the fact she hadn’t eaten all day . At least going to where she knows nothing about was better was better than shivering under the rain in a city like jos where one isn’t secured.

Mr jonas tried starting a conversation with her but unfortunately Tare had fallen asleep the moment she entered the car.He pitied the poor girl, this was what his spirit had been disturbing him about. He had never taken this particular route home but today something seems to tell him to follow the route and he did, oh was it because of her? he took another glance at tare who was deep in her slumber.

few minutes later he got home, he came out of his car to hug his beautiful wife, she had been waiting for him in the balcony.
Honey welcome
thank you love.

I was quite worried dear, you weren’t picking calls and it late.
dear am sorry, the traffic was terrible and my phone had been on silent.

okay love, who is that in the car she said pointing to the jeep.

Honey, I saw her on my way home the poor girl need help,could you believe she was under this heavy rain?

mrs jonas shrugged not buying her husband story, all she knew girls this days can go as far as pretending to wreck people homes or she could even be a suicide bomber, this is jos where no one is trusted.

Honey are you even listening to me?mr jonas asked his wife who was lost in her thoughts.

jonas, is this how you want to punish me? for all I know is not my fault I don’t have an issue yet,let’s give God time please don’t bring in some lady to insult me.
Sweatheart, am shocked at what you are saying?

who brought about children now? are you insinuating that i brought her to sleep with her?

he didn’t wait for her reply as he went to his car to carry sleeping Tare to the guest room room. Mrs jonas followed behind quietly as tears streamed down her eyes.

He placed her carefully on the bed, she must be poor he thought as he looked at her clothes, he closed the door behind her carefully not wanting to wake her.

To be continued

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