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Episode 3

Obiorah stood to his feet and asked to be given some water;which Austin gave to him.Obiorah drank the water so greedily that everyone in the living room could hear him as he gulped down each cup he poured out for himself.It was as if everyone in he living room was waiting for him to finish.He must have read the cue,so he spoke up “Michael is dead, and there is no debating it;however, whosoever brought him back to life,also took Angelique” “I don’t understand what you meant by that.Tell me what happened in Malta?” Queried Melinda. “Something we all never took serious happened on that Island nation six years ago.Perhaps it was what killed Michael.We can’t be sure that it was,but it is the only explanation we have for what is happening right now”, explained Obiorah, “But you haven’t told me what happened in Malta” remarked Melinda “Melinda it was called ‘The Riches of the Grave’.It is no business of yours,just stay out of it.Let those of us who made the choice to wish for ‘The Riches of the Grave’ face the consequences”, said Simon
Obiorah, Verah and Simon stood up to leave “Wait!Let me call him”,said Melinda and rang up Michael’s number,she made sure her phone was on loud speaker. “Hi Melinda how is the get-together going?Are you guys missing me?” Asked Michael. They all stared at each other in disbelieve. “You shouldn’t have missed it”,said Melinda “Can you put the guys on the phone let me speak with them?” “Speak on;the phone is on loud speaker” “Hi guys,it feels like forever! Did you guys miss me?” “Miss you? I don’t get it Michael.We buried you in your home town,Eku-Obhiosa,in Edo state six years ago,how come you are alive?” Asked Obiorah
Verah shouted “Oh my God!” pointing at Obiorah. A bloody fluid,with silvery mix was coming out of Obiorah’s nose.
Obiorah tried to wipe out whatever it was with his hand;but it seemed his effort unlocked a tap in his nostrils and the odd fluid began to flow out much more. In that moment,Obiorah slumped into an arm chair next to him gasping for breath. Austin and Simon picked up Obiorah and moved him into Simon’s car parked outside and drove him off to a hospital.


The next day,Melinda and her friend huddled up in a restaurant,talking in hushed voices as they tried very hard to figure out what was happening to them. While they explored every possible explanation put forward as to why they were dying in strange manners
Verah suddenly flung away her phone in her hand,swinging her head insanely and violently pulling at her hair. Her voice rent the air as she ran into the streets screaming. “AAAH! AAAH!”
Simon went after her and swiftly wrestled her to the ground.
In a moment of time passers-by gathered around Simon and Verah “Austin! Melinda! Someone help me! She is becoming too strong for me!”
On-lookers didn’t need any other invitation.
They lent their help and pin Verah on the ground.
Trust Nigerians, they always want to help; “Remove her shoes!” “No! Give her salt!” “No! She will run into the market! Give her red oil!” “Water! Water! Pour water on her!” A fat woman came out with a bucket of water and emptied it on Verah and the young men holding her to the ground. “Make way! Baba Oloye is here! He will cure her!”
At this point Melinda,kicked into action. “No! No! We don’t need native doctors to help her! Can anybody pray for her?” A sudden hush swept through the crowd. A few people in the slient crowd stared at her angrily “Please someone pray for my friend”, said Melinda amid tears “Madam if you no want make your friend die, allow Baba Oloye cure am”, said a man in the crowd. “No! I will pray for your friend madam”, said a man in the crowd.
Every one turned to see a lanky, haggard looking young man,clutching a gigantic bible in his right hand, made his way to Verah, Melinda was confused; she couldn’t tell who needed prayer more, whether the young man or Verah. The young man stooped close to Verah’s head and commanded “Thus foul spirit of insanity I adjure you by the name of Jesus, the Holy One come out of this woman and enter her no more!” in that very intance, Verah raised her head and spewed thick,slimy,mucus into his face and the crowd broke into a scornful laughter at the young man.
Melinda stood looking nonplussed and wishing she had allowed Baba Oloye to cure her friend. “Okay Baba I am sorry. Please help my friend”. “Can you see the problem with little children,you don’t know anything and yet you carry yourselves about with choking arrogance;I would have helped your friend since but you wouldn’t let me.
Shebi dey pray for am?Wetin kon happen..?” While Baba Oloye spoke,Verah cried “Get off me! You are breaking my hand!Simon what is it?” The crowd turned their attention to the woman on the ground.Simon and the volunteers got off her as she stood to her feet
Stealltily Baba Oloye took a walk and disappeared into the crowd.Melinda went over to the young man and tendered her apology for losing her faith in God. They exchanged numbers and he left.

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