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Episode 17

Attah was trapped in the toilet with a killer but he didn’t know. All he expected were answers to his questions and not an attempt on his life.

“So tell me, where can we find them?” Attah asked with all iota of seriousness.
“Not so fast” the guy replied, moving closer to Attah.

In one swift movement he plunged forward with the knife aimed at Attah’s abdomen but Attah saw it on time, he quickly made way for the guy who staggered to the ground.
He quickly stood up and faced Attah with the knife. Attah was unsure of what to do. Should he run out of the toilet and tell the soldiermen? No!! Turning his back on this psycho could be dangerous.

“Who sent you?” Attah asked.

“You ask too many questions, thats what led you into trouble.” the guy replied.

He swayed the knife in Attah’s face and started trowing punches with it. Attah was bending down, moving his head to the left and right just to avoid the knife.

He aimed at the guy and kicked him just above his solar plexus.

“The invisible quartet sent you right?” Attah asked but the guy didn’t answer. He just jumped and used his legs to hit the wall like he was trying to climb it, he then used the wall to push himself forward. While in the air, he turned acrobatically and gave attah a scissors kick. Attah didn’t expect it so it trew him to the ground. The guy quickly rushed Attah and started kicking him. Attah who was still on the ground was groaning of pain. Blood was oozing from his mouth, he was sure he had lost a tooth or Two. He couldn’t move his body because all his joints were now full of pains. He just la!d stiff on the ground and watched the guy who was now squatting.

“While in hell,don’t start investigating the devil. His methods might be worse you know” the guy said and raised the knife. He was about stabbing Attah when Jacobs arrived from behind. He used the hammer he was holding to hit the guy on the head. The guy fell down and died.

Attah who had been closing his eyes slowly opened it when he didn’t feel any knife on his body.

“I killed him, I’m a killer” Jacobs said while stammering.

“I thought you were a vigilante? Why are you sobbing over a dead body?” Attah asked still groaning.
“Yes I’m a vigilante, but i’v never killed” Jacobs replied.

“Dont worry, you will get over the guilt phase, and you will learn how to kill more cos in this our world, its ‘kill or be killed’.


Hours after the explosion, NATU team arrived the scene. They would have showed up earlier but there was no way of reaching them.

Someone actually went physically to NATU to report the bomb incident because NATU were the agency poised with the responsibility of investigating all terrorist attacks. The nigerian police and soldier officers were already at the scene before the arrival of NATU. The NATU team was led by Agent Musa who was just coming back from maiduguri.

They quickly marked out the area of the attack.

Earlier, Amos had wanted to go into the fire to find his brother but he was held. Fire brigade then came few minutes Later and battled with the fire.

Amos stood there watching with tears in his eyes as body parts of his brother who was blown into pieces was put into a polythene bag.

Amaka’s phone rang and when she saw the caller, she excused herself to pick the call.

“Hello Amaka, i just heard of the bomb attack on your hospital in the news” paul said from the other end.

“What did you do? Thought we agreed that Dr. Amos and his property should be left out of this? Amaka asked.

“Yes, but i changed my mind. I noticed how emotionally attached you were to the doctor so i had to do something before it jeopardizes the operation” paul replied.

“What are you talking about, were you not the one that told me to get closer to the doctor?” Amaka asked.

“yes but i changed my mind, and that is final.” paul changed his tone.

“so tell me, did they find his remains” he asked.

“No, he was blown into pieces” Amaka replied.

“Good, time to move on to the final phase” paul said.

“and what is the final phase?” Amaka asked.

“It’s classified” paul replied her.

“I thought we agreed that i would be carried along? Look i didn’t sign up to kill innocent people…”
Amaka was trying to say something but paul ended the call. She sighed and turned back only to see agent musa standing behind her and looking straight into her eyes, he wasn’t smiling.

To be continued

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