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Episode 14

Jacobs was not only shocked by clement’s revelation, he was dissapointed. They had a wonderful chemistry and the case was going pretty well, but what he didn’t know was why his attorney who happens to be his friend will quit in the middle of the case.

He opened his mouth to talk but words didn’t come out.

“I know what you are thinking jacobs but i have to withdraw for the saftety of me and my family” Clement explained.
“What are you talking about?”
“Jacobs i was shot while representing you, My wife went to the market and when coming back, the cab driver gave her a note to give me, it was a threat. Junior my son was coming back from school with a note for me, he said it was one of the security men in his school that gave him. All this notes where threats from anonymous people telling me to quit the case or i loose my family”
Jacobs felt pity for Clement. But if he doesn’t get quality representation, he might end up in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

“Clement do you know that a poisoned food was sent to me in this prison? Do you know that my wife was injected with a drug that would cause permanent amnesia? You know how difficult this case would be if my wife forgets everything. Please my friend, i need you now more than ever” Jacobs begged
“My family also needs me, there is nothing i can do. I’v already found you another lawyer and i’v briefed him on the case” Clement assured.

“Dont worry clement, i’ll represent myself” Jacobs said
“What!! Are you mad? Self Representation is suicide” Clement cautioned but Jacobs had already stood up and was already been led by a warder back to his prison.

“The hearing has been fixed for next 2weeks” Clement shouted before Jacobs left the room.


Dr. Amos sat down and was waiting for a miracle. He knew Grace would wake up but the question was, “is she going to wake with her memory?” He checked his time and he remembered he had missed a very important surgery. He quickly got up and ran to the theater.

Nurse Amaka entered the room Grace was admitted, she saw her still sleeping peacefully and she began to wonder why some people would want to punish such a beauty.

After standing there for a while, she decided to go back to her base. Just then, Grace sneezed and she turned back.

Grace slowly opened her eyes, the room was blurred and she couldn’t see anything clearly, she closed her eyes for some few seconds and opened it but it was still the same.

“You are awake!” Amaka said and ran to her bedside. Grace tried to see the person but her blurred vision didn’t permit her.

“what’s your name?” Amaka asked her. Grace was suprised at the question but she thought it was one of their logistic problems that they were trying to rectify.

“My name is Grace Jacobs” she replied.

“What’s your husbands name?”
“Olundare Jacobs” Grace replied with a suprised look.

” Which day were you brought to the hospital?” Amaka asked.

“Please nurse, i want to rest. When i’m done resting you can come and continue your questions”
“Oh, i’m sorry” Amaka said and walked out of the room dissapointed.


How Far is the tactical team?” sani asked.

“About an hour away” Jimmy replied.

Just then, a man walked into the building and went straight to sani.

” Lieutenant Bala Usman” he said flashing his ID card and extending his hand for a handshake.

Sani shook the hand warmly.
“you are welcome Lieutenant, what can we do for you” he asked.
“I heard there is a crisis situation here so i came to render my help in anyway possible” the man said.

“Thanks Lieutenant but as you can see, we have enough personnel to handle the crises” sani replied him warmly.

“Oh, that is not a problem at all, i will stay put until my services is required. Never underestimate the help of an Army officer” he replied with a charming smile.

“Alright you can relax in the waiting room, i will call you when we need help” sani said pointing to the waiting room.

The man smiled and went towards the waiting room while sani turned and continued talking to Jimmy.

“Make sure you set up a communucation line between we and the tactical team. I want live feeds from the operation” he said and walked back to his officer.

As Lieutenant Bala Usman, walked to the waiting room, he brought out his phone and punched some keys. The schematics of the NATU building sprang up. A red dot was at the west wing of the schematics on his phone. He turned back and when he saw that no one was watching, he diverted to the west wing. He continued moving and the red dot started getting closer. He reached a point and he was exactly at the red Spot.

“hey man you are not supposed to be here” someone said from inside the room.

“Ya i know, i missed my way, i was looking for the toilet” he replied.

“alright, go back through were you are coming from, take a right and you will see the toilet by your left hand side” the guy inside the room explained.

“I dont understand” Usman said, giving the man a confused look.

The man angrily opened his door and came out.

“follow me, he said” he walked into usman’s front.

Usman quickly increased his steps towards the man. When he was exactly behind the man, he twisted the man’s neck violently and he fell to the ground and died without struggling.

Usman quickly searched him and removed his keycard. He went to the door and punched some combinations on the keypad, he then used the keycard to swipe through the slot.

The door clicked and it opened.

Usman entered the room and behold, different guns were staring at him.

“This is not what i’m looking for” he said and went towards a shelf.

He looked at his phone and got the password of the shelf. He punched it and it opened immediately. He smiled at what he saw.


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