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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 8

Two days later

Jane is seen in her family sitting room seriously discussing with her parents and siblings. The atmosphere in the room looks very tense

Jane’s side of the story continues,

‘’there is no other option now than to get rid of the girl before it gets late. We have to act now. This is serious and if it isn’t handled properly the whole family could end up in jail’’ dad breathed softly as he stared at the DNA result for the umpteenth time. Yes everyone looked scared. We all knew what could happen if Isadora discovers the truth. My life and every one of us in the family would be a mess. There wasn’t any doubt the only solution was to get rid of the girl as soon as possible.

‘’we have a good plan already’’ I breathed with a nervous smile.

‘’getting rid of Isadora won’t be easy as long as she’s in that house. So the best way is to get her out of the house first and I’m working on it already’’ I added while my mother smiled to encourage me.

‘’yes so tell us how far you have gotten?’’ dad asked curiously.

‘’I plan convincing Val my fiancĂ©e to take me out on a little vacation and before we leave, I will hide some of my jewelries’ plus some of my mother in law’s stones inside the girl’s bag. Then a day after I would call my mother in law on phone and report my missing stuffs to her. She won’t have any choice than to search Isadora’s bag where she would discover both her things and mine. She won’t hesitate to kick the girl out of the house and mum as usual would be there to pick her up. Mum will offer to help her find another place and then take her away’’ I narrated confidently while my brothers listened and nodded in delight.

‘’that’s a good plan but I hope it works out very well’’ dad breathed in resignation.

‘’yes that’s the only easy way we can have her back in our hands without raising suspicion’’ mum answered.

‘’yes and I know how everyone in that house behaves. I can assure you it will work perfectly’’ I assured him.

‘’so what do we do with the girl when you get her back? ‘One of my brothers asked

‘’get rid of her of course. Your men can handle that’’ mum quickly replied, looking straight at dad.

‘’no I can’t involve my men in such frivolous thing. We are talking about a little girl here’’ dad muttered quickly.

‘’fine I have a friend who can carry out the task. All he needs is good money’’ I offered, calming the tension in the room. Yes it was a rare opportunity for Charles to make the money he desperately wanted. He was just the right man for the job. He wasn’t a big time criminal neither was he a petty criminal. He was just in the middle of the two. A man who would do anything to survive.


Val’s side of the story continues

Nervously I headed to the kitchen once again in search of Isadora. This time I wasn’t searching for her to disturb her peace, rather to give her some novels I got for her. The previous day I saw her reading a torn discarded novel she picked from the trash which really prompted me to get her the books.

On getting to the kitchen, I saw her sitting quietly. She quickly stood on sighting me. I smiled and drew close.

‘’I got you some books’’ I breathed with a smile, drawing closer to her. She stared at me suspiciously for some seconds before smiling.

‘’I know you like novels and these books will give you the company you need’’ I added, offering the books to her.

‘’thanks so much for your kindness’’ she muttered pleasantly as she delightfully took the books from me. I smiled, turned and headed out of the kitchen but on getting to the door, she stopped me.

‘’please wait’’ I suddenly heard her stay. I stopped and stared at her curiously.

‘’I don’t know how to say this but I just have to’’ she breathed, stopping for some seconds.

‘’I had a very terrible dream last night about you and sometimes my dreams do come to past. I don’t need to bore you with details of my past dreams that came to past but please you just need to be careful’’ she stammered while I stared at her speechlessly. I wasn’t a superstitious guy. I never believed in dreams but there was something about her that made me a little scared.

‘’last night I saw you lying helplessly in your car with a knife stuck in your chest. Before I could get close enough to help you, your car went up in flames. Please be prayerful and careful’’ she poured out while I smiled faintly.

‘’don’t worry about that it’s just a dream’’ I assured her but no matter how hard I tried for the rest of that day I couldn’t keep the scary story out of my head.

hours later in the night
‘’my love you haven’t been yourself since I got back to the country. I think we need a little vacation. We need to be all alone on an island, in a resort to catch some fun’’ Jane breathed into my ear, kissing me. I closed my eyes as I thought of her suggestion which kind of appeared okay to me. Yes I needed to be away from the house and all alone with her to focus on our relationship and possibly kick Isadora out of my mind. Having a relationship with Isadora was something that was never going to work and the best thing I could do was to see her as a sister that needed help.

‘’yes you are right. Just get everything about the trip sorted out ’’ I accepted softly, leaving a mile of satisfaction on Jane’s face. There wasn’t any doubt she loved me and all she wanted was the best for me.

Meanwhile at the far end of the house, Isadora is seen sweating heavily and sitting on her bed. She just had another terrible dream but this time it wasn’t about Val but about herself. In the dream she found herself in a burning house as a man and a woman screamed for help while another man stood before them with a knife in his hand, smiling as he watched the couple bleed to death before the raging fire swallowed them

Charles is equally seen in his room that very moment plotting his own plan on how to get rid of Val. A revenge plan he nurtured right from the first day Val came between him and Jane. Something he cleverly hid from Jane.

There wasn’t any doubt the future was going to be explosive for everyone.

To be continued

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