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Episode 13

Hunger sometimes make us not to think properly. Jacobs was starving and here he was, face to face with a sumptious meal. He couldn’t wait till Attah wakes up because he didn’t trust the other inmates they could decide to collect the food from his hand.

He brought out the spoon and quickly scooped the rice. He was about taking it inside his mouth but his concious kept on disturbing him.

“Why would he be eating while his friend who had been helping him is sleeping in hunger?”
He decided to wake Attah.

He slapped attah but the guy didn’t respond.

He slapped him again but the guy rather switched position and continued his sweet sleep.

“Maybe God wants me to eat this one alone” Jacobs thought.

He concentrated on his rice and wanted to start eating when Attah opened his eyes slowly.

“Who gave you this food” Attah asked and immediately stood up.

“You are awake, i was trying to wake you but you didn’t wake” Jacobs replied.

“Thats not the question i asked, who gave you this food?”

“My friend Dr. Amos” Jacobs replied.

“Isn’t Amos supposed to be preparing the antidote? Did you see him?”

It was only then that Jacobs started seeing sense in what Attah was saying. He felt stupid for even thinking about eating the food.

“Come, una see food the do guy shey? oya bring am” one of the inmates ordered and collected the rice. He took the rice to his corner and started eating it despite pleas from Jacobs and Attah.

He ate like a mad man. Who would blame him?

Its been long since he ate That kind of food.

He got tired of the rice and he grabbed the chicken. After devouring it he pushed the plate aside and gave a loud belch.

“Life is good” he confessed.

Jacobs and Attah were watching in utter dissapointment, they just missed their meal all because of fear that the food was poisoned.

There were still looking when something strange happened.

The guy who just finished eating the rice grabbed his neck as if trying to stop something from going down his throat. He fell to the ground and started shaking like a cursed chicken, a foamy substance was oozing from his mouth. All the Inmates stood there watching in awe.

He kept gasping for breathe, jerking while placing his hand on his chest. Suddenly, life was drained out of him. He gave up and la!d lifeless on the ground.

“Warder come o, person don die” someone shouted.

The prison warders all ran towards them but they didn’t enter the prison.

“Oya make una leave that place, we go call doctor” one of the men replied them and wanted to go when he remembered something.

“Mr. Jacobs, your lawyer wan see you”
Jacobs stood up and was led to another room where barrister clement was waiting for him.
His left hand hung on a bandage which was placed across his neck.

“Clement, how are you doing?” Jacobs asked.

“Am okay, how are you faring in prison?”

clement asked.

“Its been tough but i’m managing. So what brought you here?”
“Jacobs i dont know how to say this without sounding like a bad friend” clement started.

“What is it?” Jacobs asked.

“I’m withdrawing from the case”


Amos was thinking about how his friend would feel when he discovers that he failed in the little assignment given to him. He thought about the effect his failure would have on grace. He couldn’t go back back to David because he wasn’t sure if David would have an extra reserve moreso, he wasn’t sure if David would give him one of his most precious chemicals, how he gave him about an hour ago was still a suprise to him. All these, Amos was thinking in a split-second. He used all his thoughts as a motivation to run after the bikeman.

He ran so fast like a gala seller chasing after a driver who refused to pay him.

“Thief!! thief!! He shouted while running after the bike. The bikeman looked back to see the guy chasing him but before he could concentrate on riding his bike, a driver ran into him.

He fell down and the Benzodiazepine fell from his hand.

He quickly got up and ran for his life. Nobody wants to be lynched by an angry mob.

Dr. Amos quickly ran and picked up the Benzodiazepine, he ignored the staring eyes and continued his journey.

By the time he got to his office, he had only 2hours left.

He went straight to the lab and started the preparation of the antidote. Now that was the tricky part. The antidote was supposed to be greenish in colour but all the test were giving him blue. He looked at his wrist watch and he was left with 30minutes. He looked at the Benzodiazepine, it was getting empty. He read the text message Again and he saw what he got wrong. The Benzodiazepine was supposed to be added in only two drops but he was busy pouring it.

He followed the instruction and got a ‘bluish-green’ colour. ”

“This should be it” he said and ran back to grace. He injected her the antidote and nothing happened.

“I guess i just have to wait” he said.


“Jimmy what have you got?” sani asked.

“Remember that cyberware we launched?

That is supposed to detect emails with terrorist content?” Jimmy asked and sani nodded.

“well it just intercepted a mail from a well known terrorist. A truck loaded with snipers is arriving nigeria via the chad-maiduguri boarder”

“Any information on the transporter?” sani asked.
“mahamat hassane, a graduate of molecular physics from oxford university, went back to his country in 2012 to start up a farm”
“a graduate of molecular physics from one of the best universities went back to his country to start a farm? I think we gat our man” sani responded.

“prepare the chopper and send a tactical team, i want agent musa to lead the team.

To be continued

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