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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 7

Val’s side of the story continues from the previous episode

I woke up that morning to notice Jane wasn’t on the bed. I couldn’t help but wonder where she could have gone so early. My thoughts however soon drifted to Isadora and I smiled to myself as I made my way to the bathroom to clean up. Deep down I really couldn’t tell what I actually wanted from the poor girl. I was engaged to Jane for crying out loud and having an affair with another girl right under the same roof was really, really crazy. What I felt for Isadora was something I really couldn’t define. The passion, the urge, the spirit to be with her. Yes it made me look stupid and irresponsible but I cared less.

After breakfast I headed to the backyard to search for Isadora and luckily found her alone sweeping the backend of the compound. She nervously stopped her work and suspiciously stared at me as I drew close.

‘’Isadora’’ I breathed with a smile.

‘’good morning sir’’ she greeted, making me a bit uncomfortable with her response.

‘’how was your night?’’ I stammered like a guy who suddenly lost his voice before his crush.

‘’I’m fine but I really wish to ask you something’’ she breathed while I nodded curiously.

‘’please what exactly do you want from me. Why are you always showing up before me?’’ she suddenly asked, throwing me off balance with the question. Yes I never expected such question from her and for some seconds I couldn’t find the appropriate answer to give.

‘’errh you know the event that first brought us together is something I can’t ignore. I feel we have a connection and I want to be your good friend’’ I stammered with a smile.

‘’you are my friend and boss sir. I don’t know what else you want. But please whatever you try to do or say to me remember you are engaged to Madam Jane and she’s my friend as well. Remember her mother brought me here and I could end up telling her how you have been showing up to talk to me at odd hours because I don’t want anyone to suspect me. I like you sir but please don’t ruin my respect for you or make me lose my job’’ she muttered fearlessly, leaving me stunned with her words. I swallowed hard as I stared at her with disbelief. Yes she told me nothing but the truth and her mind but somehow it appeared as an insult to me. Luckily Jane showed up that moment from nowhere, breaking the tension.

‘’hmmmm seems like I’m always seeing you with the new girl lately’’ she breathed with a suspicious smile as she drew close and pecked me.

‘’you are funny’’ I managed to mutter, smiling back.

‘’so where went you?’’ I asked as I stared at the polythene back she held.

‘’I rushed home to get some clothes for Isadora. She’s my friend’’’ she breathed with a smile. I shrugged and left them alone.


Isadora’s side of the story continues

‘’wow thanks so much madam’’ I screamed with delight as I checked out the beautiful clothes Jane brought for me.

‘’your life story touched me and from now onwards see me as your one and only friend’’ Jane replied while I nodded with delight as tears of joy filled my eyes. I couldn’t believe I could find so much love in the house. First her mother brought me to a house that treated me well and then this. I couldn’t believe the world could have such lovely people.

‘’I also have other plans for you. You can’t be a house help for ever. So if you have the head to study I can assist you further your education’’ she suddenly offered while more tears dropped down from my eyes. Yes I liked val. I wanted him for myself but the last thing I would do was stabbing dear Jane on the back. Moreover with the way Val was disturbing me, I felt he was just out to take advantage of me. The only difference in his case was that I liked him too.

‘’I did very well in my waec. I have the head to study’’ I breathed happily.

‘’good so how about your genotype and blood group. I hope you have checked out yours?. Every girl knows hers’’ she suddenly asked, leaving me uncomfortable with the question.

‘’I don’t know mine but is it really important?. I don’t understand’’ I asked. She smiled deeply.

‘’don’t worry, this evening I will take you to a hospital to have the test done. So relax’’ she assured me, smiled once again and left without another word while I concentrated on checking out my new clothes over and over. I was so happy. I felt so lucky.

Later that evening, Jane took me to a hospital down town to have the test carried out. Seriously I really didn’t know why she attached so much importance to it but I had nothing to lose or worry.

(We didn’t spend up to fifteen minutes there)
‘’if you ever need anything, Don’t hesitate to ask me’’ Jane assured me when we returned from the hospital.

‘’come on you have done enough already’’ I breathed with all my spirit.

‘’no I have done nothing’’ she smiled.

‘’thank you’’ I breathed, smiled and headed to my room.


As soon as Isadora headed to her room, Jane is seen making a quick phone call……..

‘’it went well mum. I was able to get her to the hospital. The result will be out in two days. If she turns out to be the girl, we will then start the plan b which is getting her out of the house

To be continued

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