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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 9

2 days later,
Jane is seen lying beside Charles after a very hot love making session. The two love birds are seen breathing heavily

Jane’s side of the story continues,

‘’my love you always leave me breathless, let’s go one more round’’ Charles breathed into my ear, turning me on once again. He had this energy Val lacked; perhaps it was because he was jobless or maybe because he appeared stronger.

‘’no I have to get going’’ I breathed, sitting up.

‘’leaving me all alone again’’ he complained with a frown.

‘’I have a job for you. Something that will fetch you good money’’ I breathed with a smile, changing the topic.

‘’so what kind of job is it?’’ he asked with great interest. I licked my lips.

‘’it’s a simple job. All you need to do is get rid of one little girl for me. I will be travelling with Val in two days. I will give my brother your contact. He will be the one to brief and negotiate with you’’ I explained while he left his eyes on me.

‘’so who is the little girl?’’ he curiously asked. I rolled my eyes, breathed deeply and got out of the bed.

‘’just be patient and wait for my brother’s call. Please don’t mess this up’’ I replied as I dressed up.

‘’hmmmmmm Jane what are you turning into’’ he murmured with a smile, licking his lips.


2:22pm, two days later

As Val and I waited at the airport for the plane taking us to Abuja to be ready, I smiled with satisfaction. All my plans were working out as I wanted. I was able to convince Val to go on vacation with me. I was able to steal his mother’s jewelries which I hid with some of mine in Isadora’s bag. Everything was going so perfectly well. None of my plans had ever failed me and I was so sure before the end of the next day that poor Isadora would end up like her parents. Yes I really felt for the poor girl but there wasn’t any other choice than to get rid of her. It was either her life or that of my entire family. It was my first time of orchestrating someone’s death but I was doing it for my family and every other person out there would do the same.

I threw a quick look at Val and shook my head. He was the ideal man of every lady. Young, tall, ambitious and calm but unfortuantely the boring type. He preferred his books more than anything and our love play, love making was really too poor. I really wanted to love him with all my heart but he wasn’t helping matters. I couldn’t help but wonder how we would live our married life since our courtship was so boring.

The announcement for the next flight soon broke my thoughts. I threw another look at him and met his gaze.

‘’let’s go baby’’ he muttered with a smile.


later in the evening

Location: Sheraton hotel,
Abuja, Nigeria

I stood close to the window, stared out and smiled at the wonderful scene before me. Yes I admit Val had great taste and money to get whatever he wanted. There wasn’t any denying he wanted to make me very happy. I really wished he was Charles. Charles’s image appeared in my head that moment, breaking into my mind. I instantly tried shaking it off.

‘’my love I want to meet a publisher friend of mine downstairs, I will be back shortly’’’ Isoon heard Val whisper from behind as she kissed my neck. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. He was gone before I could even reply.

I shrugged, reached for my bag and grabbed my phone. It was time to report my missing jewelries’ to his mum. It was time to kick Isadora out of the house.


6:30pm, Enugu, Nigeria

Isadora’s side of the story continues

I was at the kitchen with Martha when Val’s mum walked in with a scowl. My heart jumped on seeing her in such mood. Actually it was my first time of seeing her looking angry.

‘’Jane just reported to me that some of her jewelries are missing. Did any of you take it?’’ she asked, throwing a quick look at Martha before leaving her eyes on me. I shook inside.

‘’no I didn’t see or take any jewelry’’ I replied quickly as Martha shook her head.

‘’nothing has ever missed in this house before and Martha has been with me for ages. You are the only person I can suspect if anything goes missing for now. So let’s go to your room. You will have to search yourself there. Martha kindly follow us’’ Val’s mum ordered while I quickly headed to my room with a clear conscience because I had nothing to hide.

On getting to my room which really had only a mattress, my clothes and a bag inside, I pulled up the mattress before grabbing my small bag, quickly spilling the contents on the floor and out of nowhere; a neatly wrapped polythene bag fell out.

I nervously opened the polythene and saw the shock of my life. There were the jewelries’ staring at my face, about six of them.

‘’oh my god including mine’’ Val’s mum screamed with shock as she took a peep into the polythene. I closed my eyes and bit my lips. I knew I was finished. I knew my stay in that house was over. I couldn’t imagine who would do such a thing to me because everyone had been kind to me, unless of course Martha but I was only there to assist her with the chores. She’s supposed to be happy and not jealous.

I stared at Martha with eyes filled with tears.

‘’why?’’ I asked her as Val’s mum landed a quick slap on my face.

To be continued

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