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Episode 6

The strange object following Austin also showed down its speed. After fiftteen minutes of waiting with the object not moving, Austin started his car and sped off again. From his rear mirror he watched as the object took off in his direction in much the same speed as himself. Willing not to let the object catch him he stepped on the throttle and let his car fly on the lonely night road. He didn’t see it coming, his eyes were on the strange oBject; by the time he heard a deafening car horn, he took his eyes off the rear mirror and saw a trailer in front of him. The trailer was too close; there was nothing he could do.
The only thing he had a fraction of time to do was to shout “Jesus!” His car went under the trailer and crumpled under its monstrous metalic weight.

Melinda stood before the forest of tombs quaking in fear. She couldn’t tell what the place was called, but she was certain it was an abode of evil. She tried to pray, but felt a force seizing her tongue, the ground under her feet began to crack open and the forest of tombs began to vibrate violently as though the dead in them were to rise. The graves exploded, the dead in them began to crawl out, she could see their fatid hands poking out of graves. The ground opened up and Melinda sunk into it screaming “AAAH! AAAH! AAAH” It was actually not the ground that opened under her, it was a grave. Inside the grave she could hear the bones of the dead in it creaking as if to wake from death.

Melinda shouted all the more.
Some snake-like entities in the grave stirred and awoke to life and began to coil themselves around her feet and body; the risen dead circled around the grave into which she fell and stared down at her hungrily. For a moment she thought she saw Austin amongst them and he said to her with a groaning voice.

“Fight! Melinda fight! Don’t let him get you”. Strangely her phone began to ring inside the grave; she could not fathom how it found its way into the grave. In spite of herself she picked it and began to shout “Help! Please help me!” A male voice, with the feel of death said to her “Melinda you should never have meddled with my business”. Melinda recognized the voice “Please Micheal! Help me please!”

“Wake up Melinda! Wake up!” shouted Austin as he shook Melinda vigorously.

Melinda opened her eyes and was very glad Austin had arrived in time to wake her from the worst nightmare of her life. Melinda held Austin firmly, sobbing heartily. Her sobbing lasted for quite quite a while; Austin waited patiently for her to recover and narrate her nightmare and to also have her hear his own hair splitting horror encounter “Tell me baby what happened?” Asked Austin “I can’t go back to that horror. I want to forget it”, said Melinda. “It is okay if you don’t want to talk about it. I also had a nightmare last night. I have been trying to piece it together, but it is too hard to do. I woke up this morning in my car”. “In your car? How?”

“It is hard to explain. I was chatting with you when you asked me to excuse you for a moment to check out a sound you heard in your kitchen…..”

“Yes I remember that part. So what happened?”

“Well Melinda, I think all that was a dream. You never said those things in reality. Both of us where asleep and having the same dream until you went into your kitchen and we got separated into different dreams”.

 “Was I dreaming when I heard a sound and went into my kitchen?”

“Yes! You were. And I was also dreaming when I drove off around 1:35 am to your house. But on my way here I ran into something, some thing evil and form the underworld. I was running from it when my car crashed into a trailer and I died….”

“You died? Oh my God! Then all these are no dreams…” “What are you saying?” “Austin I saw you amongst the dead last night. You told me to fight and not let him get me. I saw you when the dead circled the grave I fell into. Austin I get it now…”

 “You get what?”

 “You are dead and have risen from the dead. When I saw you amongst the dead you were wearing your pajamas, the very one you are wearing now!”

Austin looked himself over as if he was becoming aware of himself “Oh my God! Austin you are dead! You are dead! AAAH!”

“Stop it I am not dead! I can’t be! It was all a dream sent by Michael to stop us from digging up his grave!” Austin put his arms around Melinda and tried as much as he could to reassure her that he was not dead.

However Melinda wasn’t sure her boyfriend was still alive. “If you are not dead, tell me, how you woke up this morning in your car? Why are you still dressed in the very clothes you died in?” Austin stood up from the bed and looked himself over once again, looking very muddled. He thought very hard about the things Melinda just said, and then said to her in a low tone. “No baby, this is not my resurrection, I am not dead, at least not yet. I must have sleep-walked into my car and dozed off inside it thinking I was driving it without knowing I was only dreaming

To be continued

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