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Episode 23

“What can I offer you sir, while you wait for Doctor to come and attend to you…

Kane waved his hand at the woman without looking up at her, Agnes went to the kitchen and after sometime she came out and Kane was not in the parlor again. she looked round the house but the man was not anywhere around.
Agnes wondered where the man she just left in the sitting room could be, after sometime she went outside to the gate and asked the security if he saw the man that came in with a walking stick.
The security replied her that the man just left and drove off in his car.
Agnes returned back to the house as she wondered why the man will leave in a hurry without seeing Doctor which was the main reason why he came at first.

Olivia sat beside the bed as she listen to Mark about how he has always dream of being a doctor and finally he is one.
Olivia checked the time and stood up.

“all the stories are all wonderful, your childhood was awesome except for your Mom passing so early…well, we are a bit related with that…I’m glad to know you more than just my “doctor friend” you are a nice person and you deserve somebody that will truly love you…i value our friendship and that was the main reason I drove down here to make amend what was torn…and to explain myself in a very clear way…we can’t be together…I know I have said that already…if I end up with you it will be out of pity and not love…I see you as a great friend but I have not being able to develop mutual feeling for you…Kane was the only one I have loved so deeply until I discovered that he was the Kaka I have dreaded all this years, sometimes I wish i have never found out…maybe by now we will be married and happy together…and at same time I’m glad that I found out.... to avoid future crisis…I’m sorry Mark that I can’t love you the way you deserve…and I don’t want to imprison my emotions just to please you…

“you don’t need to be sorry Olivia…rather I’m grateful for your boldness and clarity on this…I don’t want to be loved out of pity…no…that will be too dangerous and emotional disaster… Thank you for coming…I feel so free now than before…and thank you for listening to all my boring tale…you were calm all through…and never interrupted me…that makes me feel special…I just wish you can come once in a while…I will never pest you over a relationship…I respect you and I respect your wishes…we can just be cool friends…even after you probably get married or I find someone and settle down with…I will remain your “doctor Friend” and maybe a family friend too…

“Thank you for your understanding Mark…I also wish to be there when you will find that special someone to settle down with, she will certainly be a lucky one and I pray your paths will cross soon.  I will be leaving the country soon… me and Emerald are set to travel out…and by next week we will be flying out…I didn’t want to tell you before but I feel is necessary now that we understand ourselves better…

Mark pause for a while as Olivia face the door, he stood up and join her as they walk to the door.

“wow…wow…I just don’t know what to say Olivia…I guess is for the best…leaving the country….wow…hope I’m not the one pushing you away to another country with my constant trouble on relationship….

“No…no…that is what I want…I just want to breathe in fresh air outside here…we can always speak over the phone…I will be one of the happiest people if I get the news of your settling down with a good and kind woman just as you are…

“Thank you for everything…you are making me to feel teary like a little boy…uhmmm…but is all good…I will miss you but we can always comunicate over the phone and I will certainly inform you when I get that special woman…you will be the first to know…

Olivia hugged him and when they loosened up, they were both teary as Olivia pecked his cheeks before going down.

Ms Agnes came out to inform Doctor Mark of a visitor that came earlier but later left. She described the person as a man on a walking stick. Mark and Olivia knew that it was Kane.
They wondered what Kane came for and couldn’t wait. Olivia waved Mark goodbye as she crosses the gate and drove off.

Kane has planned taking Emerald to his house but she refused to go with him because her mom with not be happy if she does that and she doesn’t want to get into more trouble with her and also the security will not allow him to take her out without her mom’s knowledge.
Kane has no choice than to sit outside and wait for Olivia and after sometime she drove in.

Olivia wasn’t surprise to see Kane sitting in front of her door step, she approached him. Before she could even get close Kane began to rage, calling Olivia names. He was so angry with her thinking Olivia slept with Mark but she never did.

“you are so wicked Olivia…so damn wicked…it would have being better if you have killed me when you had that gun than to spare me and continue taunting me every day…you have broken me into pieces and I wish I was dead than to watch you do all this to me…you chose Doctor Mark because he is a perfect man and has no terrible past…and you hate me and never stop hating me because I had a past…Mark is a perfect man to you and you were at his place and he made love to you…I guess his caresses  and loving making is far better than mine…and you are happy now right…he got what he has always wanted isn’t it…Olivia you are so heartless…what kind of woman are you…your hatred for me burn like a flame…all because of my past…you abandoned me on our wedding day…and totally tore my world apart…you wanted to kill me in revenge for your parents death…now you are planning to take my only hope away. Emerald…is also my daughter…despite everything she is still part of me…you were planning to going to abroad with my daughter….i won’t be able to see her again until I breath my last…aren’t you so heartless…tearing me apart and kicking me out of your life with everything you got…Kaka was my heartless past but he never deliberately killed your parents...he only caused their death and has suffered too much already for all his sin…far more than those who went to prison…what else do you want me to do…I can say sorry everyday of my life just to prove to you that am truly sorry…but even if I say sorry everyday you will still not be satisfied and will keep hurting me… I was at Mark’s place earlier and both of you were up there in his stupid room banging each oth…

Olivia angrily slapped him before he will complete the word, Kane held his cheek and stare at her, he tightens his fist while breathing hard. Olivia stood right in front of him boiling even more. They stood that way without word as Olivia breathed down moved back.

