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Episode 15

Verah was so scared she instinctively
b@nged the kitchen door close, shut herself in and began to shout, “Holy Ghost Fire!” “Holy Ghost Fire!” Holy Ghost Fire!” She must have shouted ‘Holy Ghost Fire!’ For about fifteen minutes before she opened the kitchen door to see if he was still there. With no sigh of him in the room, Verah dashed in to pick her handbag and flee from her apartment. While she hurriedly stuffed her hand bag with few of her belongings, smoke began to emit from the kitchen which she had left. She couldn’t figure out the source of the smoke; she made to flee from the room when she got to the door, curiosity got the better of her and she thought to check it out. Quietly she tiptoed to the kitchen and opened the door. Standing in the kitchen was her dead grandmother, preparing the Quaker Oat she had abandoned in fear.

Amazingly there was not a trace of smoke in the kitchen, Verah yelled, “Jesus!” Before she could take a step to flee from her sight, her dead grandmother spinned around like a whirlpool, transformed into a thick dark smoke and moved into Verah’s body. Verah landed on the floor with the sort of force that should have cracked her skull, but amazingly nothing happened to her.

After some twenty minutes of lying on the floor, her eyes opened wide, looking very dark and hallow like there was no substance in them. She stood to her feet, went over to her mirror and checked her eyes before the mirror. She took a dark sunglass from a table and put it on, went into the kitchen and removed a knife from a drawer, stuffed it into her hand bag and left to pay Austin and Melinda a visit at the hospital.

She didn’t use her car; she rather flagged down a taxi and told the driver where to take her. Immediately she sat in the cab, the taxi driver felt goosebumps all over him, his head felt like it had swollen and increased in size. The driver tried to drive off but for a moment felt he couldn’t see the steering. He bent down and did what an average Nigeria would do, he prayed. As soon as he began to mumble prayers to God, Verah swiftly closed her ears with her two hands and shouted at the driver “Drive!”

As though her shout propelled him, the driver started his car and sped off. After driving for some minutes under the spell of her command, the taxi driver suddenly applied the brake and asked Verah to get off his car. Verah asked him why she should get off his car; the driver replied that he had to go pick his son from school. Verah surprised him. “The last thing you did before you picked me was to drop off your son, Samson, with your wife”.

The taxi driver was shocked and shouted. “You are the offspring of the devil please get off my car!” Verah simply replied. “I command you to die!” As soon as she declared that, the taxi driver began to smash his head on the steering. While the driver was smashing his head on the steering, Verah stepped out of his cab, stopped another taxi and it drove her away. The driver continued to bang his head on the steering until he bled to death. A spirit had jumped on him when Verah spoke those words.

When Verah got to the hospital and alighted from the taxi, she amiably paid the driver and asked him to keep the balance. She walked into the hospital reception and asked to see Melinda, after the receptionist was satisfied with the information she provided about herself, she asked her to sit down and wait for a nurse to take her to the ward where Melinda was. While Verah waited in the reception, she began to hear a faint voice in her head calling out, “Verah fight it! You can fight it! Verah fight it! You are no murderer!” Verah focused her attention on the voice and could tell it was Simon’s Voice. She whispered back to the voice. “I can’t help it Simon”. “You can fight it Verah! Fight it! You have been through worse……..” The voice in her head faded to nothing. Verah grabbed her head with both hands as if to keep it from imploding from the inside. Just then a nurse came out and the receptionist said. “Madam you can follow her, she will take you to your friend”.

To be continued

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