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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 3

Isadora’s side of the story continues

We got to Enugu city later that evening and after his last passenger dropped, Obiora took me to his house, a neatly furnished one bedroom self contained apartment.

‘’this is where I manage for now. Please feel free here’’ he breathed pleasantly as he led me into the room, making me feel very much relaxed. Yes at first I was a little nervous following him to his house but his behavior and calmness made me feel relaxed. I looked up at him with great gratitude.

‘’Thanks so much for helping me. I never expected this kind of help from a guy’’ I muttered pleasantly while he blushed.

‘’I’m going out to buy food from the woman down the street. You can use the opportunity to bath and change your clothes. There is water in the bathroom’’ he added, smiled and left the room while I softly sat down on the bed and cried for a while.

No one had shown me such kindness before and I prayed for him not have any ulterior motive. Slowly I got hold of my emotions, took my bath and freshened up before he returned with the food he bought.

Together we ate like young lovers or should I say siblings. He cracked lots of jokes that made me feel totally at home but unknown to me he was only trying to work his way to my pant and it wasn’t long before I discovered the reason behind his kindness.

Not soon after we settled down to sleep, he began touching me. Yes of course I had opted to sleep on the floor which I was very much used to but he objected, begging me to sleep on the bed. I hesitantly accepted and had barely settled down before he softly began touching and caressing me, totally unsettling me.

It really was one of the most difficult moments of my life. I was under his roof in a strange city. The last thing I wanted was upsetting him and I also couldn’t afford giving myself to him. I only saw him as a friend, as an angel sent to save me. Moreover it was too early to develop sexual feelings for him. I battled with myself as I tried to figure out the most appropriate way to stop his action. Tears slowly filled up my eyes.

Perhaps pushed by my silence, he slowly reached for my brea.sts, slowly reaching for the nearest one like a snake. I couldn’t take it anymore and gently pushed his hand away. He reached forward again and I dodged his hand. He tried over and over and I objected, getting him pissed off. He sighed, jumped out of the bed and switched on the light.

‘’my dear why can’t you allow me?’’ he asked curiously, a frown showing on his face.

‘’because I don’t love you yet. We just met today. I hardly know you’’ I breathed softly, praying for him to understand. He scoffed with disbelief.

‘’seriously?’’ he asked.

‘’yes please. I beg you in the name of God, just let me be tonight. I will leave your house early tomorrow. I’m grateful for all you did for me today’’ I begged, sitting up at the same time.

‘’we barely know each other right?, but I assisted you, I brought you to my house. I gave you food. I saved you from being embarrassed and humiliated at the motor park. Come on’’ he urged, drew close and sat beside me. I shook my head and stood up.

‘I’m sorry but I can’t sleep with you. It’s not right’’ I begged.
‘’is there anything I can do to change your mind?, I’m a guy. I have needs’’ he pleaded.

‘’nothing you can do. Please let me tonight’’ I begged.

‘’very well then you will have to leave my house now’’ he hissed, shocking me with his words.

‘’This night?’’ I asked with great fear.

‘’Yes, I can’t sleep in the same room with you and not do anything. I just can’t’’ he murmured, looking down.

‘’but Sleep with me and have the chance of a relationship plus a roof over your head or you can leave now and most definitely get raped by street boys who will discard you after the act, which do you prefer?’’ he asked, looking up to meet my gaze. I swallowed hard as I bit my lips. Yes I was desperate to leave home at all cost but I never thought or bargained of something like this. It never came to my mind. I was totally troubled and indecisive. Moreover I was a virgin and couldn’t just give out my virginity in a platter. It was something I had to give out with love, pure love and willingness.


Val’s side of the story continues 
from same evening
I returned home after a very fruitless search of my Cinderella to meet my fiancée Jane and my mother waiting for me in the sitting room. I couldn’t look any of them in the eye. I kind of felt embarrassed over the fruitless journey I just had.

‘’where went you Val and why haven’t you been picking your calls?, don’t tell me you are trying to avoid Jane or getting cold feet all of a sudden?’’ mum asked while I forced out a smile.

‘’I’m so sorry mum, I’m so sorry Jane. It’s just my new book. My head is just not there anymore’’ I lied.

‘’then you have to take a break. You are self employed and so you can take a break anytime you want’’ Jane quickly chipped in, standing and walking up to me. I smiled and hugged her. There wasn’t any doubt she loved me and yes I kind of felt very guilty over abandoning everything in search of a village girl I knew nothing about.

However no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get back to my old self and my performance In bed that same night was so dull and poor that Jane easily noticed.

‘’my love you are really not yourself. Just look at your performance. You weren’t just into it. You used to share everything with me before I travelled and I know this isn’t because of the new book you are writing. I was there when the last one was published and you were never like this. Are you in some kind of trouble or are you tired of me?’’ she asked with fear like a woman in love and I kind of felt bad over the direction my mind was heading. The last thing I wanted was breaking her noble heart but with the way my mind was running I wasn’t even sure of myself.

‘’this isn’t right’’ I breathed to myself over and over.

To be continued

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