“I don’t have time for you Kane…I’m going to bed…you need to leave when you are done raging…

As she tries to cross Kane held her hand from walking past him and quickly loosened up.
He battles with the emotion building in his chest, Olivia walked inside her house, leaving him alone outside. She checked on Emerald who wasn’t really aside but pretend to be.
Emerald has not being able to sleep but she pretend to be asleep as her mom checked up on her. Olivia covered her properly, kissed her forehead before leaving.
Emerald thought within her. “If mom could do all that it means she wasn’t so mad at me as i have expected… i will find out if she is angry me by morning.

Olivia changed to her nightie, she looked outside and saw Kane still sitting outside there her front step.
She breathed as she put on a long robe before going outside and quietly sat beside Kane who still did not say anything.

They stayed quiet before he spoke out still without looking at Olivia

“I am not a bad person but my past man was…I am Kane and will never be Kaka…you are fighting and hating the wrong man…maybe it was better if I have died with others or locked in prison than to watch you do all this to me…it would have being better if everything was different…I regret not listening to my father in the beginning of my youth, I would have focused on building a career than becoming Kaka…ever since you walked out of my life…I die slowly everyday…and just knowing you were with Mark in his room…I almost had a heart attack just realizing that you will never be mine…I couldn’t imagine what was happening between you and Doctor Mark…it was almost snuffing life out of me…leaving the country with Emerald was another thing I don’t know if I will survive…

“Kane, I know I don’t owe you or anybody about what I do with my life but I do want to let you know that nothing happened between me and Doctor Mark…it was more of talk and then a goodbye…I can’t be with Mark because I have never being able to love him the way he deserve…and you don’t have any right to trail me to Mark’s house…that was so stupid of you…what were you thinking driving down to Doctor Mark’s house... Kane? when I said I have forgiven you I meant it that way. stop taking our conversations back to unforgivness or how bad I am…forgiving someone doesn’t mean you must be in the person’s life…we had a wonderful memorable time together…and I needed to move on so do you…it doesn’t make me unforgiven or a bad person. I know the kind of person I am…I may chose to accept you and we continue our love affair and I end up hurting more than I have ever being or end up hurting you…you are the only man I have ever loved…and still love…I can’t move past that but I won’t move back into your life because I will end up hating you everyday…being a distance away makes me still retain the love we once share…I don’t want to loose it all and I am not denying your presence in Emerald’s life…she is equally your daughter and you have being a great father to her…she will be the only thread that brings us together…moving out of the country was the best thing for me to do right now…everything here is suffocating me…you especially…I need to breath a new air outside here and we will definitely return…I have business running here and my chamber will be calling me home…I have alot I want to do in the future…and is all going to be in this country…I’m sorry for striking you…you have to stop nagging like a pregnant woman and keep your emotions in check… don’t cycle your life around me Kane. I only hate your past man that tore us apart and not you…we will always have something connecting us no matter where we are or whoever we end up with in the future….learn to start loving yourself…you still have a life, so start over again…don’t say you can’t do it without me…try doing it…if you love me then start living your own life and do not cycle your living around my existence. when i leave this country I want to hear of your outings…I want to hear of your dates…and all the thing you are doing for fun…I will also send back mine to you…I know Emerald will make sure of that….i don’t know how to love another ever since….and I don’t want to…I just want to focus on my life and become the woman I always want to be…and I will be happy wherever I am that you are living the best of your life. Don’t allow me, or your past man or even your leg to be an excuse of living your dream…don’t let anything to keep you in bondage forever Kane…Alright?

Kane quietly nodded, Olivia went into his arm and Kane held her and they remained that way until Olivia slept off in his arm.
 Kane could have carried her inside the house but he can’t seem to do without his walking stick, if he tries it him and Olivia may clash on the ground, so he just allowed her to sleep quietly. But as the time ticks 2.am in his watch and he was also feeling sleepy he gently woke Olivia to go inside and she asked him to come in and pass the night and he did.
As he lay on the cushion in the living room, Olivia bent over and kissed his fore head before going to her room to sleep.
Kane slept so soundly more than he has slept in a long while.

>>>> EPISODE 22

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