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Story: THE LAST SURVIVORS-Episode 30


Episode 30

She stood wondering what was going on. Ochuma saw it, above Anna’s head was hanging on the ceiling a giant black scorpion. He pointed at it and shouted at Anna, “Run! Nurse run!” The others saw it and joined Ochuma to tell the nurse to run; Anna did not understand what they were shouting about, instead she began to turn left and right wondering what they were pointing at. Jeff fired a shot at the scorpion, but the bullet went right through it; then Anna lifted her head to see what was on the ceiling, the shadow scorpion dropped itself and landed on Anna’s face and crept into her mouth.

Anna shouted and dropped to the floor. After a few minutes she slowly began to drag herself up. When she stood to her feet, her eyes were just hollow, filled with darkness and black smoke. When the policemen and some patients in the hospital saw her eyes they took off. Even Doctor Briggs inched away towards the door. Of all the policemen that had been in that hospital all night, only Jeff stood his ground. Seeing it had come to an open confrontation Melinda rallied her friends, “Prayer is what we do best! It has kept us till now, friends time has come to pray down heaven!” They all began to pray, hurling all sorts of spiritual weapons at the evil spirit in Anna. Anna didn’t move, she just stood still staring at them. After the evil spirit in Anna had had enough of their praying, it moved Anna towards them. They all moved toward the exit door.

Then they heard a male voice speaking in tongues and shouting the name of Jesus. When the voice got closer, Anna began to shake her head as though she was being hit by invisible arrows. She got really pissed and then did the unthinkable, even movie guys wouldn’t have thought of it, Anna opened her mouth wide and some black liquid and scorpions began to jump out of it like frogs. The sight was creepy. Then it drawned on Osoba that Anna may have been incubating many of them on her inside. He said to Austin, “We have to kill this nurse! She is incubating these things!” “No if we kill her the scorpion will move into another person! Don’t kill the girl”, replied Austin.

When Usman, who was speaking in tongues on his way into the hospital, saw Anna’s face, the scorpion and black liquid substance all coming out of Anna’s mouth, he ran back in fear. In his many years of chasing demons, he hadn’t seen anything like that. When Verah saw Usman run back, she stepped forward, that was about the first action she took that night. She pointed at Anna and All the scorpions which were moving towards them and demanded, “In the name of Jesus! I command you devils to return to sender!” Anna shook at Verah’s command; the scorpions on the floor vibrated and ran back. Anna picked a table next to her and hurled it at Verah like a piece of bread. Verah ducked and the table crashed into Austin and the others.

To be continued

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