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Episode 8

I think we should leave here. Verah here is my car key; my car is packed not so far from that scene. You have to act like it was yours when you get there. We are going to see strong pastor, you have to come with us”, said Austin and shoved his car key into Verah’s hand, took her car key from her and left the mall with Melinda.

“Good day! Austin, Melinda and Verah, you are all welcome…” the strong pastor paused. His eyes fixed on Melinda and Austin. The two of them held their breath; afraid that the pastor was going to confirm that Austin was dead. “What are you two still doing in your night clothes at this time of the day?” They couldn’t answer him. They wanted him to say it that Austin was dead. Verah took a step backward and mouth from behind Austin & Melinda to the pastor. “I think Austin is dead”. They had brief her what had happened. The pastor read Verah lips and paused yet again. “You are all fine as far as I am concerned; you can have your seats”. The three of them took a loud sigh of relief.
So they took their time and explained to the pastor their ordeal since last night. The pastor assured them that Austin was not by any stretch dead. However he warned that Evil was lurking around them. The pastor said a few words of prayer for them and sent them. Melinda & Austin & Verah were happy that all that had happened to them were only a dream. Melinda pleaded with Austin to move over to her apartment until she could recover from the trauma she had gone through. Austin was very glad to oblige her. Melinda pleaded with Austin to put on hold the plan to dig Michael’s grave. Grudgingly Austin accepted to do so. The two of them decided to banish talk about Michael from all their conversations. This worked for them. Melinda offered to take Austin the first night she had no nightmare. Her old self was beginning to blossom again.

“Baby I had a dream last night”, she announced to Austin excitedly “And this time it wasn’t about the dead”. “What is it about?” “It was about our wedding; it took place im New York City at the Leonard’s Palazzo”. “Leonard’s Palazzo! To rent it would cost a half a state’s budger in Nigeria!” Melinda continued ignoring him “…after our wedding we had a handsome baby boy who took after my pretty looks. You should have seen him. You know what I am taking you out this evening. Pick your spot”, she announced to Austin “My ideal spot would be ehm.. Yes! Vista restaurant at Le Meridien Ibom Hotel & Golf Resort”, “Baby, pack your bags and get ready, by this evening we will be in Uyo. I will call Gbenga for our flight tickets”.
By 8:00pm, Austin & Melinda were at Uyo airport; Austin had thrown in a few surprises into their kneejerk decision to dine at the up scale restaurant by making resevations for both room at the hotel and a table at the restaurant before leaving Lagos. They were met at the airport by two lovely ladies who collected their bags and took them to a hotel chauffeur driven car. On arrival at the hotel they were welcomed by a senior staff of the hotel and several other members of staff and given a glass of champagne. She and Austin were treated like royalty.
After they had settled on, the both of them dressed up for a diner at the Vista restaurant. Melinda knew the awesome way they were welcome from the airport to the hotel had someting to do with Austin. When they got to the restaurant, a waiter ushered them to their table. Melinda was awed by the detailed and careful treatment shown to her and her man.
Melinda was glancing through the manue when she heard a familiar voice. She raised her head, her eyes darting around the restaurant; Austin quickly took notice. “What is it baby?” “Did you hear that voice?” “Which voice?” Austin couldn’t pick out any unusual voice from among the people in the restaurant, he knew their romantic evening was over. He asked again “What voice are you talking about?”
Just then Melinda spotted the corner of the restaurant where the voice came from. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets, all she could do was to point at what she had seen and said “Look there”. Austin followed the direction of her hand. Austin was frozen with dear. He could not believe his eyes. The three adults stood up to their feet and began to leave the restaurant; Austin got up and tried to chase after them. Mid way across the restaurant he heard a scream. When he turned he saw Melinda on the floor convulsing terribly. He ran back to help her, waiters and customers in the restaurant rushed to her and did their best to revive her.
Austin lead Melinda back to their room: he carefully put her down on the bed and sat next to her. His thoughts were racing very fast, he wanted to know why Melinda’s three dead friends: OBIORAH, ANGELIQUE AND LANRE chose to pay them a visit in an evening as wonderful as the one they were having. He thought “What do they want with Melinda?”

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