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Episode 16

Olivia opened the door quietly and stepped out, she stood at the top of the staircase and look down at Kane as he went on talking to himself, pacing up and down with his phone in hand.
Olivia turned on her phone and started going down, her phone was in her left hand while her right was occupied with a short gun, a long twisted rope was hanging down from her neck

Kane was surprised as Olivia's phone rang and it was just within the house.
He followed the sound and saw Olivia in a wedding gown standing on the stairs

Kane opened his mouth in shock as he saw the gun in her hand.
Olivia smile at him as she steps down in style

"Kaka...Kaka...my long dreaded enemy...here comes your bride...I have looked forward to this day thinking it will never come, and finally here we are... I'm your bride Mr kaka and I'm here to lead you to your death... the death you escaped from all this years.. and after murdering you several times in my mind and watch you die over and over... now I will finally bring it to past in reality. This will be happening physically not in my dreams or mind anymore...today is our wedding day... the day you will get to join those you have killed...are you scared... shocked...oh sweetheart don't be... you should be smiling because your bride is here... I'm here for you.. kaka the kaka... hahaha...

Kane's phone fell off from his hand as Olivia approach, he started moving towards the door not knowing what to do or say, his legs shakes as Olivia got close and closer.
He stammered but nothing reasonable came out he wondered in fear how long Olivia has known him to be Kaka yet she played cool

"Olivia... please...Olivia... please... I'm sorry... please don't do this...please... drop the gun in your hand let's talk... please keep that thing away is dangerous... give me a chance to explain... keep the gun away Olivia... let me explain...

"A chance to explain what exactly... why you killed my loving father and innocent mother...you unleashed darkness to my loving home and scale through without punishment.. Kaka, you had all the chance for years to explain to me why you killed my parents... you had all the chance to explain why you rendered me and many others heartbroken... you had all the chance Kaka to face judgement for all your terrible crimes but yet you took all this chance for granted... and a day like this has come for you to face the judgement seat... today is our wedding day... I'm your bride of death... and I will join you together with the otherworld... the bullet inside this gun is our wedding ring...but first I will release one bullet after the other... there are four in here...one to your testicles which you forcefully used to raped me... another to your heart where the evil was formed, then one to your hand which you used to strike me then the last is to your head...I will Watch your brain scatter everywhere... first thing first... take this rope and tire round yourself...right now...I also have tape to tape up your mouth if you dares make a noise...

Olivia threw the rope at Kane who stepped away from it and rushed to the door to escape, Olivia shoot at the door and the bullet flew out through the window, it shattered the window glasses, Kane fell back in shock on seeing that Olivia is determined to kill him.
 Olivia ordered him to crawl back with his knees, pick up the rope and tire up himself
Kane obeyed and crawl back, he did everything Olivia asked of him obediently.
Olivia switched off his phone and also her own and threw it off

Olivia checked to make sure the rope around Kane was tight enough before going back to relax on the cushion and face Kane.

"I just wasted one bullet... you thought this is a joke right? any other mistake from you and I will release all the bullet to your skull...bastard....You had everything kaka... what exactly was your reason for destroying the poor... what is your reason for unleashing terror on the innocent...I will kill you and nothing will happen... you know why because I'm also rich, I'm a barrister...I have the ear of this present government.. after killing you kaka...i will get away after few judgement and I will live my life as nothing happened...my conscience will be at peace, well justified because I did to you what you first did to others. Have you hard the latest gist in town aside your wedding gist...well, I sold OLIVEM... I'm a multi millionaire... I'm rich just like your father... because your father was weathy and you think you can get away with anything... never again Kaka...never... you prepared me for this day... and i'm well prepared for you...give me reason why I shouldn't kill you right away...but that must include bringing my parents back to life because that's the only way you will escape this... Kaka the notorious killer... today is your judgement day... you will taste what real pain feels like...our wedding Just began... kaka.. my worst enemy... caught in his own web..

"Olivia please...I'm not kaka, I'm Kane...i know I use to be notorious...I did things I still regret... I'm not proud of my past...is very terrible and i can't understand why i did what I did... Olivia please forgive me...I never imagined it will get to this...I could have confessed before now but I was scared...I was so scared...I didn't want to loose you and I didn't even know how to present it to you... please... I'm pleading... not because I'm scared of dying but because I understand your pain... don't go this way of hate because of me... I'm not what I used to be...my conscience Judge me everyday...far more than any kind of physical judgement.. I never meant for your parents to die, I...I accepted my sin of killing them unknowingly... because if I haven't... went over you when you appeared... they might still be alive...if money could have bring them to life I'm sure they will be alive by now because I was determined to give you all that... I took from you, love, happiness, dreams come true, fulfilment and family... saying sorry is never enough to show how I have felt all this years, I was being eaten up by guilt everyday of my life yet...I couldn't face my fear...I try to cover it. It wasn't my intention to destroy your home Olivia...me and Wilson were running from the police and decided to take a shelter and we found ourselves in your house and the moment you appeared I felt all hot...I quickly forgot the reason why we were there and bounce on you... and when your father tries to save you by taking my gun to shoot me, Wilson saved me instead and shot him before he could... but I...I never wanted to kill anybody or to hurt you...I had enough to smoke and drink that evening before our mission and that affected everything I did that night...my eyes was cleared after the deed was done... I'm sorry Olivia... I'm deeply sorry... please forgive me for the sake of Emerald, for the sake of our sweet journey together... for God's sake most especially... please...I love you so much...I lov...

