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Episode 20

The house was quiet, empty and lonely for Olivia. She was processing her own legal firm which made her to drive out every morning and come back in the evening. It helped her greatly as she got involve with other barristers, human right attorneys, Councillors, judges and many others in her field of study and also outside.

Helen came back with Emerald and the house became warm again, they talked deep into the night and Helen have to stay over till the following day before leaving.
Olivia drove out with her daughter for a sight seeing and mini shopping. She asked her driver to stay back that she want to drive herself and have a mother and daughter moment with Emerald.

Emerald was filled with question as she sat excitedly beside her mother who look straight ahead as she kept driving, she was happy to be back to her mom

“Mom, you said you had an accident which made you to have a hair cut…was that the reason you asked me to go live with Aunty Helen?

“Yes Emerald…you wouldn’t want to see me broken and crying like a baby when an injection was entrust to my butt…

“hahahaha...injections can be painful on the butt…hmmm…but is so sad mom….that must have hurt so much…I’m sorry mom, you shouldn’t have sent me away with Aunty Helen…I would have love to take care of you by myself because I want to become a strong doctor like Doctor Kate…I guess is uncle Kane, doctor Kate and doctor Mark that took care of you while you are at the hospital…and when are we visiting uncle Kane…or maybe you can call him so that he can join us…that will be so cool…just as before…

“Well, Kane won’t be joining us any more, I want you to understand that because is a fact…Emerald, you may not get to go hanging out, merry go round, shopping, eatery or any fun fair with Kane because things have changed and is not as it use to be before, Kane and I got involve in an accident…it affected my head and I have to shave off the hair and it also affected his leg… he may not be able to walk well because of that…we were both hurt from what happened and we are taking time to heal up…I feel sad about it but is my decision sweetheart….and I will feel more hurt if I see him again that was more reason I asked him to stay away so that he can also heal…so is me and you right now and forever…and mummy will give you only the best…do you understand me…?

“Yes mom, I understand. Please don’t get mad at me but we can sometimes check on uncle Kane to know how he is fairing and also his leg injury…he is a nice man mom but if you say no I won’t insist…whatever you say is the best…all that matters is that I’m home and we have forever to spend together…I was dying to come home, Aunty Helen told me that you had a little accident and you were being treated in the hospital…I cried and wanted to come home but she assured me that you will be fine, she asked me to pray constantly for you and I did everyday, morning, afternoon and also night until I was able to speak over the phone with you… but I really wanted to come home…and I’m so happy to be home with you…

Olivia gently squeezed her shoulder with a smile before saying

“Thank you for praying for me…God must have hard your prayers and quicken my healing…let’s go and have some fun honey because mom miss you more than you can imagine…we will go on merry go round, shopping, sight seeing and we will take loads of pictures…hope you have your mini cannon camera…

“Yes mom…is in my back pack…I’m so happy to be home…hurrayyyyyy…hahahaha….

Emerald laughed out as Olivia joined her as she continues to drive.

Kane drove down again to see Olivia who wasn’t home at that moment but met Emerald who ran and hugged Kane immediately after opening the door. Kane shouted excitedly on seeing Emerald, he held onto his daughter as he put his walking stick aside and held her with his two hands…

“Look who is back from the princess island, my one and only Ema…I have missed you pumpkin…you are growing like fertilized vegetable…look at how big you are…what have they being feeding you….

Emerald laugh as she loosened up from Kane, she couldn’t hide her excitement on seeing Kane, Kane picked up his walking stick instead of going inside he stepped back and sat on the outside step while Emerald joined him.

