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Episode 9

Being tagged a criminal is very dangerous in nigeria especially when a police officer is involved. The interrogation method is so crude but yet ‘overly efficient’.

Overly efficient in the sense that even an innocent person could admit to commiting a crime he knows nothing about just to avoid the pains of interrogation.

Philip was unlucky as he had been trapped in the webs of interrogation in the nigerian style.
His flesh was designed with an iron. It got to a time when the iron was removed and replaced with Unclad wire that was used to electricute philip.

His wailing and weeping sounded like a meloudious tone for the man who was busy doing a wonderful job of making philip cry like a baby.

Philip increased his shout to draw attention from outside but the hall was sound proof as only those inside the room could hear him shout.

“I swear, i dont know anything about a sniper” philip said while crying.

“Shut up!!” the man shouted and increased the voltage of the iron.
Samson who had been standing outside all this while, entered the room.

“Excuse me sir” he said.

“Yes? Samson, whats the problem?” sani asked

“i think the polygraph would be a more efficient method sir” samson replied.

“Polygraph? I thought it was faulty?” sani asked.

“it has been rectified sir”

“Okay then, lets use the polygraph” sani concluded.
The polygraph was brought and it was tested with already verified questions like ‘is your name philip mba?’ ‘have you stolen before?’ when the result of the Polygraph were displayed, it showed that it was in excellent condition so it was consequently used.

After the questioning, it was shown that philip was innocent all along and he was just used as a decoy to facilitate the real culprit’s escape.

Sani was pained. He went out to the main hall and summoned everybody.

“Look up everybody” he said

“There is a sniper out there and the state government is on our necks. This is a new trend in Nigeria and the government wants us to nip it by the bud before it spreads like bombing. We had the wrong suspect and now we are back to nowhere. I want all our resources to be put into finding this criminals. Suspend whatever you are doing that is not related to this case. This is priority 1″ with that , he walked to his office.

Jimmy was calling him but he didn’t reply. He blamed Jimmy for taking the bait. He knew it was a false flag from the beginning but Jimmy didn’t see it.


Attah and Jacobs got along pretty fast. In no time they had began gisting like old time acquaintance.
“so tell me, what brought you here?” Attah asked Jacobs sighed and explained everything to him.
“You mean paul Adeyemi did this to you?” Attah asked
“Do you know him?” Jacobs asked his own question.

“yes ofcourse, he’s the reason i’m in prison”

“how do you mean?” Jacobs asked.

“2 years ago, some soldier officers went to ivory coast for peace keeping when ousted president Laurent gbagbo refused to vacate office. 5soldiers in that troupe Where diverted to pakistan for special training in every form of terrorism” Attah explained.

“Who diverted them?” Jacobs asked.

“The then minister for defence, rt.gen Shola Ajayi.

“he had trained them for his special use as thugs for the upcoming election”

“paul was one of them. They call themselves the invisible quartet. They are invisible because they leave normal lives as soldiermen but they are very dangerous. I had so much information about them that could put them behind bars for good, so they set me up”

“Why didn’t they kill you, why did they set you up?” Jacobs asked in suprise.

“You underestimate the power of an igalaman, even bullets respect us” Attah bragged.

“so how were you set up?”

“They stashed cocaine in my room and tipped the police. I was arrested and sentenced to 15years in prison” Attah explained.

Jacobs wanted to ask why his igala jazz failed him but he kept quiet.

“look we can help each other. I can help you get justice while you help me end the invisible quartet”

“I would have loved to but am also in prison, there is nothing i can do” Jacobs explained.

“Actually there is something you can do, but first we need to make a call”

“We are in prison, how is that possible?” Jacobs asked.

“Dont worry about that, we have our way in the prison”
Warder come o, i wan make call” Attah shouted.
The warder came quickly.

“1minute na 100naira o” he informed them.

“No wahala” Attah assured him.


Amaka was still chasing Dr.Amos but he quickly went in. He met the room empty save for grace who was sleeping peacefully. Just then, his phone rang.

“Hello” he answered the call.

“Amos, its me Jacobs” the caller said. Amos was shocked but he composed himself.

“How is my wife” Jacobs asked.

“thats the problem, i was told she was awake but when i came she was still sleeping.
Her temperature is very low, her pulse is weak and her heart beat is faint.

“remember me in hell” Attah whispered

“What?” Jacobs gave him an inquiring look.

“it is a drug they use to cause permanent amnesia. When your wife wakes, she will have total memory loss” Attah explained.

“Although i read of its antidote, but am not too sure of its preparation. Tell your friend we’ll text him the preparation of the antidote.

Jacobs relayed the information and they ended the call. Few minutes later, a text came into Dr. Amos’ cell. It contained the reagents for the antidote and its preparation. Dr. Amos knew most of the reagents and he had them at home except one. He quickly put a call across to Amaka to check for the reagent in the hospital lab. After waiting, he went after Nurse amaka but she said the reagent wasn’t in the hospital.

“When is the next supplies” Dr. Amos asked

“Tomorrow” she replied.
The text indicated that the antidote must be given before five hours of the drug’s infection.
Dr.Amos walked back to his office dejectedly. As soon as he left, Amaka removed the reagent from where she was hiding it and smiled.

As soon as Dr. Amos reached his office, he started thinking. All of a sudden a name came to his head.

“David” he shouted and reached for his phone.

To be continued

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