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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 20

Isadora’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

‘’my god, assuming I knew you were still a virgin I wouldn’t have dared doing this. You deserve a better man, not someone like me who is about marrying another. Come let’s go to the toilet and clean you up’’ Val begged, dragging me to the toilet as I if I was a little girl. Yes I really wasn’t happy with the way he acted. I felt kind of humiliated and sour. This was supposed to be a memorable and special day for me but his attitude made me feel really bad, ashamed and inferior.

‘’I’m very sorry Isadora. I never meant to take advantage of you. Please just say yes to me and we will leave this town together to start a new life far away. Let’s run away together. I beg of you. Let’s go start all over somewhere else’’ he suddenly pleaded while I stared at him with confusion. I couldn’t make out the reason for such sudden request.

‘’why do you want us to run away together? Are you fleeing from something?’’ I asked curiously.
‘’yes I want to flee from my old life. I want to start a new better life with you. Please just say yes and we leave this minute’’ he pushed on immensely. I breathed deeply and shook my head. Running away with him was never part of my plan even though there was this youthful urge to take the chance of adventure.

‘’I’m sorry but I can’t. I still have things to do and after today you might be seeing another version of me’’ I replied, leaving him confused with my answer. But before he could talk, I held him and stared into his eyes. I was in love with this guy. He meant very much to me but it was unfortunate things weren’t as they were supposed to be.

‘’you are not in love with Jane, why marrying her? That’s awkward you know’’ I asked breathlessly. He looked down and bit his lips.

‘’I’m marrying her because she’s pregnant for me. She’s carrying my child’’ he confessed softly. I almost had a heart attack that second. I managed to take my hands off him with great energy.
Hmmmm, Even though the news wasn’t supposed to be much of a surprise to me, it totally pained me.

‘’I have to go now. We will meet once again but in a different level’’ I managed to say, backing him.

‘’I don’t understand what you mean by us meeting in another level?’’ he asked. I shook my head saying nothing. I was close to tears and another word from me could flush them out.

We couldn’t say much to each other afterwards even though he tried once again to convince me to leave town with him. I couldn’t believe a guy like him would want to flee from his problems instead of facing them.

I soon left his house and headed back Nsukka a little unsure of myself. I failed getting my pendant. I ended up giving up my pride to a guy I loved who was marrying another woman. Such an irony.


val’s side of the story continues

I wasn’t the type of guy who took pride in sleeping with women. Yes I wasn’t a saint either but then I had conscience and feelings. Sleeping with Isadora was something I would give up a lot to do but after discovering she was a virgin I felt pained because she deserved something better. I felt as if I took advantage of her. I felt as if I subdued her into doing it with me. I felt so guilty and bad. On a normal circumstance I would have ended everything with Jane to be with her but I had a big responsibility to Jane. She was carrying my child and I couldn’t kick her out like that. It was really the main reason I wanted Isadora to leave town with me so we could start anew somewhere else but she failed to see reason with me.
‘’dear lord, help me. Guide me’’ I prayed as I took out my bed sheet to wash.

I barely had returned to my room after washing the bed sheet when Jane and my mum came home from church. Jane was quick to notice my mood and tried to know what my problem was but I failed telling her anything. Of course what was there to tell?


Jane’s side of the story continues

Returning from church and seeing Val in an awkward mood really left me surprised. Of course things were going very well according to plan apart from Isadora we were yet to get. And before I left for church I knew he was in a very good mood and so couldn’t help but wonder what could be wrong.

Heading to the kitchen to check out what was available for lunch, my eyes kind of went towards the backyard from the kitchen window and I was surprised seeing Val’s bed sheet spread out. Of course all the washing was done the previous day and that got me very suspicious. Martha soon joined me in the kitchen and I took advantage of the opportunity.

‘’why did you wash one bed sheet today? You failed washing it yesterday or what?’’ I asked her curiously.

‘’nooo the boss did’’ she stammered while I gave out a short laugh because it was my first time of hearing that Val washed his bed sheet.

‘’’tell me did anything happen to him when I wasn’t around?’’ I asked while she shook her head.
‘’nothing ma. Nothing happened’’ she replied but something made me pounce on her, grabbing her shoulder and leaving her frightened.

‘’I slept on that bed sheet last night and it wasn’t messed up in any way. Something must have messed it up for Val to wash it himself. What happened?’’ I asked her with fire in my eyes.

‘’nothing happened. You should ask him ma’’ she breathed. I bit my lips, released my grasp, and headed out of the kitchen but on a second thought. I stopped and faced her again .

‘’did anyone visit him?’’ I asked while she shook her head.
‘’Martha don’t play with me unless you are willing to lose this job and return to your village. If I find out you lied which you know I will, you will leave here before evening’’ I threatened seriously.

‘’isadora came here ma and she went into his room. That’s all I know’’ she confessed, sending a sickening feeling all through my body. I couldn’t believe Isadora was back in the city.

‘’Where could the village girl be and how has she been surviving all these while?’’ I wondered,
‘’ Perhaps she reached out to Val after escaping Charles and Val has been silently harboring her all these while’’ I concluded with disgust.

‘’‘’D.amn how could I have been so silly and blinded?’’ I hissed as I thought of what next to do. Of course I had to act as fast as possible
Val was definitely forcing my hands and he yet to know what I was capable of doing.

‘’how should I follow this up? What should I do to him?’’ I wondered

To be continued

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