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Story: THE LAST SURVIVORS-Episode 29


Episode 29

While Jeff left Austin and Melinda, Osoba assembled Melinda and the others to some corner of the hospital, “It is obvious we are going to spend the night in this hospital. I think we should have a plan on how to destroy the Circle of Stars and Michael once and for all. I have thought about it, we have three major objectives right now. We are to set Simon free, destroy the elders of the Circle of Stars and to get down to Michael’s grave to sent that scorpion against him and his followers. If any one has an idea about how we can achieve all these, please tell us”. “You left destroying Michael”, said Melinda. “Yes, we have to destroy Michael”, concurred Osoba. “We need to use the information we have against these people. The man we burnt told us that fire is one thing they dread; we have to find a way to use it against them. We also know that Michael is in Simon’s body”, said Austin “That is not all. Simon wants us to set him free, so he could take the battle to them………”

“How did you know that?” asked Etim. “We were attacked after you and Austin left to find a drug store or a hospital. I and Osoba heard Simon calling for help; he wants to be set free so he can fight them himself. He has been inside, he must know some things”, said Melinda. “We are not going to drive down there and ask them to release Simon or start a fight, are we?”
“We have to have a battle plan”, said Verah. “We are going to burn there temple down”, announced Osoba. “How do you intend to do that?” asked Austin. “Melinda your police friends will be our cover up. Do you think they would like to help?” “I have to talk to Jeff first, I don’t know if he would like the idea”. At this point Jeff returned with food packs and drinks and handed them to Austin and Melinda. Melinda took her own food and drink and dragged Jeff to a corner to seek his help in the fight against Michael and Circle of Stars. By this time some policemen had helped Osoba with driving his bus over to the hospital. While they ate their food and Melinda spoke with Jeff, the elderly woman who had helped bring Melinda and Ochuma to the hospital came back to check how they were doing. They had come to know her as Doctor Briggs, a retired medical doctor. Her brother, doctor Emeka, was the owner of the hospital.

While they bantered and laughed, Ochuma staggered out of his hospital room and announced. “The shadow scorpion is here! And this time it is not alone, there are many infernal spirit with it!” His words jolted all of them and they stood to their feet, their eyes darting about. Seeing their tense attitude to Ochuma’s declaration, Mrs Briggs asked Melinda, “What is the problem? What is a shadow scorpion?” “It is an evil spirit which has been hunting us. It comes like a scorpion in shadow or smoke form, and now it is not alone. Madam you have to evacuate this hospital. You have to get away now!” “No Melinda! We should rather leave! Let us draw it away from the hospital or people will get hurt”, said Etim “No way! Not in my brothers hospital! Demons are not allowed here! And none of you is going anywhere! SIKIRAT!” shout Doctor Briggs. A young nurse, Sikirat by name, ran to Doctor Briggs. She said to her, “Go call USMAN! Tell him to come here now! We have some demons to chase!” Sikirat took off to call Usman. “Madam you are making a mistake, you should let us go, you have no idea what these demons can do”, said Osoba. “Young man calm down! You have no idea what Usman will do to them when he comes”, “Who is Usman?” asked Verah “Our prayer band leader in church, he liked to deal with evil spirits. Just wait for him to come”. While they all waited for the spirits to manifest themselves, Anna, a much loved nurse in the hospital, came out of one of the wards whistling happily, she had no clue what was going on in the hospital. She was surprised to see policemen holding their guns as if they were waiting to battle robbers.

To be continued

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