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Episode 10

Jacobs and Attah sat quietly in the prison.

Jacobs couldn’t believe his ears. His wife was going to wake up only to forget everything she had ever known including him, that is if Dr. Amos fails in his assignment.

The invisible quartet were very sharp, they figured if they left Grace to testify, she will implicate paul Adeyemi and if they killed her, it will raise suspicions so the best thing to do was to make her forget everything including her name.

“How come you know so much about them?” Jacobs broke the silence.

“I’v been following them ever since the death of Shola Ajayi. I knew his death wasn’t odinary so i launched an investigation into the case.

After their training in pakistan, the invisible quartet went back to Ivory coast to join their colleagues in the peace keeping mission.

Remember, the minister died when adressing the soldiers after they returned from the peacekeeping mission.

The invisible Quartet knew that the minister was only trying to use them for his selfish gains so they killed him in that occasion” Attah explained.

“You mean, Shola Ajayi was murdered? I thought he just slumped and died”
“That was what everybody believed. Infact the autopsy report showed that he died of heart attack but it was Paul Adeyemi who personally killed him.

Remember when the minister shook hands with all the returning soldiers? It was at that point that paul killed him. Inbetween paul’s index and middle finger was a highly poisonous substance. When the minister shook hands With paul, he quickly used the substance to pierce the minister just above his wrist. It was relatively painless and the minister didn’t know what went on.

The substance has high affinity for magnesium so it went straight to the heart which has a rich supply of the mineral. While in the heart it carries out its work of causing cardiac arrest.

First the heartbeat increases thereby transporting the blood at a relatively faster rate. The substance is then transported to the liver through the hepatic portal artery. It is in the liver that the substance gets detoxificated and transported to the epidermal cell of the skin. It is then excreated as crystals through the sweatpore.
This happens at a pretty fast rate such that, when the victim dies and a test is done, the substance would not be found in the bloodstream of the victim” Attah explained.

“Even though i didn’t understand most of the things you just said, am sure it must have been a highly complex procedure. Well, i also have a shocker for you”
In the university, I and Amos and Clement where best of pals. Infact we were called the three musketeers.” Jacobs informed him
“Thats great. Attah exclaimed, i would love to see the three musketeers versus the invisible quartet”


Dr. Amos picked up his phone and dialed David’s number. David was a guy he met in the university,he is a first class graduate of biochemistry. Despite his good grades, David rejected every job offered him. His final project in the university was to
Study the chemical method of increasing the blood’s cluster of differientiation 4(cd4) count after HIV infection.

He did the preliminaries in his project but after his graduation, he felt his project gave him an insight into finding the cure to HIV.

Upon graduation, David has been living a secluded live as the only thing he does was mixing chemicals to give him a required recipe.

His friends had all aboundoned him since he didn’t have enough time for them. If they is anywhere Dr. Amos can get his reagent, then it has to be from David.

After the fourth ring, David finally picked up his phone. He had been searching for the phone since morning but he didn’t see it. He later found it inside his conical flask when the phone rang.

“Whatsup Davo” Amos said immediately David picked the call.

David didn’t allow Amos to land before he began bombarding him with his discoveries.

“Hey doc! I think i’v found the cure to HIV.

Look, i know this sounds crazy but i found a drug that can kill someone for approximately 1hour and the antidote can be used to revive the victim. You know the HIV virus only survives in a living medium so when the host dies, it also dies. In the 1hour period when the victim is temporarily dead, i can purge the Hiv virus out if his system using my wonder drug” David explained excitedly.

“waoh!! I’m happy for you” Amos played along.

“yesso, i will also develop a drug to cure highly advanced cancer. The idea is….” David wanted to continue but Dr.Amos cut him Short.

“Do you have Benzodiazepine? He asked.

“Yes, i have what do you want…”

“Dont worry, i’ll be in your doorstep in a short while” Dr. Amos said and ended the call.

He reached for his keys and quickly went to his car.

In less than 20minutes he was already in David’s house, thanks to his knowlege of shortcuts.

He sounded the door bell but he got no reply, he knocked and still got no reply so he barged in.

He was looking around the room and was wondering while the room was so unkept. All of a sudden, someone shouted and jumped out of nowhere.

Amos was shocked but he held himself and turned only to see David standing with a knife in his hand. He was Unclad save for the towel he tied round his waist. His hair was bushy and his beard were overgrown.

“whatsup doc” he said.

“David, why are you holding a knife” Amos asked, scared.

“Knife? David asked, suprised and then looked at his hand.
“i thought it was a spatula” he exclaimed.

“so where is the Benzodiazepine? Amos asked.

“follow me David said and led him to the bathroom. He went to the bathtub and brought out a testtube.

“this is hydroquinol” David told him.

“many people think hydroquinol is dangerous and can cause cancer but my experiments show that the product of the oxidation of hydroquinol in the presence of aliphatic amines gives you quinone which infact can be used to cure cancer”
“Okay, thats good” Amos said trying to be time concious. He knew better than to rush David. If he rushes David, he just might Get angry and drive him out of his house.

“one other thing doc, i urinated and discovered it had a ph of 3.8 so i used it as a medium to save some of my reagents” david imformed him.

“you mean your urine was that acidic and you didn’t see a doctor?” Amos wanted to ask him if he smokes but he already knew the answer. Smoking could lead to kidney problem and this makes the patient to produce acidic urine(smokers beware).

“nah nah nah… I dont need a doc,i can take care of myself” he said.

He then led Dr.Amos to his kitchen where he kept the Benzodiazepine.

Dr. Amos collected it and rushed out immediately
“goodluck which your HIV drug” he shouted and bolted out of the house. In his joy, he forgot to follow his shortcut. He drove on the mainroad and encountered traffic jam. He looked at his front and he couldn’t see the end. He wanted to go back but he was already trapped. He looked at his wrist watch, he had 3hours 30minutes left.

To be continued

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