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Episode 10

Melinda was moving her hands frantically on the bed, trying very hard to shut out the images of her dead friends she had seen in the restuarant. She felt her right hand touch some glossy object on the bed; none of them had noticed it when they entered the room. She picked it up and looked at it. She screamed the moment she saw what was on it and flung it. Austin went after the object she threw away. While he went for the object, Melinda continued to scream. Austin picked up the object and looked at it; the object was a picture showing the faces of Angelique, Lanre, Obiorah and Melinda in their middle. Austin turned its back and on it was written “Melinda, please help your friends, dig up Michael’s grave”. Austin ran back to Melinda to show her the message. The message on the back of the photograph left a thoughtful mien on her face.

“What do we do? Your friends want the grave dug up Melinda”, “Oh God, help me to be strong against this evil. Dear God my dead friends are depending on me, help me not to fail them..” she paused “Austin, dig up that grave! Even if we die doing it”, said Melinda resolutely. Austin picked up his phone and dialed up Osoba “Hello Osoba, I think we are now ready to dig up Michael grave”
“Austin, I will be very glad to do it. I think I found out who is in that grave and who the guy called Michael really is”
“Who is the guy?” “Austin meet me in Benin by tomorrow morning. I will tell you all you need to know about Michael and th grave” “Okay Osoba, I and Melinda will catch a flight to Benin by morning”

“Baby, Osoba claims to have solved the riddle about Micheal and his grave”.

With first flight Melinda & Austin touched down in Benin the next day and went straight to their rendezvous point, Osoba walked into the restaurant with two young men and came over to their table. They exchanged greetings and got down to business “We want to hear all you have discovered about Michael and his grave”, said Austin “Michael actually died in Malta. However what killed him was not ‘The Riches of the Grave’. On the contray. The Riches of the Grave brought him back to life. Michael is alive like anybody else you know, yet he had one time been dead. His death has absolutely nothing to do with Melinda’s dead friends”, Osoba emphasized Melinda cut in “What killed my friend?”
“Michael has never been who any of you thought him to be. Michael is the current Lord of the Circle of stars. The guy you call Michael is the Lord off Circle of stars in sub-saharan Africa. Sorry to burst your bubbles, Michael killed your friends to become the current Lord of stars. The ritual which your friends performed in Malta, was Michael’s plan. The Iranian witch doctor was a member of the Circle of stars. And Michael controls the dead”. “I was dragged into a valley full of dead” interjected Melinda. “What you saw was probably the souls they have killed through the years”, explained Osoba “Hold on Osoba, did Michael kill Melinda’s friends just to rise as the Lord of stars?” “No Austin. Michael was required to that. However Michael could not become the Lord of stars without tasting death. Melinda friends were chosen and diabolically manipuleted to choose Michael’s destiny. By that ritual, all those who took part of it, gave up their souls, stars and their bodies to Michael. When he rose from the dead he became the Lord of their stars. Let me be a bit more precise, Michael is the Lord of Verah’s and Simon’s stars-destiny, if we don’t stop him now, somehow he will get to them”.

“Jesus! Michael did all these? He is the devil himself! I could have been like one of my friends!” Exclaimed Melinda. “How did he come back to life and who is in his grave?” Asked Austin. “The elders of the Circle of stars brought him back to life after his death in Malta. Like I said it was required for him to die and wake through The Riches of the Grave for him to become the Lord of the Circle of stars. And believe me when I say this, Michael attened his own burial. He was around the day a shade was lowered into the earth as Michael. Michael can do things beyond anyone’s imagination because he has the army of the dead at his disposal. Both few he has killed and the ones killed by the members over the years.They knew their bodies was trophies and used them to their biddings. The souls of the dead are there slaves” “What do you mean by a shade?”
“A shade is a dying member of the Circle of stars, who donated his body for certain rituals to be performed on it to hold the souls of the dead whom his new master has killed, and to keep the bond between them as the Lord and slaves. This is what I mean, through a shade;a star Lord can summon the souls of those he had killed. Particularly those ones who took part in the rituals of the Riches of the Grave. By the way the Riches of the Grave means the riches of the star lord who died but has risen to command the riches of his dead ones-those he he killed or will killed through The Riches of the Grave”.

To be continued

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