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Episode 19

Osoba tore a piece of cloth off his shirt and bandaged the hand of Ochuma and led him out of the room to find doctors. Austin checked on Melinda and Verah and thankfully the two of them were fine. The other colleague of Osoba wasn’t moving as he lay on the floor; Austin touched him and called his name, “ETIM! Etim!! Etim!!!. Eventually Etim moved, but with much pain. One of the blades had carved his left thigh open. Austin bandaged it and asked him to lie still on the floor.

Osoba ran into the room alarmed, he told Austin and the others, “A woman has gone mad in the hospital, she is slicing nurses, doctors and fellow patients with surgical blade. We have to leave now, from what I saw of her, she is definitely much more than mad, something has possesed her. This is no longer a good place to get medical treatment”. While they hurried to leave the room, the woman with the surgical blade, stood in the doorway, forcing all of them back into the room. Her eyes were like those of Verah when she was possessed. They were hollow and filled with whirling dark smoke. She smiled at them all and asked, “How was the gift I sent to you all? Oh I see one of you is dead; he didn’t like my gift. Aw! That is bad”. She stepped into the room and waved her hand at the door and it closed. She continued, “You see you shouldn’t have dug up Michael’s grave and you shouldn’t have killed a serving lord of stars. What you did was an abomination, it has never happened before in the Three Hundred Thousands years since the Circle of Stars has been in existence. Now you can understand why we have to make an example of you all, so that no one else would ever try it again”.

Verah raised her voice and shouted, “I believe in the son of God Jesus Christ! In his name, I demand that you foul spirit desist in your manipulation of this woman in whose body you are and come out now!” The woman with the surgical blade began to turn her head unnaturally from left to right with amazing swiffness. The woman started to vibrate all over, dropped the surgical blade in her hand and began to slowly go down on her knees. She hit the floor on both knees and hands, breathing heavily; for no concervable reason she sprang to her feet, grabbed an iron bed next to her and raised it to crush Austin and the others. Verah whose faith had grown bolder stepped forward and demanded, “Be still you agent of darkness! In Jesus Name hold your peace!” The iron bed which the woman had raised summersaulted in her hand and knocked her flat on the floor, leaving her face soaked in blood. Melinda saw it come out of the woman, she shouted, “Jesus! Look at that! What is that thing?” Osoba was the only one who saw a part of it before it disappeared into the passage way, went after it.

However as soon as the giant smoke-like scorpion went into the passage, it climbed the wall and hung itself on the ceiling waiting to jump on another person. The others followed behind Osoba shouting all sorts of verses of the bible and the name of Jesus. They didn’t know what Melinda saw or what Simon went after, but they were certain it was evil.

Osoba ran as far as the reception looking for it. When the others caught up with him they asked, “What are you chasing?” “It was black like a scorpion; the only difference is that it moved like a smoke or cloud”. “I saw it come out of the woman that attacked us”, added Melinda, “I think I have understood it now. This evil creature must be what took hold of Verah when she attacked Melinda. It must have been hanging around the hospital looking for some other person to possess so it can attack us. The elders of Circle of Stars must have sent it here to kill us all”. Austin had hardly finished his statement when they saw the woman who had attacked them bearing down heavily at them, her face covered in blood and dragging a drip infusion stand behind her. The scorpion had retaken possession of her. They all ran to Osoba’s bus, where Ochuma was being attended to by a doctor and some nurses. The medical staff in the hospital had fled outside when the woman went berserk with a surgical blade. From the manner Melinda and Verah were shouting the doctors and nurses outside knew the woman was back…..

To be continued

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