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Episode 5

“I want it done professionally. Bring samples and take pictures of whatever you find in that grave”, said Austin “I have dug up many troublesome dead people from their graves. We will dig him up and get you the things you have asked for”, assured Osoba. “Be cautious with this one. On one knows what you might find down there”, “Okay Mr Austin. I have to take my leave now”. Osoba and his friend got in their car and left.
About 11:00 pm, Osoba and his two colleagues made their way into Eku-Obhiosa, in Edo state. Michael’s home town. Some weeks earlier they had scouted the village and took pictures of Michael’s grave, so tonight they knew exactly where to go. Bravely Osoba and his two colleagues made their way to Michael’s grave, with the grave some distance away from residential buildings. It seemed to Osoba that would be their advantage. They didn’t waste time to dig; Osoba spread some potent salt around the grave which was expected to keep the dead quiet and asked his colleagues to start digging. Osoba stood a little away from them looking out for any intruder. Unexplainably Osoba’s colleagues stopped digging;the two of them rested their chin on the handle of their shovels, looking intensely into the grave. Osoba stepped closer and looked into the grave and there was nothing to make them stop digging, so he said to them “Guys we haven’t got the whole night let’s do this and get away from here. Please start digging”. Osoba had hardly finished his statement when one of his colleagues jerked his face up, his eyes flaming and t----t his shovel into Osoba’s face. Osoba ducked the incoming shovel but a small part of it caught a fraction of of his face tearing it open.
The other colleague snarled like a dog and came after him. Osoba pulled out his hand gun and emptied two bullets into his head and he went down to the ground with a thud.
He turned to shoot the other guy, but he move too fast for Osoba, he smacked his shovel into the back of Osoba’s neck and sent him crashing to the ground.
With inhuman venom he stood over Osoba’s body and began to beat him with the shovel in his hand. The other colleague Osoba shot jolted and sat up from the ground. In a flash, Osoba could see his death coming. In assublime instincitive reaction, Osoba grabbed the shovel which the other colleague had dropped when he shot at him and plunged it into the colleague standing over him. The colleague staggered allowing Osoba time to stand to his feet. Wincing from much pain, Osoba managed to fight the both of them with the shovel he had just picked up from the ground, Osoba emptied two rounds of bullets into each of his colleagues and limped away to their car, and drove fast out of the village.
While the horror scene was playing out in Eku-Obhiosa. Melinda was having a hard time trying to sleep. So she decided to chat with Austin. While they chatted and cracked up each other, Melinda felt she heard a noise in the kitchen. She asked Austin to excuse her for a moment and went to check out what it was. When she stepped into her kitchen, the gas cooker was on. She was sure she turned it off after cooking. Fearing there might be someone else in her apartment, she grabbed her kitchen knife to defend herself and went towards the gas cooker. At this point, her heart was racing very fast and she wished she had her phone on her to call Austin.
She thought to turn off the gas and run into the street to call neighbours for help.
As soon as her tender fingers touched the knob of the gas cooker, something unusual happened; a gaint human like shadow grabbed her by her hair and began to drag her across the kitchen floor. When the shadow got to the kitchen wall, it went through it. It was as if it were not there. Instead of coming out at the back of Melinda’s kitchen, the shadow walked through the wall into a forest of tombs lodged deep in a valley filled with darkness.
The waters around the forest of tombs shimmered in the dim light of the moon.
The evil shadow left Melinda on the floor and vanished into the ill-omened darkness around the valley.
Meanwhile Austin was begnning to worry himself to insanity. He couldn’t figure out the reason Melinda had taken too long to return to ther chatting. He had called her several times but she didn’t pick up.
He feared and began to feel that Melinda must be in trouble. He took his car keys and drove off around 1:35 am to Melinda’s house. He had driven for about thrity minutes when he noticed that something had been following him. It floated in the air and had an appearance he was sure he hadn’t seen before. It was odd, surreal, out-of-this-world, alien and freakish. Austin could feel fear creeping over him; his whole body was becoming numb. For a moment he felt his legs had somehow detached themselves from the rest of his body. His eyes began to close on their own accord. For a moment he thought “Could this be death?” He slowed his speed and ground his car to a halt under a street light.

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