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Episode 20

Everyone took the easiest means and escaped from the hospital. Austin, Osoba and the others went away in Osoba’s bus. When the demon possessed woman came outside, she saw people fleeing. With its target gone, the scorpion came out of the woman and dispersed into the air like smoke. The woman whom it had possessed slumpled to the ground bleeding; she must have died there with no medical staff around to attend to her.

At the temple of Circle of Stars, Simon is lying on a stone altar, next to him, on another altar is the burnt body of Michael. The elders of Circle of Stars are conjuring powers from Michael’s dead body into Simon’s body. At a certain stage during the ritual Michael’s dead body parted its mouth and an orange bubble-like material came out and rose in the air. One of the elders performing the ritual forced Simon’s mouth open and the orange bubble like material entered Simon’s body through his mouth. As soon as it entered Simon’s body, Simon began to vibrate like a man sitting in an eletric chair. His eyes opened wide and light rays began to shoot out of them like the rays of the sun. While Simon was thrashing about on the altar and his eyes shooting light rays, all the elders of Circle of Stars bowed down on their knees and said. “You are welcome back O Lord Michael!” Simon sat up from the altar and asked with Michael’s voice, “Why did you this? My time is gone, Simon should take my place!” The most senior of the elders of Circle of Stars, elder Okunowo, replied him “Simon refused to take your place, not even at the point of death. He left us with no choice than to transfer your spirit into his body my lord!” “Stand to your feet all of you! We have work to do. Simon is a strong man; he comes from a lineage of men who serve the Holy One. I know Simon, he will fight to retake his body; he has a strong, stubborn, violent spirit. His spirit will seek to undo my will”. “No my lord, he will do no such thing we have bottled his spirit. There it is”, responded Okunowo. Above the temple was a corked bottle of aromatic hot drink hanging by a thread. In it was a glowing cloud, its glow was brighter than day light.

Michael, in Simon’s body, smiled. Shook his head and said, “This body is not mine, I know the owner better than any of you; he will come for his body”. “Not while he is imprisoned in that bottle”, said Okunowo defiantly, Michael cast a demeaning look at him and asked, “Have you encountered the Holy One before? Simon believes in him”. Michael in Simon’s body jumped off the altar and bellowed, “I want to be updated on all that has been happening since my abscence”.

When Michael got to the steps of the temple on his way out, he paused and said, “Most importantly I want the heads of all the people who dug up my grave on that altar within the space of thrity six hours. Oh! There is an exception, bring me Melinda alive!” Michael decended the staircase, got into a car and a young man drove him off. The elders of Circle of Stars went back into the temple and poured honey on Michael’s body and massaged the honey into his body. They applied more honey on the body and after that they poured wax over it. They used layers of white cloth to wrap up the body. Then they put the body in a cone-like coffin and carried it into a dark room which they locked afterwards. The embalment was in line with the practice of an ancient persians from where their occult group Circle of Stars orginated. The Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Assyrians and Arabs used honey and wax for embalming their promment dead. The ancient persians and other ancient cultures kept the belief that the souls of the dead continue to live, and required food for their future maintenance after death, thinking otherwise the dead would starve.

According to this ancient concept, the body may be destoryed and denatured over time after death but the soul would live on, and if sustained properly would have the ability to return to earth.

Death was considered not so much the departure of the body, but the soul being freed from its earthly fetters. The soul after death was thought to be able to take flight to a future destination. Honey, symbolized death among many ancients cultures, an illusion perhaps to the sweetness that death would provide to the soul. Once Michael’s mission was completed his spirit would return to his body and the elders would give him a proper burial….

To be continued

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