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Episode 14

“Mr Austin, Melinda is ready to see you now”, said a nurse “Thank God! I can’t wait to see her” The nurse led Austin to the hospital room where Melinda was being nursed. When Melinda saw Austin a lovely smile enveloped her face. “I thought I had lost you. Thank God you are back”,he sat on her hospital bed and took her left hand in his two hands and kissed the back of it “Don’t worry baby I am not going anywhere yet” Melinda smiled and asked “Tell me,did we kill that son of Lucifer,Michael?” “I believe we did. According to Osoba we did. I think from what Simon is going through now,Michael is dead” “What’s happening to Simon?” “Simon could become the next Lord of Stars. He had lost his mind and is under the care of the elders of Circle of Stars as we speak” “You can’t be serious! Austin you are wrong. How did he lose his mind?” “Osoba has been my source to all these. He claims that Michael chose Simon as his replacement before his death. I don’t understand how that is possible, Simon has never been a member of the Circle of Stars, so I am wondering how he could be made their new Lord” “We have to save our friend Austin,we have to save Simon” “Yes but you have to get well first” “I am well right now” “No you are not!”
“How is Verah? When we were at the grave Simon said she wasn’t fine” “She is fine now. But I am afraid for her” “Why are you afraid of her? Austin you are not telling me everything” “You need to be protected! I can’t tell you everything now. Get well first!” Melinda began to cough gently at first, and then began to jerk. The bandage on her neck got soaked with blood. Her eyes began to flicker. Something was clearly trying to choke her. Austin panicked and began to shout “Melinda! What is it! Doctor!” A doctor and some nurses ran into the room. At first sight they could tell that Melinda was in the throes of death. “What did you do to her Mr Austin?” asked the doctor in charge of Melinda’s case. “Nothing. We were talking and suddenly she began to cough”

“We are losing her! Get me the defibrillator!” Shouted Melinda’s doctor. A nurse handed him the defibrillator. The doctor applied the defibrillator on Melinda’s chest wall and she jolted. The doctor paused and studied her heart beat on the monitor. The doctor applied the defibrillator a second time and got a cold response from Melinda. She lay lifeless on the bed with her hand hanging loosely from the bed. The doctor turned and faced Austin “She is gone. Are you sure you did nothing to her?” “I did nothing to her Doctor! And you are wrong she isn’t dead!” Austin ran to Melinda’s bed and began to pound his hands on her cold, lifeless body,shouting “Melinda wake up! This is not how we planned it to end! You can’t leave me this way!” The doctor and the nurses allowed him to grief a bit over her body and pulled him away from her. A nurse pulled a white cloth over her body and the doctor put his hand around Austin and began to lead him out of the room. When they got to the door Melinda sat up from the bed and yelled with a shrill voice “H-e-l-p! Austin help me? He is killng me!” She slumped back on the bed and went cold. Austin, the doctor and the nurses ran back to her bed to attend to her. They had got a hang of it; whatever was happening to Melinda was spirtual. One of the nurses in the room shouted “Oh my God! This is the work of an evil spirit. I can see it. I can see a shadow standing by Melinda’s bed!” The nurse began to run out of the room. The doctor and the other nurses follow suit. Austin stood his ground and commanded “You foul spirit I command you in the name of Jesus leave this place now!” As he shouted he felt sharp claws ripping his flesh from behind his back. Austin went down to the ground yelling in pain. The nurse who clamed she had seen the evil shadow returned with PASTOR IDIKA. Pastor Idika,was an evangelist “In the name of Jesus I command you foul spirit of death be gone!” commanded Idika. A violent wind blew through the window,shattering the glass as it went through, in that moment Melinda sat up on the bed panting heavily. Austin dragged himself and went over to Melinda and hugged her
“I don’t know who you two are, but I can tell you are in grave danger. You have a great battle coming your way. But on the other hand make sure you don’t leave her alone in this place by night”,said pastor Idika “Thank pastor;but we don’t know your name”,remarked Melinda “I am Pastor Idika Ojigwe. I work with the Jesus army” “My name is Austin & she is Melinda my fiancee” After pastor Idika left, Austin & Melinda began to brainstorm on how to survive their stay at the hosiptal

While they thought, someone visited Verah where she was hiding. She was in the hutch which served as kitchen to the little appartment, when she heard noise in the room. She could have sworn she securely locked her door when she returned from buying snacks. She peeped into the room to see what it was & there he was, sitting down & smiling like in old times.

To be continued

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