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Episode 16

Verah stood to her feet and staggered terribly, the nurse had to put her hand around Verah to keep her from falling. “Madam are you okay?” asked the nurse. Verah tried to speak but could not, she just nodded to the nurse. The two of them walked to Melinda’s hospital room not saying a word to each other. When they got into the room, the nurse pushed the door open and let Verah in and walked away. Verah picked her step as she walked into the room. Melinda was alone lying on the bed. When Melinda heard the creak she turned to see who it was, she was expecting to see Austin, it had been a while since he went to buy some things in the street.
“Hi Verah! You came to see me. That’s very nice of you. I have been wondering how you are doing”. Verah didn’t say a word to Melinda. It was very unlike her. Melinda quickly suspected something was wrong with her friend, so she sat up on her bed and asked. “Verah what is wrong with you?” By this time Verah was very close to her. Finally Verah spoke and when she did. It was as if several men were inside of her trying to speak at the same time. “Melinda run! You are dead! You dug up Micheal’s grave! Burn in hell!” Verah tited her head upward and groaned like a beast, “Hoaah!!!!” The light blubs in the room and the glass windows shattered at Verah shout. Melinda sprang from her bed and made for the door, but sadly she was too weak. Verah turned with a kind of swiftness only achievable by a supernatural being and grabbed Melinda from behind and flung her back on the bed. By this time Verah’s sunglass had fallen off and what Melinda saw in place of her eyes was a pair of dark spots swelling like the waves of the sea, Melinda knew whoever was in front of her was no longer her friend Verah; she had to fight or die. Meanwhile the hospital staff who heard Verah’s monstrous groan, came running to Melinda’s room to know what it was. Through the glass portion of the door they could see the fight going in the room but could not come in. A powerful force had held the door shut, all they could do was shout and bang on the door. When Verah turned and the hospital staff saw her eyes. They fled from the door, screaming insanely as they ran.

Back in the room Verah was holding the kitchen knife in her hand and was thrusting it at Melinda with speed too fast for her to defend. The knife was slashing Melinda’s body as she did her best to defend herself. At some point Melinda was able to get under the bed and crept out behind Verah. Close to Melinda was a drip infusion stand, she held it firmly with both hands, liffted it and with all her might, crashed it into Verah’s skull. Much to Melinda’s shock, Verah didn’t move, the drip infusion stand just bounced off her as if she hit it against a wall. Verah came at Melinda again, leaving her no chioce but to use the drip infusion stand a second time. Melinda lifted the stand and plunged it into Verah’s chest and screamed “Be gone in the name of Jesus!” The force sent Verah against the wall; she came off the wall leaving it stained with blood when she hit the floor. She lay still.

Melinda slowly sat down on the floor bleeding all over from knife wounds. The door which had been shut opened of its own accord letting in Pastor Idika and Austin who had been watching the horror from outside through the glass portion on the door.

Austin went to Melinda and hugged her, but Melinda screamed painfully, Pastor Idika ran out of the room to call doctors, he knew Melinda need immediate treatment. When the doctors came into the room. They could not belive their eyes, the floor and the wall were stained with blood. They quickly put Melinda on a stretcher and wheeled her to the theater; she had been badly cut by Verah’s knife.

To be continued

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