“You are growing so fast Ema, soon you will be taller than your mom, I remember back then when you were doing horse ride on my back but if we do horse ride now that you are this big… you will break my back bone… hahahaha…time flies so fast…I never knew you are back…where have you being to...growing like a fertilized Vegetable…

“hahahaha…all thank to mum, she is feeding me well and is not fertilized vegetable but organic veggie…I was out with Aunt Helen and i miss you too uncle Kane…mum told me about the accident…that you hurt your leg and may not be able to walk straight for a long time…I’m so sorry about that…she feels sad about it too…I also feel sad but I’m happy to see you…mom is not around …she went to her chamber….but you can come in and wait for her instead of sitting out here…I really don’t know if she will be happy about inviting you into the house…and I don’t want her to be sad or hurt because she said she will feel bad if she see’s you and I guess she is worried because of your bad leg …or maybe is better we just stay out here for the moment until she returns…I can get drink and food out here for you…and let’s hope mum will be happy to see you too like I am…

“I’m happy to see you again Ema…I have missed you…so your mom has a chamber now…that so cool. Your mum is so determined and hardworking…I never knew she has gotten a chamber already. I didn’t want to get her angry that was why I stayed away for sometimes…because she is trying to recover from the accident that happened to both of us…I could have gotten your favourites snacks, pizza, strawberry ice cream…your best flavour, and a whole lot of other things  for you if I knew that you were home. And I will soon be going in other not to get your mom hurt…she will have a long day after work and may not like you sitting out here with me…so I may get to see you soon if she approves…I don’t want to get you into trouble or get myself into trouble too…like a disobedient children…hahahahaha...

Kane stayed for a little while before leaving. And after few hours Olivia drove back home and Emerald who was afraid that her mom will be angry or maybe hurt if she tells her about Kane earlier visit, did not say anything immediately to her until Olivia was relaxed for the night. She went in and apologetically told her mum that “Uncle Kane came around earlier today but he did not come inside the house, he just stayed a little while outside and left because he doesn’t want you to be angry for coming in your absence and I don’t want you to be mad at me…I saw his leg…he walks with the support of a walking stick…I feel sad for him but he left because he doesn’t want you to be mad and I don’t want you to be mom…please… “Emerald said while standing in front of her mom with a pleading look.

Olivia was not angry as she smile and told her daughter that it was okay. They lay together on the bed and watch some comedy show.
Olivia quickly slept off and Emerald covered her up with a blanket, turn off the television before going back to her room.

Olivia employed attorneys in her firm, they foresee things on her behalf while she handles the big case as she was growing to become a renowned Barrister and human right activist.
She opened other businesses and have people manage it for her.
Mark came around and tries to talk to Olivia about getting into a relationship with him since she was no more with Kane but Olivia told him she was building her life and does not want a relationship.
Mark left again as he plans to give Olivia time to think about what he told her.

Kane also came around and begged Olivia if he can come around more often for Emerald sake but Olivia also rejected such an idea.
She told Kane to stay away more often for the sake of her happiness and Kane agreed.

Olivia started processing travelling papers for she and Emerald. As she plans to move out of the country so that she can breathe in fresh air.

Kane and Mark where choking her with their constant plead for a relationship and she really need to get out of the country for some months or few years to be able move on and they will also move on.

Mark was planning to come back again for Olivia, he thought within himself that such period of time was a good opportunity for him to win Olivia’s heart since she has ended things with Kane. He will keep trying until Olivia consider him and give him a chance into her life.
 “Kane will be so pained if Olivia end up with me but I don’t care, he messed up his chance with her now is my turn to finally have her after a long pursuit”. Mark thought within himself.

Neither Kane or Mark knew of Olivia's plans to travel out of the country. Olivia wanted it that way but she informed Doctor Kate and her best friend Helen.

Some days later, before Olivia start parking her bags as her papers and that of Emerald were all ready for them fly out of the country, Doctor Kate invited her out on women's date. She and Helen inclusive.

 They all went out for a movie and sit out as they all talked like old friends and laugh away all their sorrow and Helen has to give the breaking news of looking forward to becoming a mother soon.
She was few weeks pregnant and it was confirmed by Doctor Kate.

They were all happy as they talk, cry, laugh and kept talking until it was time to head back home.

They hugged each other before driving off to their different homes.

>>>>EPISODE 19

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