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Episode 19

Jimmy took the team and left for the golden house, the official hideout of the invisible quartet while Musa went to the hospital but not before calling the security team in the hospital to inform them about a possible attack on the patient in ward 18.

Jimmy and his team parked at the end of the street and walked all the way to the golden house.
“How far is the back up team?” Jimmy asked.

“15 minutes away” Agent mike replied.

Agent mike was supposed to lead the team in the absence of musa but Jimmy who had no training whatsoever in field ops, took it upon himself to lead the team.

They got to the golden house, it was a spacious compound with just a building at the far end.

Jimmy was able to hack their cameras and viewed inside the room. Three men where present inside the room.

“Get me the megaphone” Jimmy commanded.

“And what do you want to do?” mike asked.

“Tell them to come out ofcourse” Jimmy replied.

“Are you crazy? Lets go inside, we have the element of suprise on our side, they wont expect us.” mike countered.

“Do you think there are fools? Their security camera would spot us before we get there and you dont even know the kind of security accessories they have. They best thing is to order them out and if they fail to come out then we smoke them” Jimmy explained.

“Alright Jimmy, lets do it your way, but when this fails, i will be the first to tell sani during debriefing that you brought this idea” mike threatened.

Jimmy collected the megaphone and spoke. “This is NATU commanding all occupants of this building to come out in the next 2minutes” He ordered and watched their reaction from his ipad.

The three men were startled. Agent white quickly ran to his keyboard and punched some keys. The large screen in the room came alive. It was showing all the angles outside the room, there were cameras outside the building. He used different angles to view the sorrounding but he didn’t see any body. Whoever it was was well trained and has hidden perfectly.

“You have one more minute” Jimmy shouted into the megaphone.

“What do we do?” White asked.

“Let them come, we would be ready for them” Agunechemba replied.

“You have 20seconds left” Jimmy reminded them.

“This isn’t working” Mike said.

“Trust me, its working perfectly” Jimmy replied and then turned to another member of his team
“Hope you are with the tear gas?” he asked.

“Affirmative” the guy replied.
“Good! After the count of three, i want you to smoke them out” Jimmy ordered and started counting albeit whispering to his team.

“1…..2……3″ he counted to three and then signalled the guy.

The tear gas was shot into the room via the window which was slightly open.

“go go go!!!” Jimmy ordered and they all ran towards the door. Jimmy planted dynamite on the door and it blasted open.

They all wore gas masks and ran into the room.

Lo and behold, it was empty. Jimmy used his ipad to access the cameras but they had all been deactivated.

“I told you this was a bad idea” mike Shouted.

Musa broke his all time speed record as he was driving to the hospital. You would mistake him for a formula1 driver. How did he get a car since jimmy and his team took the official NATU van? You might ask, but there should be a guy somewhere in the island who might be reporting a missing car any moment soon.

Paul walked majestically to ward 18 where Grace was, all the security men had converged at the north west entry. He opened the door and went in. Grace was sleeping peacefully. He brought out his gun and wanted to point it at grace when security men barged into the room.

They had been tipped by Agent musa about a possible attack on the patient in ward 18.

“Freeze!!!” dey shouted.

Paul didn’t wait to be told that he was busted.

He quickly jumped through the glass window of ward 18 which was located at the second floor of the hospital building while the security men kept shooting to the air. Their orders were to use non-lethal force.

Paul landed on a vehicle that was parked outside. He felt the pains as his back ached but he had to run. He quickly got up and just then, musa drove into the hospital.

The security men ran to the staircase and ran downstairs.
Musa came down from his car and together with the security men, they gave paul a hot chase.
Paul ran into an abandoned warehouse.

The men followed him but they applied caution.

The warehouse had many rooms and it was difficult to know which particular room paul entered.

Musa who was outside the Warehouse put a call across to Jimmy
“Send paul’s photograph to my PDA” he ordered. They were chasing someone without actually seeing his face. Only two security men who barged into the hospital room were able to see his face and it was even the side of his face they saw.

“I dont have his picture” Jimmy replied.

“Then find it” Musa shouted. And ended the call.

Paul hid perfectly behind a large drum in the room. He saw the door slowly open without a sound and he became alert. A police man walked in, slowly inspecting the place. He walked slowly with his gun, turning his head at every slight movement.

Paul saw his shadow, he was coming towards him. He braced himself for the inevitable and held his breathe.

The policeman suddenly passed where paul was without seeing him. Immediately he passed, paul grabbed him on the neck. The policeman was struggling, there was no way he could turn his long gun and shoot paul and there was no way he could shout because paul held his neck so tight. He struggled till he gave up. Paul dragged him to one corner, removed the policeman’s uniform and wore.

“This will facilitate my escape” he said.

To be continued

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