Olivia rushed to him and slapped him twice, she kicked him so hard, she used a stool and stone him and Kane started bleeding, she continued to hit him until she was tired, she removed the wedding gown she was wearing and set it on fire close to Kane so that he will feel the heat of the fire
Kane's hands and legs were tired and he couldn't do anything, he Just sat in a silent sob
Olivia wore a black Jean trouser and a black top under the wedding gown.
She faced Kane again.

"If you ever repeat the word "love" then your death will come quicker.. you love me, do you know what love is.. you bastard...I loved my parents...you and Wilson killed them both in a cold blood, I almost died that night but I was destined to reopen your case someday... and the reason why I'm not after Wilson because he went to prison and faced his punishment while you went to abroad... to avoid being punished but today I bring judgement home to you...you will face it...if you escaped from everything... you can't escape from my claws...in my dictionary there's no forgiveness for someone like you... I could have handed you over to the police but your money may not allow them to give you a well befitting punishment...I don't want to waste time with your case in court...so I brought it home to you kaka. The night is long...so is Just me and you in this big house

Kane remained quiet, his whole body hurt, he was bleeding from his head and other parts of his body... the wedding gown fire burns out as he tries to move his body away from the fire, he looked up at Olivia and saw that she was another person entirely as anger consumed her every breath, she was so determined to kill him slowly until he dies, but he noticed Olivia was finding it difficult to complete her task of shooting him.
Kane couldn't think of what to do, Olivia moved closer to him, she raised the gun and pointed it directedly at him, her hands were shaking, she lowered the gun, again breathed deeply and before pointing it again at him.
Kane saw opportunity to save himself he quickly used his legs and swept Olivia off from the ground
Olivia fell with a heavy thud to the ground and screamed in pain, the gun slipped out of her hand and fell faraway.
Kane, who's hand and legs were tired roll on the floor to grabbed the gun with his legs.
Olivia sustained injury on her head from the heavy fall, she rushed to the gun but
Kane kicked her hard with his legs again and she fell on the television sets which shattered into her body, and the sharp objects cut deeply into her skin, Olivia released a heavy cry.

Kane kept on trying to untied himself to be able to pick up the gun.
Before Olivia could get up from the ground Kane has succeeded to untied himself, he loosened from the rope and rushed to the gun.
He picked up the gun and went to Olivia who's face was covered in her own blood.
He bent over her on seeing her deep wound which blood flows out from

"Olivia... I'... I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you this way...I just did not want you to do what you planned to do... please get up...oh my God... you need a quick medical attention... Where's my phone... oh my God...

Kane cried silently as tears clouded his eyes, he lifted Olivia who acted as if she has fainted and couldn't stand on her own,
Kane searched around for his phone so that he can call an ambulance, he didn't see his phone he returned back to Olivia and tried to wake her, he put the gun in his pocket as he cleaned up the blood on Olivia's face

 he bent to kiss her lips while holding her in his arm.
Olivia bite his lips so hard, kicked him in his stomach before grabbing the gun from Kane's pocket.
She felt weak as she quickly stood staggered back and pointed the gun at Kane who was bleeding from his lips.

Kane raised his two hands up in a surrender as he stood and approach Olivia begging her not to shoot him.

Olivia ordered him to get down on his knees, he hesitated while still pleading and Olivia fired the bullet.
Kane fell back in scream as the bullet hit his right knee.
He fell down and pretend to be dead so that Olivia will not shoot him again.
He lied still on the ground without shaking and held his breath as he silently pray that Olivia will not shoot again.

Olivia's hand was shaking as she continued to point the gun at Kane.

When She saw that he did not move, Olivia quickly dropped the gun and moved closer as she placed her ear to his chest, checking his heart beat.
 Kane opened his eyes a little to look at her and quickly shut his eyes again as Olivia got up from him.
 when Olivia did not hear any sound she began to shake as she went in search of her phone.
She was bleeding again and her head was pounding seriously, she has loosed alot of blood.
Olivia felt so weak but try to remain steady,  she felt faint as her eyes began to cloud up.
she switched on her phone.
The first doctor's name she saw was Mark, she quickly dailed his number.

Mark who has being trying Olivia's number quickly picked up his phone as Olivia call came in
She was crying and sounded in a hurry as she asked him to get an ambulance immediately down to a certain address, there was an emergency, she urged him to hurry.
Without wasting time mark got everything ready and left immediately with the ambulance team.
They got to the house and rushed in to man lying on the floor.

Kane was happy and relieved to hear the ambulance sound.
He was quickly placed into a rolling bed, an oxygen was placed in his nose and mouth before he was wheeled out into the ambulance van and yet he still did not open his eyes as his knees were hurting him so deeply.

Kane hard Olivia sitting and crying earlier before the ambulance came.
He knew she needs treatment quick or she may pass out and he was glad that the ambulance team responded quick after she called.
Mark rushed to Olivia covered her with a blanket and drew her into his arms.

He couldn't keep his own heart beat steady on seeing all the mess on Olivia's body.
Olivia was muttering something mark bent his ear to her mouth.

"I killed him... oh my God...I killed him..I was so angry and I shot him dead...

Mark whispered back into her ears.

"I'm not sure you killed him...he is alive but has serious injury... he is not dead... Olivia you needs help, you look dry... wasted lots of blood... I'm concerned about you... stop speaking for now... you will exhaust the little strength left in you...shhhhh... please don't say anything...

He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the ambulance. Olivia kept whispering.

"I killed him...he wasn't breathing... Kane is dead...I killed him...I...I...

She went quiet and later passed out in doctor Mark's arm
Another oxygen was placed in her nose before the medical team drove off with speed to the hospital.

>>>>Episode 15

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