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Episode 7

“I have known you for three years, not once have I seen you sleep walk or heard you say you did. Why then did it just start?” Austin left the bed and installed himself in one corner of Melinda’s room and began to replay the events of the night. He found a bit of detail he had missed,which immediately left the look of shock on his face “What is it?” Asked Melinda “I think I saw the wreckage of car like mine under a trailer on my way here” “Are you serious? So you are truly dead?” “Let’s go check it out”. Austin took his car key and began to run out of Melinda’s room. Melinda followed on his heels still grabbed in her nighties. Austin drove as fast as he could to get to the venue of the accident. He parked his car somewhere nearby and both of them walked to the accident scene. When they saw the car buried under the trailer, Melinda and Austin went dumb. It was exactly Austin’s car. Austin put his hands around Melinda and began to lead her away. Hot tears began to flow out of Melinda’s eyes.

“Are you truly dead?” Asked Melinda amid her tears “Maybe I am now one of the risen dead you saw last night”,replied Austin. Just then a fat man bearing a piece of equipment walked past them. “We haven’t seen anything like this before. There is no dead body in the car under the trailer sir,nor can we find any trace of blood. It is as if a ghost drove the car. The police have interviewed the driver. He claims that when the accident happened, he tried to help the person but saw no one”. Austin and Melinda had to trace their steps back to hear all that the fat man said with a flicker of hope in his eyes. Austin asked Melinda “Could it be I never was in this car when the accident occured?” “This has the finger prints of Michael all over it. I think he is trying to scare us. I think you are alive for real?” “Hold on Melinda remember you saw me dead in that valley you described. I think I am dead” “Stop it! It is clearly Michael at work;he doesn’t want that grave dug” said Melinda stoically.

“Frankly I don’t feel like I am dead” “Let’s go and see STRONG PASTOR”,replied Melinda. The two of them began to walk away briskly from the scene. A policeman took notice of them “Excuse me sir! Can I have a word with you and your..?” “Fiance”,supplied Austin “Do you by any chance recognize the car buried under this trailer?” Asked the policeman “No,I don’t.I have no clue whose it is”,replied Austin “Why do I get the feeling you are lying to me?” Quized the policeman.”That is preposterous sir! Do you now analyze suspect with telepathy? He told you no and that is his answer”,said Melinda angrily at the policeman “It is past mid-day and the two of you are still in your nightclothes, do you live around here?” “No we don’t”,replied Austin “Then where is your car?” Austin painfully searched his mind for an apt answer. Melinda saw his fix and stepped in “Oh darling I forgot to tell you,I sent the driver to buy some stuffs for me. Sorry police man,our car is not here. Can we go now?”

The policeman was not entirely convinced,but he had to let them go.He stood watching Austin and Melinda walk into a shopping mall nearby. Austin and Melinda had to pass their car as though it was not thiers. Melinda took Austin’s phone and dialed Verah. Verah picked the call her words threw Melinda and Austin back to square one “Hello Verah!Where are you?I need you..” “Chill babe,I am on my way to where you are and I have the clothes you asked for me”,Said Verah “What are you talking about?” “You called me about thrity minutes ago to help you pick your clothes from Mr.T and come meet you at chocolat mall”,replied Verah “Jesus! Verah thrity minutes ago I wasn’t at chocolat mall,I and Austin just got here. And believe me;I didn’t call you at any time, in over a year I haven’t patrongized Mr.T for my laudry needs” “Melinda! Are you okay! Is Michael back again?”

“It is okay Verah, I am wating for you”
While they pondered on Verah’s claims, Osoba called Austin “Hello Osoba!How did it go?” “Nasty! It was nasty Austin. Whatever is in that grave fountains from the soul of Lucifer himself.Two of my colleagues turned into monsters and attacked me” “Where are you now Osoba?”

“I am on my way to Calabar;I have to see my spiritual counserlor. After I am done with him,I will go back and dig up that cursed grave” “I want it dug fast;we are having a hell of time here. Keep me posted in whatever you intend to do about the grave” “I will” “Bye Osoba”. Melinda had heard a part of the conversation and knew things didn’t go down well in Eku-obhiosa.
Verah pulled into the car park, picked the clothes she got from Mr.T and walked into the mall. Inside Melinda looked over the clothes “How did Mr.T get these clothes?” “He didn’t tell me. Whoever called me must have told him I was coming to pick your..” “And whoever sent your clothes there must have known you used Mr.T for your laundry needs in the past” Injected Austin “Michael knew”
“So this means Michael is after us again”

To be continued

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