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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 2

Isadora’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

Leaving the house was one thing, having where to go, a much more difficult issue. As I stepped out of the house that night I knew my life was never ever going to be the same again. I just couldn’t help but pray for everything to turn out good for me. In my short life I had experienced lots of horrible things that could only be seen in movies.

I trekked all night to a popular motor park in the neighboring town. I had no money on me and my prayer was just to meet a Good Samaritan who could assist me to at least get to Enugu city. I believed I could survive in the city as a maid, a housekeeper, a salesgirl or any decent feminine job that could at least offer a roof over my head as I reshaped my life.

Yes it really wasn’t easy leaving the house I spent all my young life to the unknown but I felt it was much better to die trying to get a better life than live a life of damnation.

I managed to find an empty abandoned bus at the motor park, where I stayed and rested for the rest of the night and early the next morning I stepped out and wandered round the park searching for a Good Samaritan to assist me. I equally was scared of getting recognized and caught since I wasn’t really very much far from home. Yes i was scared of stepping into the wrong hands.

‘’dear lord help’’ I prayed earnestly.

Soon the Catholic Church bell close to the motor park rang, notifying everyone that the time was 12 o clock, time for angelus. I looked up at the sky and wondered if anyone would really assist me. The few people I managed to talk to only shrugged and walked away after listening to my pleas. I was helpless, I was hopeless. I was overly scared.

‘’hey young lady are you okay?’’ I soon heard a male voice ask from behind. I turned to see a middle aged young man smiling down at me as he chewed a long stick of sugar cane. He very much looked like a bus driver because he wasn’t neatly dressed as a traveler or rough as a tout.

‘’good afternoon’’ I stammered, looking up at him hopefully.

‘’you have been wandering round this park since morning. Are you searching for something?’’ he asked in vernacular.

‘’no sir, I need help. I’m looking for someone that will assist me get to Enugu town’’ I stammered, watching his reaction. He chewed on his sugar cane for a little while as he studied me

‘’hmmm where exactly in Enugu city are you heading to?’’ he asked curiously while I dropped my eyes. A part of me felt like lying, another part of me kicked against it.

‘’I don’t have anyone there. I just want to go and see if I can better my life. I can’t continue living like a slave down here’’ I poured out softly.

‘’hmmmm you know what. You look hungry, let’s go to this small kiosk and eat. We can talk more there. I like helping people’’ he suddenly offered, lifting up my spirit. I smiled gratefully even though deep down I was equally a bit scared, because not only did he appear to be willing to assist me, he equally offered to buy me food which really was more than the help I expected. However I had no choice than to follow him.

We soon got to the small food kiosk where he ordered a plate of rice for me and a bottle of beer for himself, then watched me as I ate hungrily. I used the opportunity to tell him my story and he kind of appeared touched.

‘’anyway my name is Obiora. I’m a driver and I’m heading to Enugu city today, but the problem now is that time for my bus to load is a bit far. Six other buses will load before my turn but if you can have patience I can take you to Enugu and equally allow you stay in my house till you get a life for yourself’’ he offered, totally stunning me with his offer. I couldn’t believe it. I never expected him to help in such a way.

‘’thank you sir, thank you very much sir’’ I thanked him happily while he smiled with satisfaction and ordered another bottle of beer for himself. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to his generosity.


Val’s side of the story continues

I was restless all through the night as I thought of the young girl I almost knocked down the previous day. I just couldn’t sleep. Her image kept appearing in my head as if I owed her something. I tried very much to get my thoughts off her but just couldn’t. I even tried focusing my thoughts on my fiancée Jane who was coming down to the country the next day but my efforts were fruitless.

Prior to that day, I was living my dream life. I came from a very wealthy home, I had the best education anyone could dream of and equally was enjoying a very thriving writing career. I equally was engaged to the first daughter of a business tycoon. In fact had everything I could ever wish for but my life suddenly felt empty after seeing that young girl. It was just as if I was missing something. Yes something and it looked so very strange, very, very strange.

Early the next morning, without talking to anyone, I jumped into my car, left Enugu city and headed back to Nsukka in search of the young girl but unfortunately I drove round the town without seeing her. I didn’t even know her name and so looked a bit silly asking the villagers I met about her..


Meanwhile unknown to Val, the young girl was already on her way to Enugu city with a stranger .

To be continued

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