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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 19

 Isadora’s side of the story continues from the previous episode

‘’going back to that house is very risky. I suggest you stay back here for sometime while I figure out the next step and equally search for your late parent’s lawyer. I know the man very well and I can easily track him down through his old office. He alone could help you regain your identity, all you lost and your rightful place. So for now, just stay here and wait for my feedback’’ the hunter suggested, leaving a frown on my face.

‘’come on why the frown?, this house is also your home. You were raised up here and no matter what; my friend and his wife are equally your parents and part of your life. In our culture any couple that brings up a child is addressed as the child’s parents. So this is your home and you have to stay back here while I go into town to search for the lawyer. He is the key to everything and can help you because he’s a good man’’ he assured me strongly while my adoptive mother drew close and touched my shoulder softly. It really was the first time she was appearing nice to me and it kind of sent a little shiver all over me. I looked up at her with great curiosity.

‘’this is your home my dear. You grew up here. Yes I accept we were strict with you but that’s what turned you into a sharp and bright woman’’ she muttered softly. I breathed deeply and shrugged.

‘’fine it’s settled then, I will be back within a week’’ the hunter concluded with a smile of satisfaction.


And so once again I was back at the house I fled weeks ago but this time in a different level. Perhaps because of the money my adoptive parents felt I would inherit if things go well, their attitude kind of changed. They started treating me as if I was a princess.

Yes of course I loved their change of attitude but it never stopped my restless spirit from being bored. I couldn’t help but think of my life and Val over and over even though I wasn’t supposed to think of him but then he was the first guy I ever fancied and somehow his image kept appearing in my head no matter how much I tried to get rid of it.

Finally after few days, I decided to take the risk and go back to his house to get my things. Yes it was an excuse I made up in order to see him one more time, neglecting the risks.

Very early on Sunday morning, I headed to Enugu city discarding my adoptive parent’s pleas to stay back. I got to the city around 9am, the time everyone was supposed to be at the church and with the help of a very stunned Martha made it into the house.

‘’my God where have you been? What happened?’’ Martha asked excitedly as soon as we were in the kitchen.

‘’it’s a long story my dear. Someone tried to kill me’’ I breathed, taking my time to tell her the story of how I escaped death.

‘’hmmm you are a very lucky girl. Thank god for the way things turned out for you. A lot of things have changed here as well. My boss, Mr. Val is finally getting married to Jane in few weeks but he doesn’t look happy which is very strange. Anyway he’s the only one at home now’’ she informed me while I shrugged, pretending not to be interested but deep down I was overly curious.

‘’let me go get my things first’’ I managed to say, leaving a frown on Martha’s face.

‘’no you can’t do that. They will fire me once they find out your things are missing’’ she protested.
‘’fine, let me pick up my pendant then. It’s the only valuable thing I have anyway’’ I breathed in resignation. She shrugged. Together we sneaked into my old room, but after few minutes of searching, failed to find my pendant.

‘’I guess someone must have taken it’’ Martha breathed, wiping out sweat from her face. I nodded as my suspicion fell on Jane.

‘’I want to see Val’’ I said to her after few seconds of silence. She stared at me suspiciously.
‘’he was very good to me during my short stay in this house. Even if it’s for the last time, I have to see him’’ I added with a smile while she shook her head.


Slowly I walked into Val’s room, getting the deepest stare from him as soon as he noticed my presence.

‘’what on earth!’’ he breathed, springing to his feet as I smiled and locked the door.

‘’I searched everywhere for you. What happened?’’ he asked, grabbing me with great force and balancing me on his laps like a child as he sat on his bed. There wasn’t any doubt he was happy to see me just like I was.

‘’it’s a long story. Someone from your house tried to kill me’’ I answered, taking my time to tell him part of the story. I couldn’t tell him everything because I wasn’t sure of many things myself.

Come on this is a ridiculous accusation?, why would Jane want you dead?’’ he asked when I was done.

‘’in due time you will know the whole story but it isn’t because of our closeness but because of something deeper’’ I replied, putting him in more suspense but before he could say another word, I did something I never knew I could do. I drew forward and kissed him.

‘’I heard you are getting married and you might not be seeing me again till much later. Perhaps by then you would be a married man’’ I breathed while he swallowed hard, reached for my mouth and kissed me back very deeply. In no time we were struggling on his bed with the deepest passion ever.

I wasn’t supposed to be with him. I wasn’t supposed to give myself cheaply to him but I found myself doing what I wasn’t supposed to do on a Sunday for that matter. Within minutes he was on top of me unclad, very ready to penetrate me, to devour me, to seek my inside-ness.

It was something so sweet but painful. It was my first time, he was the man I loved but at the moment not the right man for me because he was about marrying another. Nevertheless I threw away all caution as he slowly dug inside me, breaking the door of my youth, the pride of my womanhood.

Suddenly with a look of fear, he jumped out of my body.

‘’my goddddd. You are a virgin! What did you make me do?’’ he lamented like someone who just committed the most terrible sin. I returned his gaze with eyes filled with tears. I just couldn’t say a word.

It really wasn’t the way I planned giving out my pride but did it for him even though he never earned it. Unfortunately Instead of looking happy he appeared extremely terrified.

‘’oh my god, what have I done’’ he lamented over and over.

To be continued

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